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  1. PHILS BLOCK-CHAIN SERVICES Official Website: http://www.philscurrency.com/ Website will be updated soon with more details on services We are a team of self-funded block-chain developers and we are glad to announce our new venture of block-chain services. Philscurrency is our first project we launched as crypto-currency enthusiasts and this journey gave birth to several new implementations that are possible on a block-chain platform. We have chosen one such idea and decided to take forward. Our idea is to launch a decentralized incentive based workplace and forum for block-chain and other developers with PHILS as the token of exchange. There are several unanswered topics about the ever growing block-chain technology out there, our goal is to establish a common platform where people can get their questions and problems resolved and those who offer solutions will be rewarded with an incentive. This whole process is going to take place on block-chain with a front-end. We are constantly working on our idea but we need more resources and funds to bring the project live. We do not want to raise funds through ICO and leave the investors with broken promises, instead we have decided to fund our project by providing block-chain services and use the income to hire more developers and resources. Custom altcoins and tokens can be incorporated into almost any existing business model or simply as a crypto-currency, we appreciate genuine businesses who want to create their own tokens/altcoins and we are more than happy to provide any technical support to sustain the token. We are technology hungry and will go above and beyond to provide appropriate services to our clients. We will not just develop and deliver, but provide support in every possible way our customers might need. Here are few packages we have decided to provide, all payments in BTC, we will further accept PHILS as payment after we get listed in a new exchange as Novaexhange is closing down soon PACKAGE 1 ==> Scrypt/Sha256 POW ==>0.1[btc] modern bitcoin core codebase, 0.9 or more Windows, Linux and Mac wallets Wallets released and signed with gpg keys Block explorer 1 month free node hosting Support PACKAGE 2 ==> Scrypt POW/POS velocity ==>0.2[btc] modern bitcoin core codebase, 0.9 or more Windows, Linux and Mac wallets Wallets released and signed with gpg keys Block explorer 1 month free node hosting Support PACKAGE 3 ==> X11/X13- POW/POS ==> 0.3[btc] Windows, Linux and Mac wallets Wallets released and signed with gpg keys Block explorer 1 month free node hosting Support PACKAGE 4 ==> X11/X13- POW/POS -with masternodes ==> 0.4[btc] encrypted messaging, buillt-in explorer, instatx, coin-mixing Windows, Linux wallets Wallets released and signed with gpg keys Block explorer 1 month free node hosting masternode setup documentation Support PACKAGE 5 ==> Dash and PIVX code-based altcoins ==> 0.5[btc] modern bitcoin core codebase, 0.9 or more Windows, Linux and Mac wallets Wallets released and signed with gpg keys Block explorer 1 month free node hosting masternode setup documentation Support If your requirement is not in our packages, you can contact us for more customisation For repairs to existing block-chains and compilations, contact us to discuss what we can do. SUPPORT You can contact us through official website, slack or telegram SLACK INVITE https://join.slack.com/t/philscurrency/shared_invite/enQtMjgzMjk4NTA3OTQyLWJiYjA1NzBiNjEyNTA5NjkyMjFhYmQzMTA2ZjQyNzY5NmYyMmE3Y2E5MDA1ODEwYTY5ZWQ4MWU2NzJkYzJlNGE TELEGRAM @Philscurrency TALK TO US!! GET YOUR ALTCOIN/TOKEN TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS We will talk to every customer before we take up any orders, answering their queries and accept the order only after they are completely satisfied. This will give the customers utmost transparency before they make their payment. We will accept 50% of payment upfront and once the project is done we will provide the customer with a windows wallet to show our work, rest of wallets and source code will be delivered after the remaining payment. We are working on android and iOS wallet development, we will soon add those to our packages. We can also create private and permissioned block-chains based on multi-chain to aid your suitable business needs. Further we have ongoing discussions to team up with solidity developers who are block-chain enthusiasts like us, skilled in writing custom smart-contracts. ***WE ARE VERY DETERMINED ABOUT OUR FUTURE IN BLOCK-CHAIN INDUSTRY, WE WILL DO EVERYTHING THAT TAKES THE BLOCK-CHAIN COMMUNITY TO THE NEXT LEVEL***
  2. [ANN]PhilsCurrency [PHILS]- A Scrypt based cryptocurrency for smart communities! Official Website: http://www.philscurrency.com/ Philscurrency is a Scrypt based crypto-currency, inspired from Litecoin altered for faster and secure transactions. We are a team of young developers who got fascinated by the disruptive block-chain technology. Our vision is to bring out a new digital currency to the existing Crypto-community for faster, secure and anonymous transactions. Philscurrency is the stepping stone of our vision. We are constantly working towards our goal to create more advancements to Philscurrency to make it stand out among the successful crypto-currencies out there. This our startup project to mainly create awareness about digital transactions in people who are still missing out the great advantages of block-chain technology just because they were never introduced to it. We further have plans to incorporate block-chain technology to various projects we are currently working on. Our final goal is to see that block-chain technology is being utilized to its fullest in every possible existing technology as we have already seen how it has changed the world! We are not here to pump and dump, we are here to serve the community better! SPECIFICATIONS Name: Philscurrency Abbr: PHILS Algorithm: Scrypt/POW Money supply: 120,000,000 (120 million) Premine: 10% (12 million) – To support our developers/Bounties/Airdrops/Marketing/Awareness Programs Block reward: 120 PHILS per block Target time-span: 10 minutes Block time: 60 seconds Coin-maturity: 10 blocks Confirmations: 6 Block-halving: 1,200,000 RPC port default: 36002 P2P port default: 36003 Seed nodes:,, Official Website: http://www.philscurrency.com/Source: https://github.com/philscurrency/philscurrencyPhilscurrency Block explorer: http://explorer.philscurrency.com:3001 Philscurrency Mining pool 1: http://pool.philscurrency.com/Philscurrency Mining pool 2: http://pools.multiblockchains.com/ ***ROAD MAP*** **Release source on Github** **Release wallets for Windows, Linux and MacOSX** **Develop Android, iOS and web-wallets** **Launch official website** **Block explorer and mining pools for Philscurrency** **Airdrops, bounties and social media campaigns** **Translations** **List for voting and reviews in exchanges** **Slack channel for integrating active team mebers for ideas and development** **Build active forum for Philscurrency development, discussions and queries** WE ARE ON SLACK NOW slack url: https://philscurrency.slack.com JOIN US invite url: https://join.slack.com/t/philscurrency/shared_invite/MjMyMzk1ODQ0ODgyLTE1MDM4NzI5NjQtZGQyMWRmNDM2Mg CHECK OUT OUR WALLETS FOR VARIOUS PLATFORMS WINDOWS 64 bit: http://philscurrency.com/downloads/windows_64.zip 32 bit: http://philscurrency.com/downloads/windows_32.zip LINUX 64 bit: http://philscurrency.com/downloads/linux64.zip 32 bit: http://philscurrency.com/downloads/linux32.zip MAC OSX Mac OSX: http://philscurrency.com/downloads/macosx.zip **Android and Web wallets under development** Mining INFO Philscurrency Mining pool 1: http://pool.philscurrency.com/ [stratum+tcp://pool.philscurrency.com:3032 -u yourwalletaddress -p x]Philscurrency Mining pool 2: http://pools.multiblockchains.com/ [stratum+tcp://multiblockchains.com:3350 -u WalletAdress -p x] Philscurrency Mining pool 2: http://www.bitcoin-pool.de/ [stratum+tcp:// -u WalletAdress -p x ] Mine from your wallet: Download Philscurrency wallet Wait for the wallet to sync with the network Close your wallet to add a .conf file for your wallet in the following location to avoid network issues for windows ==> "C:\Users\<your_user_name>\AppData\Roaming\Philscurrency" for linux ==> from root directory, access ".philscurrency" by typing ls -la command and add your .conf file for mac osx ==> /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Philscurrency/ Reopen your wallet, access the debug console, use the command "setgenerate true -1" to start mining Example philscurrency.conf:rpcuser=Yourusernamerpcpassword=Yourpasswordrpcallowip= using cpuminer: Download cpuminer for your OS Create a batch file called miner.bat, add the following line and save the file minerd -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://pool.philscurrency.com:3032 -u yourwalletaddress -p anypassword Run the batch file to fire up the miner You can check your mining stats in the pool site EXCHANGES CoinsMarkets: https://coinsmarkets.com/trade-BTC-PHILS.htm# ***GIVEAWAY OF 50K PHILS TO 1000 ACTIVE USERS AT COINSMARKETS.COM, BEGINS ON 29/08/2017*** Please vote for us on Novaexchange https://novaexchange.com/addcoin/ Upcoming on https://yobit.net/ BOUNTIES Novaexchange votes: 2000 PHILS/vote pm us the vote number after you vote Let us know how you can help us in our development, be a part of us FACEBOOK AND TWITTER BOUNTIES STARTED For registration visit: http://www.philscurrency.com/bounties/ TRANSLATION BOUNTY First come, first serve basis - once a translator is finalized by our team for a language, further registrations will be held as backups 1000 PHILS for each translation, expected to be delivered in one day, for more details pm us

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