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  1. Hello to everyone! Despite the fact that crowdfunding is slow, we are continuing to work on the project. In December, we will integrate the exchange of p2p. Also in December testing of our platform will begin. Volunteers are welcome. From December 1, tokens will be transferred to all investors. Our token will be listed on two exchanges, we are negotiating with others. We would like to note that all the stages indicated in our road map will be realized, it does not depend on the amount of collected funds. We hope that you will have the chance to become a part of Payfair! Only 14 days left! You have a brilliant opportunity to make money through PFR tokens because of low capitalization! https://payfair.io
  2. Hello, dear friends! There is a very good reason to recommend our ICO to your friends and acquaintances! We decided to launch a referral program! Our referral program terms: - You get a 5% bonus from the investors attracted by you. They receive their 5% bonus added to their purchased PFR tokens accordingly. - Bonuses will be distributed to all participants after the ICO finishes (the first half of December). - The main thing is that you should know for sure that you attracted your investors. They should specify your wallet address in the field Data when making a transaction. The instructions to participate in the referral program (for example MyEtherWallet): 1. Investor attracted by you is making a transaction to our smart contract which can be found on our main page of the website: payfair.io (official PFR сrowdfunding contract address: 0xB765049D934D69D91A495f21f32e3845Af028dB0). Then he or she should enter the address of your ethereum wallet in the field Data. 2. When ICO finishes, you will get a 5% bonus from all the investments made by your investors. They will also receive a 5% premium to their PFR tokens. Join our referral program and share this information among your friends and acquaintances. Hurry up to get your bonus!
  3. Hello! Check out the ICO Rating List: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12YIykWXNFEIHBFwLJgi83y15p6qB3YB0FRxAzSH5eYo Payfair is also listed, with an good rating! Be a part of Payfair! https://payfair.io
  4. Hello to everyone! We are excited to announce to you that we have settled the deal with two exchanges about our token being listed on them. We continue working this way. https://payfair.io
  5. Hello! Decentralized escrow and P2P crypto-exchange platform based on Ethereum. Large bonuses for significant investors! We offer special discounts for investors: 15% for investors who invested more than 30 eth, 20% for investors who invested more than 50 eth. Discounts are available even in combination with time bonus! https://payfair.io/en/blog/post-12
  6. Hello, dear friends! The ICO day has finally arrived! The PFR token sale started today at 13:00 GMT. You can participate in ICO on the main page of our website: https://payfair.io/ Official PFR сrowdfunding contract address: 0xB765049D934D69D91A495f21f32e3845Af028dB0 Our bonuses for investors: We offer special discounts for investors: 15% for investors who invested more than 30 ETH, 20% for investors who invested more than 50 ETH. Discounts are available even in combination with time bonus. The overall discount on the 1st of November is 40%. How to invest in ICO Payfair (step-by-step instruction): https://payfair.io/en/howinvest PFR tokens will be automatically transferred to your wallet after the 1st of December when our ICO finishes. Smart contract is verified. Information for adding our token: Address — 0x2fa32a39fc1c399e0cc7b2935868f5165de7ce97 Token Symbol — PFR Decimals — 8 Thanks everyone for your support! Be a part of Payfair!
  7. Hello! Dear friends, Payfair ICO will be soon launched! ICO key dates: Start: November 1, 2017 at 13:00 End: November 30, 2017 at 13:00 During the preparation for the ICO, our team is facing quite a few difficulties, but this does not prevent us from completing all the tasks. We launched a demo version of the platform, we are conducting a research in the field of escrow, so in general, we continue to stick to our plan and in full swing we are preparing for the ICO. You can track the progress of ICO and join the investors pool on our website: https://payfair.io Crowdfunding address will appear on the main page of the website. Full instructions for the ICO are to appear in the coming days. We remain as open as possible to the public and potential investors. Don't forget to follow all the news and updates Payfair in social networks and in our blog: https://payfair.io/ru/blog Thank you for the undying trust and interest in the project!
  8. Hello! After a few months of hard labor, our team of developers launched a demo for Payfair platform! Demo version will show you only some of the functionality of our platform. Everyone can test the demo version of our platform, clicking on the link: http://demo.payfair.io The registration procedure is very simple, so you can handle it without problems. During testing the demo version our development team will fix all reported bugs of the platform. So please understand that the demo-version is not stable, it will be updated regularly. Share your thoughts and suggestions on the demo version in our telegram channel: https://t.me/payfair In conclusion, we can say that we continue to improve our platform, to ensure that in the future every Payfair user will experience only positive emotions from its use. Don’t forget to follow our updates: every day we’re getting better! Thank you for being with us! P. S. Don’t forget about Payfair ICO starting on 01.11.2017!
  9. Hello friends! If you want to get 500 PFR tokens for free, take a look at our bounty campaign, which includes a subscription to our telegram channel - https://t.me/payfair Form - https://goo.gl/88VDxs Bounty tokens will be distributed in December.
  10. Hello to everyone! We have great news for you! We distributed PFR tokens among investors. Besides, we have some tokens reserved for: - Bounty campaign - For investors who didn’t provide their wallets addresses in their accounts All these tokens are transferred to our reserve account. You can receive them as soon as tokens become transferable, it mens no sooner than on the 1st of December, right after ICO campaign. Smart contract is verified. Address - 0x2fa32a39fc1c399e0cc7b2935868f5165de7ce97 Token Symbol - PFR Decimals - 8
  11. Hi there! The development of the platform isn't stopped, we are still in the proccess of active developing and polishing everything that we have already done. We would like to point out especially these things: - We've updated our Github - We've calculated the costs for bounty and referral programms. - We'd like to ask everyone who hasn't set up his or her ethereum address in the account yet, do it till October, 10 in order to get tokens. Everyone who set up the ethereum address, will be able to receive tokens on the 10th of October. If you are not able to set up your Ethereum address until the specified date, your tokens will be sent to backup address, these tokens will be available for claiming only on the 1st of December, when transfers become available. For your convenince, we recorded a footage "How to use your Payfair account" : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVobl0m8_Ps&t=157s Thanks to everyone for your support and understanding, we will keep in touch with you, providing latest news on our project!
  12. Hello friends! A few days ago our PRE-ICO was finished. We sold 30 mln of PFR tokens. 1.7 mln tokens are for referall bonuses, 2 mln are for bounty campaign. We raised approximately 51000$. All the tokens will have been transffered by the 15th of October. Our team wants to express gratitude to all the people who were interested in Payfair, we will make every effort to prove being trusted. We continue developing our marketing strategy, our developer team is constantly working on creating and polishing the platform. Our goal is still to make a composite, effective and the most convenient product for our users. Don't forget to follow our news and updates via our social networks and blog! https://payfair.io
  13. Payfair Pre-ICO has been successfully completed! We managed to achieve our goals! Thank you all for your participation and support! 😉 https://payfair.io
  14. Hello! Remained 1 day before the end of pre-ICO. Become a part of Payfair! https://payfair.io
  15. How Payfair platform works. The main objective of the guarantor is to ensure the fairness of the transaction. Let's analyze point by point how it works (step-by-step sequence of actions): 1. Using the framework of our platform, the Buyer invites the Seller (or Vice versa) via a unique link. Using this link, you can track the current state of the application and manage it. 2. Further, the Buyer gives all the details and conditions of transaction and exposes them to the seller (or Vice versa). 3. The Seller negotiates with all the details and conditions of transaction with the Buyer (or Vice versa), and gives his(her) consent. 4. Once the buyer and seller have agreed on the terms, the seller sets the transaction state to "requirements were met". 5. If the buyer is satisfied with the conditions, he confirms the conditions. Funds from the Deposit are transferred to the seller. The transaction is considered completed. 6. If one of the parties (buyer or seller) was unhappy with the deal - requirements were not met, for example, they can dispute the transaction and they have the right to call for the GUARANTOR. 7. The guarantor is required to observe the rules of the transaction, monitor compliance with regulations on the part of the parties to the transaction. The main purpose of the guarantor is to settle disputes between Buyer and Seller and to exclude all possible risks that may arise in the transaction process. 8. Details of the work of the guarantor: to support the deal 3 independent guarantors are called, who evaluate the terms of the transaction, listen to the arguments of both the parties involved in the transaction, trying to find a compromise, to make amends to the deal for the subsequent unanimous, positive and correct decisions, thereby put an end to the dispute and proceed the transaction or its cancellation. If 3 guarantors can't find a common consensus for a certain transaction, the next chain of guarantors will step, also trying to come to any decision on the transaction, until the chain of ("3 in a sequence") decisions is looped and the consensus is found. https://payfair.io

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