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  1. Hi! The future design of the platform has already been worked out, the test version will appear before the ICO. Before the end of the pre-ICO there are 4 days left!
  2. Hello! 6 days left before the end of pre-ICO, become part of the PAYFAIR - Key advantages of a decentralized escrow: 1 Transparency of all the trades and transactions — the whole chain of transactions is copied in an encrypted way to every participant. You can’t fake it, because every participant always has information about every step of partners. 2 High level of cryptographic resistance. It is sufficient to store personal and finanical data safely. 3 The flow of payments can happen in any place of the world without third parties, but with low fees and instant execution. 4 Technological advantage. 5 There are no age or any other restrictions or problems with signing up. To start working you just need to have an internet connection and nothing else. 6 The service doesn’t depend on central banks, local laws, religion, politicians and other parties that can intrude and limit your trades. Even sanctions aren’t helpful. 7 There is no financial censorship. 8 New opportunuties for business deals. P.S. - Work on the Payfair platform continues, soon we will publish another report on the work done. - We updated the logo of the platform
  3. Hi 😉 Today we are glad to announce that we commited a source code in the Github repository. Further we are planning to release PayFair key components available in open-source. LInk -
  4. Hi guys! Today and in the future every week we will publish a small report on the work done by our team - Report for the last week (11.09.2017 - 17.09.2017): - We started developing the demo-version of our platform PayFair. - For technological base we decided to use the combination of MongoDb(mongoose) + Node.js(express.js) + + Vue.js. - We created a user authorization system with authorization support via REST API, using JWT (Json Web Tokens) (for further mobile apps and extensions development). - We started the front-end implementation on Vue.js using in order to get system notifications (invitation for a trade, new message, new dispute etc). - We started working on REST API and already succesfully implemented: 1) Creating a user and choosing a role for him (client, escrow-user) 2) User authorization 3) Creating a new trade 4) Viewing already created trades 5) Browsing messages related to a particular trade 6) Creating a new message in the dialogue On the 20th of October we are planning to release a test version of PayFair platform!!! Site Whitepaper Facebook Twitter Telegram Tumblr
  5. Hello! As we are increasing our marketing budget, we decided also to increase the amount of tokens available for pre-ICO, up to 30 mln. Accordingly, we set a new goal for pre-ICO, it will be 60,000 $. You still have time to invest in pre-ICO! Site Whitepaper Facebook Twitter Telegram Tumblr
  6. Hello everyone! Today we are opening a blog on our website - In it we will publish the latest news of the project, and conduct a weekly report on the work done. Site Whitepaper Facebook Twitter Telegram Tumblr
  7. YES! we collected a minimum of PRE-ICO! The collection continues and we are working! GO! #payfair #btc #bitcoin #ethereum #preico #ICO Site Whitepaper Facebook Twitter Telegram Tumblr
  8. Hello! find out more about our team! In the beginning of 2017 our founder Denis Salangin decided to make the world of blockchain technologies safer, more convenient, transparent and independent. To achieve this, he formed a regular developer team to make a project. Having analyzed the situation behind blockchain technologies, we gathered all the theoretical and practical knowledge, pointed out our target goals and created a process for developing (PAYFAIR is a decentralized escrow platform for making cryptocurrency transactions between two parties. It is ensured with PAYFAIR tokens (PFR) based on Ethereum blockchain) Our team doesn’t include influential people or leaders of opinions. We think it is not the most important thing. We managed to unite high-class specialists and create friendly environment. It motivates us to make the project successful. Our work is achieving hard but exciting goals. It is diverse and useful experience, everyone can fulfil one’s potential. If you work hard, you will get the best version of your idea. Our team: Denis Salangin — A Founder of Our leading manager has great experience in project management (organizing work, assigning tasks) and wonderful understanding of principles of decentralized systems based on blockchain. Evgeniy Pomelov — Community Manager. He is managing current communities on Facebook, Twitter, etc Dmitriy Plishkin - Digital Marketing. Developer of marketing strategy in media. Contextual and media promotion, online PR Slava Butorin — Senior Developer. A leading developer of the platform Languages: node.js / react / php Aleksey Suvorov — Senior Developer. A leading developer of the platform Languages: php / vue.js / python / nginx / lua / highload Roman Likhachev - Junior Developer. A developer of the platform Languages: php / angular.js Aleksey Zhulikov - Junior Developer. A developer of the platform Languages: php / python Site Whitepaper Facebook Twitter Telegram Tumblr
  9. Hello, we have collected more than 30000 $ for pre-IСO and this is not the limit! In the pre-ICO process, our team gained invaluable experience, which is very useful in the next stage. We express our great gratitude to everyone, we thank each of you for your support and interest in Payfair and will do our best to fully justify the trust we have shown! Together we create the future! Site - #btc #eth #bitcoin #ico #preico #payfair #blockchain
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  11. Hello! Take part in PRE-ICO right now! #preico #ico#bitcoin #poloniex #btc #payfair Site -
  12. Site - Do not miss your chance to take part and buy TRUST-NODE. #ICO #preico #bitcoin #eth #ethereum #blockchain
  13. Hello! Pre-ICO is started! #payfair #ico #preico #btc #eth #bitcoin Site -
  14. Pre-ICO is started! #payfair #ico #preico #btc #eth #bitcoin Site -