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  1. Hello MIRO CHEKH I dont know about other sites but i have faith in minerjet as they are regular in all like payments,customer support,order processing,etc. So it is my advice to invest in these type of sites.
  2. Hello Alex, I am registered with this site from 2 months and getting regular payments. Also earning from referrals too. So it is legit site from my opinion.
  3. Hello To activate free power you have to sign up in this site. This free power will be valid from a moth of a registration if you don't purchase any other power from minerjet.
  4. Features: - Daily Auto Payouts. -15 KH/s free power for a month which will be last forever if you purchase package. - Minimum power 20KH/s at 9$. - 30-40% Monthly Return. - Affiliate 10% bonus. - Its mining process is faster. - short return investment period(3-4 Months). - earning from affiliates as site has very good affiliate system which gives 10% bonus on successful affiliate payment. Click on below link to sign up: https://minerjet.com/170297

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