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  1. Hey Guys, Looking for a serious technical side business partner whos is ready to challenge the current economy. The number of such partners is open as there are might be more than one person who feels that this is something for them. Implementing blockchain into real business by decentralizing the transaction. By now the blockchain ecosystem is built around other blockchain ecos, but not where it belongs- real world. Believe that this is one of the first steps taken to do it. As the vlaue is already created then the adaptability would be natural. Dezentraliazing the transaction. Token as transaction unit. Where the trasnaction holds the actual value and value is disctributed per smartcontract. As a Full POS it would live its own life on the web and bring value to his users/ holders. Easy interface and would allow the actual users to setup with come clicks! ( max 3 click ) Transactions 1) Price + margin ( PM ) 1= 9+1 1= 8+2 1= 7+3 1= 6+4 1= 5+5 2) Price+ Margin+ Profit ( PMP ) 1= 5+4+1 1= 5+3+2 1= 6+3+1 1= 6+2+2 1= 7+1+2 1= 8+1+1 3) Price+ Margin+ Profit + Tax ( PMPT ) 1= 4+3+2+1 1= 4+4+1+1 1= 5+3+1+1 1= 6+2+1+1 1= 7+1+1+1 Any developer who feels that this is the thing, please contact me. Lets bring this into life. Looking for a CTO partner with fair equity and will help aquiering e-recidency in Estonia. Languages: Go C and C++ Java Etc crypto technology understanding and programming My value would be the business side of the project + product development. Personally am professionally envolved in online Ad tech industry. Being a business development professional and legallly educated can take the business and sales/ marketing part. Vision Formation Docs Marketing ( ICO ) Sales ( service revenue share ) Product development Project execution When you are interested in teaming up then please PM me ! Looking to find a good partner - even anonymous is OK. Anybody up for a small rebellion ? Of course there is more in this project thats not discussed here. Wink Siim prosucc@gmail.com
  2. Looking for Developer who wants to change the world and be a fair partner in something great Hey Savy coin developers, Looking for someone who is looking for a great project to be part of. We might have that one that adopts easily into real world economics/ business and provides value. The need is for a great crypto developer who understands the technology behind and is willing to make an effort to partner up and be a go-owner of a crypto company. The project is orientated to merchantise and service providers who would be able to adopt their own coins into their business. Projectis still in idea stage and would need a strong development hand to excecute technology side :) Looking for a real business partner who will get equal equity share between all partners. The future would be a CTO grade. Please contact me prosucc@gmail.com, please send me your Telegram contact. Lets talk. Best regards, S

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