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  1. Ahmad511 showing dominance on the Keno table, cleaning up over 0.5 BTC in profit with this single bet! Konvektc put on a great show with this bet, going 130x to win just over 1 BTC!
  2. This is without a doubt the largest multiplier we have ever seen on Stake. Congratulations to MyBTG for this amazing win!
  3. Owly sure does make it look so easy with this clutch 1000x multiplier win on Plinko! Here's a huge win by Cadavor who profited over 1.4 BTC on this single spin on Roulette!
  4. Cadavor took home a cheeky 1.2 BTC with this clutch win on Keno! The player NeverEver is no stranger to hitting the top of the High Roller charts. Check out this clutch 420x multiplier win! Check out this 620x multiplier win by YOE77, another of our regular High Rollers here on Stake! Congratulations to Faris who recently hit it big with this 831.98x multiplier on Mines!
  5. Hitting those 362x in Hilo is the norm for Neverever! 🃏♠️He/She is cashing in ฿3.615BTC+ from her ฿0.01BTC wager
  6. Stake.com will pay for your transaction fees We are tired that you are paying unnecessarily high fees, and because of that, we are covering all your Stake depositing transaction costs. Contact support with your transaction ID alongside a screenshot for your refund. Keep in mind…. Minimum deposit is 0.01 BTC. Maximum transaction fee to be paid is 0.0025 BTC. If you are sending from a 3rd party service (i.e. exchanges) you may be asked for extra information to avoid abuse. Don’t worry; we respect your privacy. Promotion ends before the 31st of January. Contact support beforehand to ensure this is still running.
  7. Lexus19 making bank on Hilo! Triple Aces brings the huge multipliers ♠️♠️♥️ Have you got the skills to pay the bills? - https://stake.com/games/hilo
  8. Whats your highest win in Mines? Well done to Tontoc for 17x his wager! Give Stake a go for free here ---> https://stake.com/games/mines

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