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  1. Quick update on the continued integration with our own properties with this teaser. (Using TIT in Triple X Tycoon to activate an easter egg) Each client of Triple X Tycoon will be laced with a copy of the Titcoin wallet which will eventually only be usable within the multiplayer component once that is live. In the meantime, the game will spoof Titcoins to be used as a funny kind of in-game currency. Now obviously 1 TIT isn't much compared to the overall general market value at current, but to our majority non-crypto savvy audience this could be a painless nudge in getting them involved as well which may eventually lead to more investors. We still strongly believe that building a stronger native base prior/in addition to seeking out active partnerships is the way to go if we are to put a meaningful tailwind on the price-per-TIT and eventually put a positive upswing on the coin value over the long term. This is also another step toward getting where we feel we need to be in order to approach Bittrex and other major exchanges with more fire power than just promises. Thanks!
  2. So we're taking a different approach to the development of the coin going forward. While partnerships are still a great prospect, this is something that the previous owners didn't have as much luck with over the long term. So we'd like to establish a stronger foundation for the coin as a whole before reaching back out to potential partners. Our efforts at the moment are focused on developing an adult platform powered by TIT while also integrating it as a native payment option within or for our own properties, such as Triple X Tycoon. Our secondary focus would be to get the coin back on major exchanges like Bittrex among others. For more information please visit Joy-Toilet.com. More information forthcoming!
  3. Hi! Sorry we haven't been able to respond immediately. The team has been very busy with developing the bigger picture so to speak. Right so TIT used to be on BIttrex. As Anoniminer stated there should still be some functionality but we can't actively pursue relisting until Doop ports the wallets over and at the moment there's an acute focus on finishing up Triple X Tycoon. There's also the pending Linux wallet which is a native platform for us and won't take much to complete. Special thanks to those hounding the exchanges on Twitter and other social media, we notice that stuff! The thing is, without a stake in TIT, we're obligated to make this work with our existing products and services for the time being. This is because hosting TIT in the future will be an additional expenditure and we're a small company. So it's about combining resources internally so that everything gets the proper amount of attention.
  4. Right now there's the new site and the old site. What's seen above there is some integration done on Joy-Toilet. We have a developer (Doop) who can handle the sites, game engine and TIT but it's a bit of a grind at this point. We'd gladly buy up some TIT but that's outside of our capacity to do at the moment, we don't even have a stake. This goes back to financing. Sorry for the delayed response, it's been a bit chaotic!
  5. Quick update! I've never been busier. But today I set some time aside to play around with more TIT integration. This time into Joy-Toilet.com. Since, before we even get to any real cross-platforming we've got to organize things a bit. That's why we're turning Joy-Toilet into a tidy lil' info and exchange platform for Titcoin. Of course there's the Titcoin site itself to serve as it's own brochure. But now we're talking about functionality. Online Wallet Anyone following us knows that we like the DIY approach. We want to streamline the exchange of TIT for our more passive users. For example, developing an online wallet is a convenient way to help affiliates get up and running in including TIT as a payment option. Alternatively, the online wallet can be a cheap export point to players seeking to earn TiTcoin via playing a Joy-Toilet game online. Deposits and withdrawals will take some time to work out for security purposes. Lots of moving parts! Account types & Content Besides standard member accounts, we'll provide an option for producers to get onto the platform and sell premium content for TIT. This is in addition to allowing potential advertisers to join the platform as partners. Producers and partners would all be verified. Each account would be slightly varied in levels of access to performance analytics but generally we'll always have general and/or price information as seen to the far right in the screenshot above. Earn Titcoin I've got nothing solid to say about this yet but making this part not suck is the general rule when it comes up. Etc All that aside, we're still in the swing of fully resolving what's left of the acquisition. On our end, we're looking into some fundraising to really get things going at a real pace. I guess in the meantime tho, I'm still just the programmer on the night shift at our remote island HQ. Spread the love, - Doop
  6. Thanks for this! I'll look into getting this on more of the higher volume exchanges immediately. Also, thanks to everyone else for showing your support here! I was on (very, very much needed) vacation for a week with no wifi but I was able to have some limited access in order to keep up. Great things happening, I'm definitely feeling rejuvenated and ready to get the ball rolling faster. The acquisition is still no fully complete but we do own all the functional assets needed to pick up on development. Just a few more fine details and we'll be 100% set! Feel free to keep in touch! One more thing, here's a quick example of what happens when I play around a bit with integration. Can you spot the flipped TIT symbol? - Doop
  7. Great and thanks for the resource! In terms of compliance I could get definitely start putting some time into compiling what they need. I'll also look into exchange requirements and get back with any findings. Also to add to the web development spree we've gone and modified our website to further work with APIs and widgets that might provide additional information about TIT. We're still just getting started, eventually I'd like to add online wallet capabilities. But in the meantime, small steps:
  8. You're already helping! Ideas like those you've suggested help immensely in planning for the future of Titcoin. I don't like to waste time and when I see good idea you can bet I'm working on it. Right now there's a strong secondary priority on resource pooling to allow for the development of the coin in earnest. Getting everything up, running and under our oversight is first and foremost. As it stands we'll likely be shifting almost entirely to fintech in the near future with TIT at the forefront. You mentioned making it easier to purchase, this is also a huge deal. Ease of use is what it's all about. I already think it takes too long to setup and I'm a developer. I want to fix that. Every month beginning today (June 1st, 2017) we'll prepare a report detailing the funds allocated to and progress of our internal Titcoin Development Group. There will also be Q & A's on Discord from time to time. It's tricky right now trying to come up with incentives for future donors and for those looking to get closer to the team but this is something we will continue to work on. I'd also like to debut the new Titcoin Website. As mentioned by Ed we'll be moving toward getting titcoins.biz assigned to the new page as well. Thanks for the input! - Doop
  9. Titcoin Community & Friends, It was a busy weekend for all of us as our team has been working closely with Ed and the Titcoin Partners to insure a smooth transition and that the continued development of this project proceeds largely uninterrupted despite this shift in ownership. It's been a learning process for us and I look forward to working with various members of the community in finding solutions to both short and long-term issues going forward!Who Are We? Joy-Toilet is an adult media group consisting of a small team of dedicated developers and creatives. Our goal is to change the way the public perceives adult entertainment and the people behind it. But we all have to start somewhere, our story has been well-documented as our flagship product has seen no shortage attention from us and from our own close-knit audience whom we consider to be family. We do hope you'll join in on the fun too. So What's Next? Well first thing's first! We need to continue working with the previous developers to make sure everything goes over smoothly. Being a small company is both a blessing and a curse as it allows us to move quickly but with much less in terms of resources. Did I mention we are currently 2.5+ years into the development of Triple X Tycoon? In the near future I'm hoping to see some integration of Titcoin and our game engine but right now it's still crunch time. Still, feel free to give us a shout, follow us on Twitter or if you're the personal type, follow me on Twitter for frequent news and progress reports. How Can You Help? By talking and sharing. The more we know about what your needs are and what you expect the better. Beneath the name and all we take this responsibility very seriously and I hope to start making improvements as soon as possible. The dedicated development structure currently consists solely of myself although I will have some top-level help in terms of reaching as many people as possible. Also, to address some questions we've already had. No Joy-Toilet does not currently hold a stake in TIT. And although this may change in the near future as we continue to become vested in the project, we've generated a fresh BTC and TIT addresses for those who wish to donate to an active development fund. These can be found in our signature. Any donations received would be distributed to allow for some additional flexibility in terms of time and resource allocation. One more thing, we believe this coin has a lot of potential and we look forward to both watching and contributing to the growth of TIT well into the future. We'll be in touch, - Doop Lead Developer // Titcoin Development Group // JT Media Group
  10. LATEST NEWS The time has finally come for us (the original Titcoin Dev team) to pass the keys to a new team who will take things to the next level. It has been a great honor being involved with Titcoin from the start. We've made great strides establishing Titcoin as a legitimate currency while gaining global recognition in the media and the cryptocurrency industry. We are currently in the process of handing over admin access to all official Titcoin accounts including our crypto forum accounts, Twitter and most importantly GitHub. We're also in the process of transferring over all of the official Titcoin domain names which will take some time. The current website will stay the same until the new website is created and domain names transferred over. To ease any concerns, I will still be involved during the whole process to ensure a smooth transition, and to support things once everything has been handed over. I've also offered to remain involved as a consultant for a while to ensure all existing business relationships are maintained and nurtured going forward. I'll let the new team formally introduce themselves in the coming weeks. All I can say at this time is that they are a technology and marketing company that has created products in the adult entertainment space. In particular, one of their main products is perfectly aligned with virtual currencies which is why we believe this will be an ideal fit for Titcoin. They also have a dedicated dev and marketing team to keep things moving forward. I do have several requests for this community to help and welcome the new team. Please offer them all of your support and advice. You're all probably experts in the nuances within the cryptocurrency industry, and they'll need any insights you can offer. More importantly though, please don't immediately expect them to bear the full burden of growing Titcoin in the near future as they get on board. As a community, you all should be involved in some aspects including: - Getting mining pools to add Titcoin - Getting currency exchanges to add Titcoin - Getting payment processors to add Titcoin - Getting public market charts to add Titcoin - Propagating news and chatter across all social forums and channels On that note, this will likely be my last message in this forum using this account. I'll create a separate account for myself to stay active here. Thanks so much for all the support over the years. Signing off... edward Titcoin Co-Founder // Ex-Titcoin Developer
  11. It's great to see a resurgence in activity. Perfect timing since I was going to post something this weekend. I'm not in front of a computer at the moment so I'll post more details later. But we found a team to hand over titcoin. They are a technology and marketing company with experience in sextech. More details to come but I think this will be a perfect fit. My plan is to transfer everything to them this weekend. Very exciting news. Ed
  12. Hi, I'm back for a bit. I needed a few months away from crypto after things fell apart for us earlier. I have a ton of emails to go through but more importantly there have been a handful of individuals (and companies) that inquired about taking Titcoin over and taking it to the next level. I just wanted to let you guys know that I haven't abandoned this project. There was also personal stuff I had to take care of which I won't bore you guys with here. Just know that our active task at the moment is to hand over the Titcoin reigns to a new team that will be dedicated and innovative. Cheers
  13. So... I have some bad news to report. Our primary account on Bittrex was hacked into last week. This is the account we used to set up buy walls to keep the price above 150 satoshis, and the account we used to store our Titcoins for bounties, giveaways and rewards to adult businesses. All of our Bitcoin reserves were stolen which essentially eliminated all of our buy walls. In addition, 1 million Titcoins were stolen and subsequently dumped onto the market. That is why there was a huge sell off last week dropping the price to its current level. After obtaining the logs from Bittrex, we obtained the following records of the individual(s) who hacked into our account: LOGIN Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/49.0.2623.110 Safari/537.36 2016-04-01 17:45:04.780 LOGIN Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/49.0.2623.110 Safari/537.36 2016-04-01 17:21:11.067 Since this incident, the core team has done a little bit of soul searching. To recap: We launched Titcoin 2 years ago. We set up an infrastructure to allow merchant payment processing. We earned a lot of media coverage from major publications. We earned an adult industry awards nomination 2 years in a row. On the flip side, the adult industry has been slow to adopt Titcoin. The Titcoin community is pretty much non-existent. And we've personally sunk too much money to keep this coin active while all others coins have died. With that said, we've made a difficult decision and have decided to pack things up. It was a good experiment for us in the beginning and we've learned a lot about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology... Knowledge that we continue to share amongst our professional peers and network. Unfortunately, we all have full time jobs and are having a hard time juggling things. Plus this theft was pretty much the straw that broke the camels back financially. Now this doesn't mean we are going to immediately abandon Titcoin. We are going to start the process of finding another reputable team to take everything over to ensure that Titcoin continues to exist long into the future. We do have one small adult company that is interested in taking over the Titcoin development. However our immediate preference is to find a team with greater connections and experience in the crypto world. This might take a few months so we will be involved with the entire transition. Plus I will keep this community informed once we find the right team and begin handing over the reins. Also, since our buy walls have been stolen, we don't have future plans to rebuild them. What this means is that the volume on Bittrex will likely drop resulting in Titcoin being delisted in several weeks. Unless this community itself maintains active trading on Bittrex to ensure its listing, we won't be able to prevent that from happening. So if you have Titcoins on Bittrex, please be mindful of possible delisting due to lack of trade volume over the next few weeks. I want to thank some of the core members of this community for their support over the years. This was obviously a tough decision since Titcoin was dear to our heart. We just came to the conclusion that the best way to move forward is to hand the keys over to a new team that has the time and resources to take Titcoin to the next level. If anyone is interested in taking over Titcoin, please email partners@titcoins.biz We will also hand over the original 500k premine plus an additional 500k Titcoins to the new team. Thanks for the continuing support.
  14. Numbers don't lie. https://infogr.am/cryptocurrency_statistics_q1_2016