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  1. Looking to buy with Paypal Hi all, I'm looking to buy a few coins from someone through Paypal. I know there are other ways, it's not safe, etc., but if someone is interested, you can send me a pm. Regards, Ackream
  2. Starter Coins for Beginners

    Thanks a lot @cru-BUM !
  3. Starter Coins for Beginners

    Many thanks, @dc7d !
  4. Starter Coins for Beginners

    Hi everybody, I hate to beg, been BOINC'ing enthusiastically in the past weeks, but struggling to get the rewards in because of my low balance. Maybe some of you want to help a newbie out and lend me a few coins? Address: SME3kbgpZa4GNUxJEapKE7BVSsAEryi9Xx You can check out my stats on the Gridcoinstats page, same username

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