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  1. Баунти компания Boosteroid

    А можно поподробнее сразу? Какого плана задачи нужно будет выполнять?
  2. Ray Dalio Calls Bitcoin a 'Bubble'

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Only time will tell who is right.
  3. Проект безусловно интересный. Интересует минимальная сумма, которую вы планируете собрать для того, чтобы все могло осуществиться.
  4. What are you listening to?

    My favorite song. 01 Enigma - Gravity Of Love (Radio Edit).mp3
  5. An awesome singer!

    The girl sings very nice!
  6. Взрыв цены Bitcoin на 10 лет

    Хотелось бы верить, что ничего неожиданного не случится, и такие красивые прогнозы оправдаются.
  7. Will Uber Accept Bitcoin Payments?

    Yes, I think that in the near future they will begin accepting cryptocurrency. This will attract more new customers as users of the cryptocurrency is steadily growing.
  8. And most importantly, what people believe and give their money to fraudsters. Themselves.
  9. I agree with this approach! I think that students must have to examine this information.
  10. 5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Value Must Increase In the future

    I agree. Factors that can affect the growth of the cost can be much more than noticeable at first and even at second glance. I think, in any case, it's promising.

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