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  1. Lottery promo - 25 DOGE for retweet and follow

    RT link DCzgotux5oxrN1e1MGyPNKnpU7yqD26sjA
  2. Forget About Bitcoin: These are the Altcoins to Watch in 2018

    Croat coin - The catalan altcoin , because they grow and grow and in 2018 bang That is a coin with very big background and suporters. Can you believe what is going on, when millions of costa brava tourists and the catalan people use croat-coin ? That is big potential, i don`t know a cryptocurrency with such a potential. If you don`t know what croat is, look here :http://croat.cat/en/home/ At this time they are not listet at any exchange but this comes in the very next time, but now there are seller at ebay , who sell 5 croat for 3 Euro .
  3. CROAT GIVEAWAY: Download the CROATCore android app and get your free Croats! To celebrate the launch of the CROATCore Android app, we’re sending 10 Croats as a gift to EVERYONE who downloads the app and follows the the steps here: http://croat.cat/en/croat-giveaway-download-the-croatcore-android-app-and-get-your-free-croats/

    Super coin, good for CPU and GPU mining

    Croat is a virtual coin or criptocurrency based on Cryptonote algorithm. Although technically not a great innovation in terms of major changes in the algorithm, this was not our main purpose. Our objective is to create a Catalan product, a tool destined to be used by the people, governed by the people, and that brings benefits directly to the people. There have been other intents to launch a Catalan cryptocurrency. Some failed due to technical faults, others were not really a decentralized cryptocurrency, but more a centralized “token” system related to some local authority. We've studied them all. We learned from the mistakes some made and from the approach others had, to make Croat the best option for ordinary people, unrelated to any institution or organization. Although we strongly believe in Catalonia's future, we are not politically subscribed to any party or group. In our group of developers there are people with different political views, but as a group we only believe in the future of Croat as THE CATALAN ALTCOIN. People deserve the right to have access to Croat, no matter what their political views are. In the end, it's only money. And we strongly believe that PEOPLE should have the right to govern and control it, not institutions, not political parties, not central banks. The Croat project started out of a need to offer a virtual coin to the Catalan people. Catalonia has a lot of economic potential and Croat will be a powerful tool to accelerate the economic development of our region We cannot stress enough the importance of THE PEOPLE. Croat was not created by any institution, government or official organization, but by a group of ordinary people, passionate developers, with Catalonia at heart. We want to empower our PEOPLE, give them a tool that works for them and, more importantly, one that represents them.
  6. DOPEcoin Giveaway on 4/20 weekend going on now!

    D9TRobgK2qNiMkaswCLDxRkECNNWFWr8p5 Thank you
  7. Thank you getglab Here is my Dogeadress DCzgotux5oxrN1e1MGyPNKnpU7yqD26sjA and here is the android GCN wallet adress GWf2VFvmxdtm3SEmVXrUTD9q3VqRNmJMLg Here you download my file https://gfile.us/home?wtd=bnqiMZF01wcjkGe2 password haunebu2 If you send the coins I will advertise your website to all my friends of the german soccer league, called Bundesliga, there are millions of soccer-supporters online.

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