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  1. Bump. Stye pool no longer hosting apy? having problems connecting to pool.alphapay...* itll show invalid but no hashing speed or valid shares
  2. Turn off Pow Mining?

    @TranzAuto Pay= AP. It's similar to snowbears issue. Coins mature in 10 days after first block. Sorry my post was confusing. I'm just sitting back now letting miners do their beautiful work
  3. HBN 1.5.5..0

    I talked to hbn mentor on twitter. He says it's per block. Coins will mature on a block by block basis. He answered my question. Would tip him 20 hbn. But he has 650K already! 😅
  4. HBN 1.5.5..0

    Yeah @Snowbear I'm experiencing same issue.
  5. Turn off Pow Mining?

    I have a question, I finally got my wallet synced up. Right now I am mining about 10 HBN per day... I have it set to AP every 10 I mine on H2C. Namely what I am trying to figure out is will the POS function in wallet reset due to immature coins? I set my AP to 50 instead of 10. I wanna bankroll this stuff!
  6. HBN 1.5.5..0

    @Tranz and dev team! You guys are awesome! I was reading about, setting diff because of flash mining. Imo I have been mining HBN for a while now, and on H2C its always got a steady hashrate. This is currently only coin I can mine due to low diff. just weighing in. Im going to keep on mining, again good work guys best working PoW/PoS asset out there!

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