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  1. Our bounty program has begun! You will get 50% BONUS until 1-10-2017. 1 ETH will give you 500 HEC in total. http://www.hec.one
  2. Holy Ethereum Coin is now accepted as a real ERC20 standard token on etherscan.io: https://etherscan.io/token/0xa157b5a35aba95d18f3ff716d01b6143db5f1da8
  3. [ANN][ICO] HEC: Holy Ethereum Coin based on ERC20 ETH Ethereum HEC is live today! In short: Holy Ethereum Coin is a new ICO and the website is live today. The launch of HEC will be ended on 1-10-2017. What is HEC and why should i invest in HEC? HEC is not pre mined and we do not owning any HEC coins. You can buy 250 HEC for 1 ETH. It is a crowdfunding project for religious purposes. We are not one religion group that is supporting only christianity or muslims, but our focus is to support everything. Claim your HEC coins today! For more information, FAQ, white papers and any other info or questions your looking for, please take a look at: http://www.hec.one PS: We do not have a fancy ICO launching, team, employers etc. It is just me and our local church. I don't have any budget (yet) to make a big announcement and to promise all kind of fanciness. Also don't forget to pray for each ETH you are sending to us, we will pray and let the almighty hear your wishes!