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  1. Hello dear crypto fans. During the crypto crash and come changes on our platform we changed our plan. You will get for each ETH 100.000 HEC coins. Why so many? Our total supply is very HUGE and we chose this way, because we want to give away our tokens (part of our religion plan using blockchain technology). Also we got MANY MANY questions and discussions on this story: - Why do you support christianity, catholic, muslims and man more all in one? What is the deal and what is the logic? - What are you going to do with our money and support? - Why do we need religion coins? I picked up the top FAQ so here is our answer: I am NOT christian, NOT catholic and NOT muslim. However i (and we as in everyone who is supporting me until now) believe in "more" between the earth and heaven. I am going to my local church, because of interest and i am friends with all kind of religions and friends around me. Also i support churches and mosques with all the crypto money. Your money is used for different kind of things. Rebuilding churches, mosques and science projects. Why do you need religion coins? I will try to explain the bigger picture here. There is a very big discussion about the flat earth theory and the globe earth. This is increasing during technology, social media and things such as YouTube. I am open minded on religion and i DO believe in god. However i don't label the religion yet. I am very interested in the flat earth theory and we check every story about the debunking between flat earth and global earth. What can we reach with your (our) money from this crypto project? - Building amateur rockets and see if it hits the dome live on cam and stream on YouTube - Buying different cameras and telescope for different researches to calculate the globe vs flat theory to see which is more accurate - Is there a god? Why are there so many religions? (we want to explore all kind of religions and visit many churches, mosques and temples to find some clues hidden from ancients pictures or artefacts) - Why is everyone believing what NASA says? Why cant we do our own research and share this information world wide? - We want to rebuild the churches, mosques and other altars to keep them alive and running The list can go on and on. So in short what Holy Ethereum Coin is: - Researching flat earth vs globe earth using technology, science and everything that we need - Keep our existing churches and religions alive by supporting them - How more people are interested in this subject the more people will support us for our research that we need and in the end the more value this coin is going to be. You do not have a religion? No problem! You can also be atheist to support us. Send us 1 ETH and get 100.000 HEC it might have some value one day. You do not believe in flat earth? Or you are convinced the earth is globe? Also no problem. Support us with your favourite religion. And follow our twitter what is going on daily. Sorry for the huge text, but we wanted to share you more info, because our community is getting bigger and mailbox is full of questions. PS: We will not going in discussion on this forum with the flat earth vs globe earth or Jesus vs Muhammad. We will build a platform for this where everyone can join and talk about this. God bless. Inshallah. http://www.hec.one
  2. Our bounty program has begun! 1 ETH will give you 100.000 HEC in total. http://www.hec.one
  3. Holy Ethereum Coin is now accepted as a real ERC20 standard token on etherscan.io: https://etherscan.io/token/0xa157b5a35aba95d18f3ff716d01b6143db5f1da8
  4. [ANN][ICO] HEC: Holy Ethereum Coin based on ERC20 ETH Ethereum HEC is live today! In short: Holy Ethereum Coin is a new ICO and the website is live today. The launch of HEC will be ended on 1-10-2017. What is HEC and why should i invest in HEC? HEC is not pre mined and we do not owning any HEC coins. You can buy 250 HEC for 1 ETH. It is a crowdfunding project for religious purposes. We are not one religion group that is supporting only christianity or muslims, but our focus is to support everything. Claim your HEC coins today! For more information, FAQ, white papers and any other info or questions your looking for, please take a look at: http://www.hec.one PS: We do not have a fancy ICO launching, team, employers etc. It is just me and our local church. I don't have any budget (yet) to make a big announcement and to promise all kind of fanciness. Also don't forget to pray for each ETH you are sending to us, we will pray and let the almighty hear your wishes!

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