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  1. thx so very much my friend -- i agree -- and I'm trying to go forward again in that direction do you look at the bitcoin price or usd prices when tracking ? -- do you lok at what the btc price when you purchased was --- or use current values --- since the btc value from last week will be so different from todays value ? how to compensate for the difference ... thx in advance
  2. thx @cryotofy have been buying n selling with bitcoin with success and i started with the alt coins but then say for a few months now I'm returning to trade -- and of course shocked at what I lost -- but just looking to get back in without making the wrong moves -- buy low sell high of course but when i look at the btc value -- and it changes so drastically --- ?? what do I go by ? just the trends knowledge and info ... or do I look at current actual btc values and such ?? since one day to the next it of course changes minute to minute just the same thx 4 the help and advice !!! namaste !
  3. Why do the alt-coins seem to continue to lose value ? am I reading incorrectly ? thx friends ! I know this is a newbie type question --- good day to all -- I've been in the bitcoin game for years -- n I'm drooling as most who let go of some coins in the past as it jumps past 4k !!!! but the alt coins -- i started 6 months ago -- it was a busy time --- i put a few bitcoins into a few -- about 12 alt coins --- I fooled around with trading at first -- and it went well -- but started sitting on the coins for a drop -- Im amazed at how as the bitcoin is going so high -- my btc "value" is going down significantly each day it seems ! started with 3.5 btw and now about 2 !!!!!!!! the us dollar amount has of course increased due to the btc rise -- but the coin value goes down -- am i missing something ? and part 2 question ?? --- as I watch the alt coin charts --- How does the btc value on the charts represent -- they change so much -- do most people look at the btc value or the us fiat value ?? and what is ones best method to stay ahead ... im a daily trader - and would love any advice plz leave way to reach out -- will certainly tip those with good help -- thx in advance my friend peace n respect KIND VIBES invisible friend

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