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  1. Godzillion Decentralized Application: The Voting System In this tutorial that we share with you, we are going to review the Voting Section, one of the parts of our Decentralized Application (DApp). We are going go step by step in the process of participate in a voting for one of the startups listed in this section.https://medium.com/godzillion/godzillion-decentralized-application-how-to-vote-f1fdbb3af7eb Why the Voting System? In the conventional crowdfunding business model, the processes are to screen Startups’ proposals, then post the acceptable ones as auctions on their websites. Crowdfunding sites attract investors who open accounts on the sites and then bid in the auctions posted on the sites. The financial intermediaries that operate according to the classic crowdfunding business model receive income by charging upfront fees and fees on capital raised, as they trade securities issuance for cash. The total fee can be, in some cases, more than 10% of the capital involved. In this classic procedure. the fee is needed to cover the intermediary’s operational costs, but viewing what the classic intermediaries do in a more prosaic way, is they screen proposals, and then when the buyer and seller both have accounts with the same intermediary, they transfer records from one ledger to another keeping the settlement process in their purview. In Godzillion Decentralized Application investors have economic incentives to screen the Startup proposals. To be published and to attract voters, a Startup creates a Voting Smart Contract and provides it with some amount of GODZ as an economic incentive to the voters, called the Reward, instead of paying that fee to an investment bank or some other centralized third party. The Reward, an amount of GODZ, will be paid to the voters as follows: 95% to the voters on the winning side (yes or no) after the auction period ends, whatever the result is. Voters on the losing side will get 5% of the Reward. All voters will get their GODZ back, plus their portion of the Reward. So after voting the investors will have more GODZ than they started with. We invite you to be part of our community on Twitter | Slack | Telegram
  2. Godzillion: A Decentralized Startup Crowdfunding System Website http://www.godzillion.io/ How it Works http://www.godzillion.io/gz_modules/docs/godz_HowItWorks.pdf Whitepaper http://www.godzillion.io/gz_modules/docs/godz_white_paper.pdf Twitter https://twitter.com/godzillion_io Facebook https://www.facebook.com/godzillion/ Telegram https://t.me/godzillion Godzillion is a decentralized application (Dapp) created by mifutu.ro, a company founded by Rodrigo Sainz and Cristobal Pereira, both Chilean entrepreneurs with experience in finance and tech industry. This platform was developed 100% by the mifutu.ro team. The Dapp is a purely decentralized Smart Contract Architecture that operates on the Ethereum Virtual Machine as a (global) primary and secondary Startups Tokens market place. This platform would allow simpler, faster, paperless documentation in the Startup issuance process, security increases in the ownership record-keeping, and trade executions, exchanging Startup Tokens for value without passing through any intermediary or central server. We have implemented a solution to the screening centralized problem by using a Dapp Token (GODZ) as an economic voting system reward, giving financial incentives for people to participate in the screening process; and if the voters approve, the Startups can then launch crowdfunding campaigns. To be published and attract voters, a Startup creates a Voting Smart Contract and provides it with some amount of GODZ as an incentive to the voters instead of paying that fee to a centralized trusted third party. This amount of GODZ will be available to all voters in a specified proportion for the winning and losing sides, as a reward after the auction period ends. Once the startup has received a positive voting result, meaning that the majority of the votes were YES, the startup is allowed to issue its ERC20 Token, and investors then can post bids to buy some of the startup’s Tokens. The Tokens issued by the startup will immediately be available to be traded in Godzillion’s Startup Market. This Dapp is already developed and will be released after the Initial Coin Offering that the company is promoting. To use this Dapp, the users will need to hold the Token GODZ. The GODZ will be available to buy this August 25th of 2017 at 22:00 UTC and will be running for thirty (30) days until 21:59:59 UTC on Septembre 24th of 2017. 300,000,000 GODZ will be created, and 210,000,000 will be available to purchasers (70%), at a Swap Rate of 160 GODZ per Ether. It’s important to mention that this is one of the few Decentralized Application that are running and ready to be publish to the users (investors and Startups), after the Initial Coin Offering concludes. About the Team Rodrigo Sainz / co-founder & CEO | Linkedin Cristobal Pereira / co-founder & COO | Linkedin Eduardo Portugues / CTO | Linkedin Matias Pereira / Engineer | Linkedin more information in www.godzillion.io/crowdsale.html