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  1. Hi there, I have a quick question: is there any documentation anywhere on what the fields of the console command getstakinginfo mean? I'm mainly interested to know what the following fields are telling me: -> time-to-stake_days -> expectedtime -> netstakeweight2 -> RSAWeight -> stakeinterest -> the stakeweight numbers -> the difficulty numbers Thanks a lot for any help.
  2. Hi, again we seem to have 8 major projects excluded from the last superblock. Reading these posts didn't give me a very clear view of what I should do (if anything). I'm using the latest Windows client on my Windows machines and the latest Linux client on my windows machines. If my wallet stakes now with the RAC zero for these projects, will it be a problem for me? Will I lose the credit for the past work done for these projects as my research age will re-set? Thanks
  3. I contacted LiteBit.eu already asking them if they could trade Gridcoin, let's wait for their answer.
  4. Buy Gridcoin with Fiat Hi folks, I'm trying to buy gridcoin and pay with fiat - I don't want to add an intermediate conversion between fiat -> bitcoin / bitcoin -> gridcoin. Is this possible at all? Anyone has done this recently in a successful way? Thanks, Fabio

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