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  1. Bitcoin markup price when trading BTC for ALTCOINS and then selling the ALTCOIN. Hello All J I am going to be selling some ALT Coins to some contacts that I have. I just want to know a smart way of calculating the mark up price for the ALT Coin which I am selling.. I will be buying 2 BTC and then transferring that to an exchange like Kraken and then I will be trading BTC for the alt coins which my contacts who would like to purchase. Due to the high fluctuation of bitcoin when I trade it against an alt coin I do not know what markup price to use? Or is it smarter to use USD to buy ALT coins rather than BTC? As the USD does not fluctuate that much? For an example If a contact of mine wants to buy 1 Ethereum for 310 – I will buy 1 ETH from an exchange using BTC. Ofcourse BTC fluctuates and I do not want to buy and sell at a loss so whats a fair bitcoin markup price that I should charge when I sell my ETH to my contact? Cheers J