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  1. Hi! Cryptocurrencytalks Community , Many exchangers involve active cryptocurrency use. Some of their payments are done manually which is inconvenient for both buyers and sellers BCShop.io designed platform specifically for cryptocurrency users. Examples of deal on the platform . Examples: https://bcshop.io/buy/49 https://bcshop.io/buy/34 https://bcshop.io/buy/38 There are many benefits for buyers and sellers: Automation of most processes All popular wallet access methods in one place Buying and selling of goods in just a few clicks Built-in smart escrow service Cashback reward program for buyers Option to set price in USD Platform fee is less than 1% and for successful deals only. [/left] We are pleased to assist you should you have any questions. SIMPLE GUIDE FOR MERCHANTS AND BUYERS How to create an offer 1.Enter https://bcshop.io website 2.Click “Unlock Wallet”, choose preferable access method (MetaMask, for example) 3.Click “Create Offer” in “Dashboard” 4.Enter product or service name, price and choose icon. Tick “escrow” if you’d like the deal to be escrowed. In “Request From Buyer” choose data which you’d like to be requested from Buyer. You can choose several fields at once and add your own. Click «Optional» and enter products amount for sale, if necessary. 5.Read and accept platform rules. Click “Create Offer”, then “Sign”, confirm with your wallet. Wait the transaction to be mined and you are good to go! To share your offer, go to “Dashboard->My Offers”. Choose “share” circle (the right one). Copy the link and share! Examples: https://bcshop.io/buy/49 https://bcshop.io/buy/34 https://bcshop.io/buy/38 All your sold products go to “Dashboard->Sold”. Data, which were entered by the Buyer are shown if you click “I” in the line of purchase. After you send the product we recommend to tick «Delivered» (free, no gas costs). If escrowed was used the Buyer will have 24 hours to open a dispute if something goes wrong. Merchant gets the payment after this time expires. The fee is 0.8% (escrow included) if you hold some BCS tokens on the wallet or 1.6% otherwise. Live support: https://t.me/bcshopio How to buy 1.Click the link provided by the Merchant 2.Enter amount of products to buy and other data (if needed) 3.If the deal is escrowed (if you will see “escrow” caption under product name) you will have 24 hours to open a dispute if something goes wrong. 4.Click “Buy”. Choose wallet access method. In the next windows check if everything is correct, read and accept platform rules. Click “Confirm”. Click “Sign” in the next window. Purchase is complete, after the transaction is mined you will see it in “Dashboard->Purchases”. Here you will also see “Complain” option if the deal was escrowed. Wait until the product is delivered to you. Your fee is 0$ (you pay only for gas). If you have BCS tokens on your wallet you will be eligible for cashback. Live support: https://t.me/bcshopio About BCShop.io BCShop.io project aims to reinvent the way digital commerce and payments work today. Focusing on digital goods and services area project’s goal is to enhance it with fast-growing opportunities blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies have to offer. In January 2018 BCShop.io hit hard cap of 2000 ETH at its token sale. Website: https://bcshop.io/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/BCShop_io Telegram: https://t.me/bcshopio Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BCShop.io/ Business Inquiries : bcshop@bcshop.io
  2. AST reward you for participating airdrop that we announce and host meaning you get token/coin from main airdrop plus our token as extra credits which can be exchanged on major exchanges soon. So watch out :wink: AIRDROP First 10,000 participants will be the one who will get 1000 AST tokens which can be traded on some major exchanges soon . How to be qualified : 1. Like us on facebook and share pinned post : https://www.facebook.com/airdropseeker/ 2. Follow us on twitter and retweet pinned post : https://twitter.com/ASTtoken 3. Join Telegram Channel : https://t.me/airdropseekerchannel https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSexTvWnQCxWk7qUkBLxkT55unbfzlW-xTa8uAjvZK6KRLmX2A/viewform
  3. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CAMPAIGN ANNOUNCEMENT!!! To promote the launch of the first feature-full blockchain-based e-commerce and e-payments platform, in accordance with art. 14 of Appendix to General Terms & Conditions of BCS Tokens Sale, with this letter BCShop.io announces comprehensive community development campaign. The campaign will consist of several different activities and reward pools. 1. TOKEN HOLDERS PROMOTION : This promotion is dedicated to our early token holders who obtained BCS tokens before actual mainnet release thus helping to make BCShop.io platform into reality. We will make ALL token holders snapshot at 15th of May 2018 and 200k tokens will be reserved for distribution between those token holders in the snapshot. Tokens will be rewarded proportionally to token holdings so 200k tokens will lead to ~60% reward given the current circulating supply of 332k tokens. Note: It is obligatory for you to qualify for the reward. We ask you to write your feedback about BCShop.io platform (after mainnet release) in a free form at telegra.ph and send it to bounty@bcshop.io, don’t forget to specify your wallet address with BCS tokens. The qualification process is conditioned by regulators recommendations and team’s adherence to Customer Development approach. Your valuable feedback will be used to improve the platform and deliver better experience to all its users. We will start sending rewards weekly after mainnet release and there will be no set deadline so feel free to qualify at your convenience. Sharing your personal experience in social media networks is very much appreciated. 2. BOUNTY CAMPAIGN : Bounty campaign fund of 100 ETH will be distributed between social media influencers. The following content will be accepted: - Video review of the BCShop.io platform - Video or text (with screenshots) introduction of BCShop.io platform - Other content featuring BCShop.io, comparing it to other blockchain based competitors, etc Non-speculative content is expected, with actual observations of the platform’s functions and token usage after mainnet release. To apply for the bounty campaign, send us your introduction to bounty@bcshop.io. We will carefully consider all applications and choose several candidates to cooperate with. 3. AIRDROP CAMPAIGN !!! 10,000 BCS will be distributed for 1000 members randomly chosen from those who qualified. We will determine 1000 people to receive 10 BCS tokens each with the help of random.org website. For the process to be transparent, fair and verifiable, we will use the hash code of the first Ethereum block mined after 1:11 AM (UTC) 1 st of June 2018 as a persistent random seed. Thus, every participant of the airdrop will be able to verify winners’ sequence itself. 1. Join official BCShop.io telegram group: https://t.me/bcshopio (important) 2. Join official BCShop.io Bounty telegram group: https://t.me/bcshop_bounty (important) 3. Follow official twitter https://twitter.com/BCShop_io, like and retweet top post 4. Follow and like official Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BCShop.io/, like and share top post 5. Follow official blog https://medium.com/@bcshop.io and clap top post as much as you can *** Keep in mind that we require you to put all details that needed in the form . Failure to fulfilled the following details will lead to termination of your application on our airdrop . Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfdhGhat077WPeYa-6NzWriE9XtnKBGJr0dQWmQmUROJTKd-A/viewform
  4. FEEL FREE TO VISIT OUR ANN THREAD : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2223455.0 We are going to distribute 2 BCP tokens (worth ~10$ at token sale price) to each participant . Distribution will be on the 9th of January . We don't have limit for participants that wants to join Read This carefully so you can participate the airdrop and receive 2 BCP token (worth ~10$ at token sale price) . 1.) Like/follow our facebook page and share our pinned post on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/BCShop.io/ 2.) Follow us on twitter and retweet our pinned post.( Twitter registration must be November or earlier if not ? you are not eligible to participate. ) https://twitter.com/BCShop_io 3.) Join on our telegram group. https://t.me/joinchat/FxGXTULeqJEx0BlrVb4bsQ 4.) Follow us on medium . https://medium.com/@bcshop.io 1 entry per account only , so everybody can participate. How to participate in airdrop ? 1. Search our bot in telegram ( @bcshopiobot ) . 2. Use command /airdrop on @bcshopiobot then fill up the details needed . 3. You must follow the above rules first before joining the airdrop . Note: BCP tokens must be exchange to main projects' BCS tokens during token sale 10th-31th of January
  5. WEBSITE | WHITE PAPER | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | BOUNTY PROGRAM | CONTRIBUTE TO ICO | TELEGRAM GROUP Bounty / Airdrop / Rewards can see here: https://cryptocurrencytalk.com/topic/91176-bounty-1-ico-briskpass-airdrop-rewards/
  6. ANN Thread : FIRST AIRDROP IS ALREADY CANCEL : WE CANCEL THE AIRDROP SINCE WE NOTICED MOST OF THE ENTRIES ARE FROM BOT/MULTIPLE ENTRIES BUT DIFFERENT ETH ADDRESS . I PLANNED TO CHANGE THE RULES BUT ALSO GIVE A REWARD TO THOSE WHO WILL PROMOTE ICO . Tier 1 was a big success , so for this upcoming tier 2-4 we are going to distribute free coin after ICO ( AIRDROPS ) . To participate you must : ( If you already did this then don't do it again . ) 1.) Like/follow our facebook page . https://facebook.com/briskpassico/ 2.) Share our pinned post on facebook. 3.) Follow us on twitter and retweet our pinned post. https://twitter.com/BriskPass 4.) Join on our telegram group. https://t.me/BriskPassICO (important) 5.) Join on our telegram channel (important) https://t.me/briskpass 6.) To prove you are not a bot . It's also a requirement to leave a comment/suggestions here . 7.) 1 entry per account only , so everybody can participate. How to get free token ? 1. Go to our telegram bot @briskpassbot then type /airdrop and fill up the form. *Do the rules first before submitting form to our bot , so you can send photos of your screen shot of your first day . * Rules : 1. Telegram : 2-10 Post (gif /links ) each day with a minimum members of 500 . 2. Facebook : 2-10 Post (gif/links) each day with a minimum members/followers of 500. 3. Submit screenshot every day to telegram bot @briskpassbot for validation . Rewards: ( Once participate you already get 10000 BSK ) 1. 1 post is 200 BSK token . 2. Participant can only post maximum of 10 post per day . 3. Token will be given every week . 4. Exceed to 10 post per day ? Its ok we will reward for your hard work . We will pick 10 participants and will received the following rewards. Rank 1 - 30000 Rank 2 - 20000 Rank 3 - 10000 Rank 4 - 10000 Rank 5 - 10000 Rank 6 - 10000 Rank 7 - 5000 Rank 8 - 5000 Rank 9 - 5000 Rank 10 - 5000 Check the message in the channel/briskpassbot for the gifs to post. If gif cannot be spread then members must make post encouraging others to contribute to brisk pass ico tier 2 round. Additional instructions will be in the telegram channel/briskpassbot and group
  7. I just joined . I use my fb :) . GLU ● PRE-SALE ▶ Aug 7th | PUBLIC SALE ▶ Aug 18th

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