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  1. dc7d, enthusiasm is a nice thing, but it needs to be realistic, with current price, GRC is unprofitable. I was made comparation with Prinecoin and currently Primecoin gives me 1.5$ per day. GRC give me in same time , and with same hardware 0.23 $ per day. If I rise magnitude few times. then I maybe reach 1$ per day ( if I manage to rise my MAG to 250) and when bust removes then I again lost 35% of MAG.
  2. Did you read recomendation for new users? Join the pool, then you need no coins: you will earn them in few days
  3. I will not agree with that. If you have many GRC ( any you can collect them )when was high MAG and number of users was low: you have nice incoming of GRC doing nearly nothing :)
  4. I am soory if it sound harsh to you, but from our private conversation you can tell or not am I harsh or not?
  5. In 21 century there is no e-mail address for support? Great! And considering number of blocks, if continues with this rate: soon nobody will not have any data, since block number is increasing. Best regards to all
  6. Right now there is no unanswered questions for me. I know now everything I need related GRC.
  7. I am not harsh or negative: I just ask question. In courteous world, when you ask , somebody answer. Simple as that.
  8. With all due respect dc7d, you was ONLY person that give me instruction and answer to all of my questions! Yes, there is guides , but not even one tell you how many coins you can earn, when you will get them, etc etc. Does I have to be a math professor to undestund all those complex formulas? dc7d, many here do coins only for profit. If computer works, if GPU works then we wont some kind of reward. And I must have a rig of GPU cards to get some reward. And I dont know when I get it, or what it will be. Coin price fluctuate per day basis so it is not will I be payed today or in 30 day from now. You have reputation and expirience , and I respect that , but fact is fact. And yes, I agree with you pool option is best for users without at least 5-10k ( or even more) GRC.
  9. So when will be fixed state on I can only see that block count that is not synced is increasing :( There is no superblock :( what are you doing to fix this problem ( if you doing anything at all) The page is currently replaying the blockchain and should be in sync soon. Currently 7122 blocks behind. Superblock Age: 1 week, 3 days, 15 hours, 25 minutes, 43 seconds ago GREAT :( :( :(
  10. Mine advice is: dont even spent that day ot two. Beacuse it is 100% that you will not know anything more after that two days. All other fact you are say is 100% true. In past this coin was good, since there was much less users, you can build your RAC and MAG very quickly to very big numbers, and price was low since BTC was low. In that case this coin was good option. Now: it is not. And this forks, and blockchain problem doesnot give me any trust in this coin. I will wait to mine few block, collect reward and left this coins. It is especially worrying that there is no support for the coin, which has no real instructions anywhere, and the main developer does not respond to the messages at all.
  11. In light on new information that comes every few hours ( I am still at newbie as you ) I will make small comparation for you, only with one GPU card Radeon 280. If I for example do Primecoin ( XPM) with current difficulty and price I can make it 5 XPM and with current price it is around 1.64 $ per day. So first positive thing about XPM vs GRC is that you can get payment per day, you dont need any initial capital, and you earn 1.64$ per day. So if you multiply with 30 it is around 50$ GRC is different kind of coin. Since your earning of GRC is stricly realted to your RAC you need many days to get maximum of your RAC. So your earn will be increased day per day, as your MAG increased. So now you have earned GRC but not one in your wallet. Why? Because you need to stake block, and then you will be rewarded with all GRC you earn. And for staking block with wallet there is two very important things: your MAG and number of GRC you have in wallet. So if you have few GRC and even big MAG you will got your reward one on month or even more. Ok, you will got all reward coins but you will need to wait. So does you see difference between two coins. And last, there is also one positive thing considering GRC ( working on pool or solo , it is same) When you stop doing XPM it is done. Period. But suppose that you rise your MAG to 300 and STOP WORKING.Since your RAC will not fall into one day to zero (will fall, but with time) even you have only few coins in wallet, your reward will be add up every day . So you can come in one month, stake new block, and collect all reward you got in last month. Currently price of GRC in not big, but price can go up or down. Only time will show.
  12. Stay on pool until you collect at least 1000 GRC. And I hope you can reach at least 100 MAG for solo mining
  13. Hi to all. I am new here , and read all twitts and news. Please answer to one problem and give me two explanation 1. Until yesterday magnitude in wallet and in my CPID page rise every superblock. But from yesterday mag is stucked at 40 on wallet and on CPID is raise ( since my GPU works 24/7) Wallet is last win version. 2 You state: One of the changes there will be: "most notable effect is that magnitude does no longer affect your stake weight. Investors and BOINCers now have the same chances to mint a block. This drastic change was needed to eliminate an exploit. On the other hand a compensation for less rich BOINCers is already being designed." Thus, it seems, one of the recommendations for less rich BOINCers appears to be to stay in a Gridcoin pool So tell me: compensation for less rich BOINCers is already being designed - and that is ? I read that investors has fixed weight of 5000 for staking , so for new users it is recomended to set wallet to investor mode, chance to stake block is higher then regulary. ( is this remain)? One of the recommendations for less rich BOINCers appears to be to stay in a Gridcoin pool Tell me how many GRC have less rich user? 1,10,100,1000? Last: on my CPID page states right now Time Since Last Reward: 1 week, 1 day, 1 hour, 29 minutes, 20 seconds ago Estimated Research Owed: 49.42 GRC Since I am at solo mode does I need to stake 24/7 for getting this reward? Or I can close my wallet and then open in few weeks to get all reward? For me it is biggest mystery considering this coin: since there is no explanation for this question. If I need to stake , with my 1000 GRC then my MAG of 40 then I will need looooong time before my wallet stake block since net weight is to high considering my 1000 GRC: Waiting new wallet and new POS kernel! Best regards to all in dev team! Nice work!
  14. I asked same question: for now I have 1100 GRC and MAG 35. I sow that people with less GRC and MAG got POR block, and again people with much more GRC ( several thousands) and much more MAG doesnot . So it is still mistery what event triggering payment.
  15. Like for anyone others_ at least 10000 GRC and high magnitude. Boinc event doesnot show that kind of data.