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  1. MultiFaucet.tk -- One site, Many faucets.

    SSL encryption will be added later.
  2. BDL block explorer added to CryptoGuru http://cryptoguru.tk/CurrencyInfo/index.php?Currency=BDL
  3. MultiFaucet.tk -- One site, Many faucets.

    ⚫ We had a hardware failure on the main server. ⚫ Block explorers databases restored from backup. ⚫ All faucets data are lost. ⚫ Most users accounts data restored fom backup. ⚫ If you can not login - register again, with the old data.
  4. MultiFaucet.tk -- One site, Many faucets.

    Maintenance ~1-2 days.
  5. MultiFaucet.tk -- One site, Many faucets.

    The addition of new faucets was stopped due to lack of resources. CRPC will not be added. Don't have announce thread, traded only on ccex... looks like die.
  6. MultiFaucet.tk -- One site, Many faucets.

    If faucet enabled - You can find it on its page. ex: http://cryptoguru.tk/Faucet/index.php?Currency=1337 Faucet address:LQw4KEewvwMvm1iQ6DeZ111LC77yUa96jn
  7. Hey, hey, hey. DOnt ignore pls. AND TELL ME, CUZ THAT U WRITE "All transactions are published. Take it and check." - ITS FAKEEE

    1. GrinZ


      Its impossible. If you find a fake tx - send me info about it.

  8. MultiFaucet.tk -- One site, Many faucets.

    BitcoinHashCore added.
  9. Hey, tell me, dont ignore me. Which FREE faucets are work ?

    1. GrinZ


      All transactions are published. Take it and check.

    2. flapcel


      thay are fake, so I wait for your answer

  10. "Most of it should work fine" - ok, but can you tell me, which FREE faucets are work ?

  11. So all Faucets dont work ?

    1. GrinZ


      Most of it should work fine.

  12. Pls tell me about this scam "cryptoguru tk" and why I did not get a Free coin.

    1. GrinZ


      Web site provides the block of exporers. Faucets is a free for fan opion.

  13. GCN coin free to, but I dont have this coins after claim, so its SCAM ?

    1. GrinZ


      GCN wallet salwaged.

  14. Hello. I did not get a Myriad coin. This coin "Free". Scam maybe ?

    1. GrinZ


      Thanks for info.
      XMY network ignore my transactions. Faucet disabled.


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