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  2. Greetings, just yesterday I discovered his faucets but when trying to claim for the coins he says the following: "Forbidden. Your IP address is listed on: xbl.spamhaus.org "can you explain me what happens or what I can do to solve it, thanks in advance :)

    1. GrinZ



      I don`t know who/when/why add your ip address to DNSBL.
      The most popular reasons: proxy/tor/cheating/spamming/botnets/viruses...

    2. Banano


      I check my device and it is free of virus, botnet, I do not use tor, I do not do any kind of spam and I do not know how I could cheat if this is the first time I try to claim, do not have any way to provide me with a solution?

  3. ⚫ The system of premium users is being simplified. ⚫ Access to the block explorers is now open to all users. ⚫ The difference between premium and free currencies: The block explorer for premium currencies updates its data every 5 minutes. The block explorer for free currencies updates its data every few days. ⚫ To get/renew the premium subscription for currencies - please contact the administrator. ⚫ Support for the faucets is terminated. The remaining faucets will be disabled when all coins are sent.
  4. Updated block explorer system.
  5. Hello, Last PAC faucet transactions is confirmed. I need more details. Send me: username/date/address.
  6. SSL encryption will be added later.
  7. BDL block explorer added to CryptoGuru http://cryptoguru.tk/CurrencyInfo/index.php?Currency=BDL
  8. ⚫ We had a hardware failure on the main server. ⚫ Block explorers databases restored from backup. ⚫ All faucets data are lost. ⚫ Most users accounts data restored fom backup. ⚫ If you can not login - register again, with the old data.
  9. The addition of new faucets was stopped due to lack of resources. CRPC will not be added. Don't have announce thread, traded only on ccex... looks like die.
  10. If faucet enabled - You can find it on its page. ex: http://cryptoguru.tk/Faucet/index.php?Currency=1337 Faucet address:LQw4KEewvwMvm1iQ6DeZ111LC77yUa96jn

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