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  1. 1BillionHex - The Game

    Nothing new?
  2. Zedcoin ZED Information

    It took a hard research to find some news from ZED devs, but i found it . Check their Twitter and also the volume on Mintpal... Big changes coming .
  3. Have you ever think about it?

    So that brings me to another question. It means that you can take control over (steal) every coin you have? I know it can not happen. So how it works? You need to protect it, but also it should be independent, cause if it would not be, after this unfortune situation coin would die with first fork. I don not realy understand it, cause i am not realy "sucked in" this kind of codes and process which coins are using.
  4. Crazy thought cross my mind, so i want to discuss it with you guys... Have you ever think about what will happen when coin developer die? Maybe it is little bit morbid, but it could happen. Who can then take care of it? Will it be dead then? Cause as we can see, if there is some fork and dev is not there, it is frozen.
  5. Zedcoin ZED Information

    Dont you know about the ZED? Well everybodys heard that the ZED is the word .... A-well ZED ZED ZED, ZED is the word a well a ZE ZE ZE ZED, ZED is the word

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