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  1. AIRDROP: From January 16th until January 31st Everyone who registers will receive free WZI! You just need to provide your e-mail and Ethereum account address. The amount of WZI you will receive will be proportional to the total amount of Ether you have in your registered account. JOIN AND WZI HERE Pre ICO Road map WEB SITE White paper: WITTER FACE BOOK
  2. Get 20 LNO here Interesting Project sign up get 20 LNO #Airdrop #LNO #ico #ERC20 #moon #ETH #BTC #Token #sale #bounty #lino.network #free #bonus #bitcoin
  3. Joined Get 5 BGC = $50 Here BITGLARE COIN (BGC) REDEFINE WEALTH CREATION SUPREME LENDING PROGRAM PROFIT UP TO 70% PER MONTH NEW REGISTRATION ENTITLE TO 5 FREE BITGLARE COINS SERVES FOR LENDING PURPOSE ONLY STRATEGIC PRICE STABILIZING MECHANISM WITH BITGLARE COIN (BGC) PRICE SET AT MINIMUM $10 (SUPREME LENDING) & MINIMUM SELLING PRICE FIXED AT $8 (INTERNAL EXCHANGE) BITGLARE GOLD (BGCG) WORTH $15 AIRDROP BY 20TH FEB 2018 ICO STAGES PRE ICO start on 27th December 2017 (14:00 UTC+0) / ICO start 2nd Jan 2018 Total supply 18,000,000 BGC, coins on sales = 9,000,000 BGC with price start at $0.20 -From Pre ICO to ICO stage 5, coin sale will proceed to the next stage once the current stage has been sold out. (Total offering 1,500,000 coins) -From ICO stage 6 onwards, each day will only sell 500,000 coins starting 14:00 UTC+0 (Total offering 7,500,000 coins) -Maximum coin purchase limit per account = 300 coins each PRE ICO stage / 400 coins each ICO stage, subject to change depending on demand. -Date shown in whitepaper for each stages are an estimation of duration, actual date for each stages depend on the run rate. -Supreme Lending Program may launch 10-15 days after completion of ICO ahead of original roadmap. ABOUT BITGLARE COIN (BGC) BITGLARE COIN (BGC) is the latest decentralized & self-regulated financial payment network covering P2P transaction & mass payments based on open source platform that is free from third parties such as government and financial institutions. BITGLARE COIN head office is located in Dallas Texas, United State. Hosting for all ICO activities shall be conducted in Asia due to strict ICO regulation concern. After completion of ICO, hosting shall be shifted to head office for launching of Supreme Lending Program. BITGLARE COIN is built on an innovative platform which allows users to invest & gain wealth via: 1. Supreme Lending Program 2. Strategic Price Stabilizing Mechanism for Trading Program 3. Staking program 4. Mining Program WHY BITGLARE COIN (BGC)? BITGLARE COIN was found in Oct 2016 by a group of experts in volatility trading software. Our mission is to create a platform that provide a greater opportunity to people who seek to generate wealth in this very competitive society rather than relying on obsolete investment tools by typical financial institutions. After numerous researches on current popular lending platforms, we are aware & uncover some market lending & staking ecosystem flaws. With BITGLARE COIN latest volatility trading software 3.2 which has proven to be a huge achievement after months of test run, we are proud to present our Supreme Lending Program & Strategic Price Stabilizing Mechanism that minimize investors risk & gain consistent wealth with great advantages. WHAT IS THE VALUE OF BITGLARE COIN? There will only be a total of 18 million BITGLARE COIN worldwide & it will be based on an economic system that gain advantages from supply & demand. With increasing investors from worldwide, there will be more demand with our limited supply of coins that will eventually drive the price of BGC up with innovative strategies such as: 1. Supreme Lending Program with BITGLARE COIN (BGC) starting price at minimum $10. After ICO, new investors will have to buy from internal & external exchanges for Supreme Lending which will drive BGC price up. Once the BGC price in exchanges are more than $10, Supreme Lending BGC price will then pegged to the market price but shall never fall below $10. 2. Initiate Strategic Price Stabilizing Mechanism to set BITGLARE COIN (BGC) minimum selling price at $8 in our internal exchange to stabilize the minimum price of BGC. 3. Improving our volatility trading software to further benefits the Supreme Lending Program which yield up to 70% profit per month 4. Expand BITGLARE COIN usage to feature smart contracts with online reward based shopping platforms 5. Upcoming online casino utilizing BITGLARE COIN as digital chip 6. Launching of BITGLARE COIN debit card to further enhance cash less worldwide shopping experience STRATEGIC PRICE STABILIZING MECHANISM – WHY SET LENDING PRICE PER BITGLARE COIN (BGC) AT MINIMUM $10 & MINIMUM SELLING PRICE AT $8 We are aware that there are a lot of ICO frenzy over the Blockchain industry, pump & dump activities occurred after most ICOs are common sights. As BITGLARE intend to prosper & stay in the industry for long term with upcoming ambitious plans, stabilizing the ecosystem is the most vital action needs to be taken. Mutual benefits derive from Strategic Price Stabilizing Mechanism will be: 1. Protect new investors which came in after ICO period to prevent any pump & dump activities. 2. Ensuring longevity of the Supreme Lending ecosystem by gaining new investors confident through BITGLARE volatility trading software execution efficiency, as some investors tend to wait & see before joining the lending program. 3. Maintain sustainability of BITGLARE by accruing interest from our volatility trading software thus benefiting both BITGLARE & the investors. 4. Internal exchange will go live 25-30 days after ICO completion, while interval between internal & external exchange to go live is between 30-40 days. This is to allow market to make adjustment & stabilize BGC price before it goes public. BITGLARE GOLD (BGCG) WORTH $15 AIRDROP BITGLARE innovative Supreme Lending Program features the airdrop of BITGLARE GOLD (BGCG) worth $15 which will be expired after 20 days from the coin receiving date of 20th February 2018. (Expired by 12th March 2018 UTC 00:00). BITGLARE GOLD (BGCG) serves only for lending purpose & will be converted to USD after 60 days of lending with special interest rate which will be announced by 8th February 2018. 1. Investors that managed to lend with minimum amount of $5,010 by before 20th Feb 2018 will entitle for an airdrop with supreme ratio of 1 BITGLARE COIN (BGC) to 1.5 BITGLARE GOLD (BGCG). (referring to 20th Feb 2018 BGC price & snapshot of investor lending amount) 2. Investors that managed to lend with minimum amount of $100 by before 20th Feb 2018 shall entitle an airdrop with special ratio of 1 BITGLARE COIN (BGC) to 1 BITGLARE GOLD (BGCG). (referring to 20th Feb 2018 BGC price & snapshot of investor lending amount) 3. Investors that has yet to lend with us will still entitle for the airdrop with ratio of 5 BITGLARE COIN (BGC) to 1 BITGLARE GOLD (BGCG). (referring to 20th Feb 2018 BGC price & snapshot of investor current coin quantity in wallet) ICO REFERRAL PROGRAM You will be rewarded for introducing your friends to participate in the Pre ICO & ICO with the below bonus % : Generation 1 – 10% Generation 2 – 4% Generation 3 – 2% AFFILIATE PROGRAM The reward for joining BITGLARE COIN community doesn’t stop here, besides your own investment in our coin, investors may earn extra bonus from our affiliate program with 10 levels bonuses + the binary program. All you need to do is to refer your friends to start a lending program with us & you shall earn extra bonus immediately in the form of BITGLARE COIN (BGC). Below are the 10 levels breakdown: Generation 1 – 10% Generation 2 – 3% Generation 3 – 1% Generation 4 – 0.8 % Generation 5 – 0.6% Generation 6 – 0.3% Generation 7 – 0.2% Generation 8 – 0.1% Generation 9 – 0.07% Generation 10 – 0.04% Our binary program will kick start in Feb 2018 & full details will be announced by end of Jan 2018. We believe that with minimal risk and the prospect of massive profits, BITGLARE COIN program has the potential to change ordinary lives to the next level. Your life as a successful BITGLARE COIN investor can start today with our affiliate program. BOUNTY PROGRAM / MARKETING ACTIVITIES BITGLARE marketing division is seeking for: 1. Promoter who are able to generate more than 20 referrals please contact us via support@bitglare.com or our official facebook page BITGLARE https://www.facebook.com/BitglareSupremeLending/ for our ICO referral program special incentive. 2. Cryptocurrency Youtuber that made video to promote BITGLARE COIN on Youtube shall be rewarded with 500-1000 coins depending on the quality of the video. Please submit your video to support@bitglare.com or tag our facebook page BITGLARE https://www.facebook.com/BitglareSupremeLending/ & provide your registered BITGLARE user name. 3. Promoter who actively promoting BITGLARE COIN on our social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Telegram please like/follow our page then submit your social media name & your registered BITGLARE user name to support@bitglare.com so that we can track your posting & reward you accordingly. Detailed White Paper here : https://www.bitglare.com/assets/doc/whitepaper.pdf Official Website : https://www.bitglare.com Official Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/BitglareSupremeLending/ Official Telegram : https://t.me/bitglarecoin
  4. BONUS 10 spc ~ $60: JOINED HERE WHAT IS SWAPCOINZ Sometimes, we think that loving children is enough to show that we care for them, but it's beyond that... Our sole mission is to be a bridge between families and businesses, making it easier for parents to answer their children's needs. We feel that in most African countries, children are like being cheated from their rights to play. SwaPCoinz was born from that basic need to satisfy this cry in most children in Africa. SWAPCOINZ ROADMAP SWAPCOINZ TOKEN DISTRIBUTION SWAP PROJECT (55%) - During the crowd-sale, 55% of SPC tokens sold for purchase will be used in SwapCoinz Project development, including and not limited to creating usability channels of SwapCoinz. 8% of SPC Tokens sold will be apportioned to dissemination of bug abundance, business advancement, group ventures and market extension. BOUNTY AND PROMOTION CAMPAIGNS (19%) - 19% of SPC tokens sold will be allocated to our bounty and promotion campaigns. SWAP TEAM / LEGAL / CHARITY (16%) - 6% will be given to charity (homeless children and orphans in 3 major African cities which will be selected randomly). 8% will be dispersed to SwapCoinz’s organizers, early financial specialists, and representatives as an impetus to making an enduring common interest and commitment to the tokens and their drawn-out value. While the remaining 2% will serve for legal advisors. SAFETY FUNDS (10%) - 10% of the tokens is reserved for other matters. SWAPCOINZ TEAM FACEBOOK TWITTER EMAIL
  5. SING UP GET 2000 TOKEN Nhận tiền thưởng 2000 token = 1 ETH giới hạn 2500 thành viên!
  6. An Ecosystem sustainable solutions for enterprise-wide energy operations and efficiency management. The Optonium Coin is an electronic cash which is bit unmistakable money sort from the one that we use. You can pay or send money to anyone, wherever on the planet as this modernized cash and that too in appropriate around zero cost. It's the possible destiny of all the monetary trade which happens in the present time. Additionally, the most basic part is that the trade occurs in grinding of a minute. Visit Site For More Information: https://optonium.io/ Token info Token OPO Platform Ethereum & Bitcoin OPTONIUM COIN solves the current problems of access to capital for the renewable energy developers and provides access to investments in profitable projects directly for the final consumers, any type of investors and energy market makers. This is done using the fast and transparent way through smart contracts on the Blockchain. By employing technology OPTONIUM COIN solves the following energy market insufficiencyy: global access to capital for green energy projects and green energy investments and trading as well as speed and transparency. Follow this link to signup now: https://optonium.io 🔥Get 250 Coins free 🔥 ♨ICO RECOMENDED♨ Hot Hot Hot *Optonium coin PRE-ICO is live* ✨Get 50% Bonus for early participation in pre ico ✨ New year bonanza ✈ *Get 250 free coin on sign up bonus* ✈✈ 🔥Unique Marketing Programs..Share in Social media and earn more and more Coins ..... 🔥Open sources Blockchain technology ... 🔥Decentralised ... 🔥Beating traditional Mining operation ... 🔥Minable Coin 🔥Lending Programme 30% to 60% Monthly 🔥ICO WILL START in JANUARY 2018. 🔥 ICO PRICE RUNSHIPS, START FROM 0.1 $ TO $ 1 AT END ROUND. RoadMap Symbol. : OPO Algorithm: SHA256 Pos / Pow:. Both Total supply: 2 Billion Pre-ICO & ICO Supply: 250 million Target March. : 20$ 🔥 Listing will be on reputated Exchange: BINANCE, Cryptopia, YoBit.net, HITBTC, Cex.io, Bittrex, Poloniex 👉Referral Bonus affiliate 8 level to 25 level based on package starting from 5% TO 16% For more info, please check the whitepaper 🙏 Join telegram t.me/optoniumcoin Join YouTube channel. https://youtu.be/MKgU2D5OGU0 Join Instagram https://www.instagram.com/optoniumcoin/ Join Twitter https://twitter.com/optonium White paper: https://optonium.io/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Optonium-Coin-Whitepaper.pdf
  7. VITROCOIN Cryptocurrency ICO Live Now !! VITROCOIN will launch Initial Coin Offering (ICO) from 31 december 2017 to 30 January 2018 White paper: https://www.vitrocoin.com/VTC_WhitePaper.pdf Join here and get bonus for sign up 100 VTC ~ $ 46.34
  8. WHITE PAPER REDDIT FACE BOOK TWITTER EtherBTC combines the best of bitcoin and Ethereum to create a hybrid cryptocurrency that is fast, inexpensive, easy to use, and stable. EtherBTC is not a security … it’s a new, decentralized, peer-to-peer currency in the same family as bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. No more than 21,000,000 ETHB will ever be created, the same maximum number as bitcoin Link join Airdrop: https://etherbtc.io/airdrop/ Buy EtherBTC here: https://goo.gl/1rRTzj https://i.imgur.com/EXkOjgP.png Token Contract Informatioin: Name: EtherBTC Currency Type: ERC20 Token Token Address: 0x3a26746Ddb79B1B8e4450e3F4FFE3285A307387E (Note: Do not send ETH to this address.) Symbol: ETHB Decimals: 8
  9. 🎄🎅🏼💰 Special Christmas MasterNode Sale🎄🎅🏼💰 Special Christmas maximum of 30 MasterNodes will be sold before exchange listing, only available days Dec 24 and Dec 25!! Price 0.1BTC for 30100 coins (you need 30000 for MN) Pay 0.1BTC to 13chb4PJbk6wtW3s9nK9BE6bKsmtWL8sQv and fill this form with the details, you will receive 30.100MNB in some hours Maximum one MN per BTCTalk user Form to fill after payment https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfYuWa19NwK_0uCytXzVJonV2NVsn9bv-Nzfi7_1tjQNENRdw/viewform Merry Christmas!!! 🎄 🎅🏼 💰 POW+POS+MasterNodes Algo: X11 Symbol: MNB Block time: 60 seconds Last POW block: 250000 Recalculated difficulty: Every block Anti Instamine 100 blocks Max coin available: 50 Millions Transaction confirmation: 10 blocks Mining maturation time: 20 blocks P2P Port: 43210 RPC Port: 43211 Testnet P2P Port: 43212 Testnet RPC Port: 43213 Masternodes Creation: 30000 MNB Masternode reward: 75% From POS Min Stake: 48h Premine 3% 1.5M POS REWARDS: - From block 1 to 100000 : 10 MNB - From block 100001 to 200000 : 20 MNB - From block 200001 to end : 50 MNB POW REWARDS: - From block 1 to 100 : 0 MNB (AntiInstamine) - From block 100 to 100000 : 50 MNB - From block 100.001 to 250000 : 25 MNB Min TX Fee: 0.0001 MNB Pool 1: 10000 MNB http://mineblocks.co.uk txid-->b46221597fff599771493075b3884abc9594325d93f47e50b6322dc95f2e33b0 Pool 2: 10000 MNB https://pool.nosekefik.com txid --> b43033182275a5a95ae13ab0f8b2b21eb401c4fde33e0f8bb29b731133066e5b Pool 3: 10000 MNB http://yiimp.poolofd32th.club txid --> 33af6920eef1665ea562e3373a5dee4c4bb4446d35f88329d3b65dbde18c53ba Pool 4: 5000 MNB https://pool.coin-miners.info txid --> b8e8358141d1f038eca5786284b581c01d9f4c97927a65bbaedda170690a6267 Pool 5: 5000 MNB https://speedmining.net Pending to receive the address Pool 6: 5000 MNB http://miningpool.shop txid --> bbc4ab588367354a81460e06b497b60c0f46b6744ff7b7ef3be4e5ceeb07c218 Explorer 1 5000MNB --> 2c5a0260226bd9656521978060aaddc26f1fcfa182ac6a9b2db7ab7a5c69f269 Explorer 2 2500MNB http://mnb.unyun.cn/ txid --> e3197f17fa70118fa4d2b8d1cb323bb7c1c8d559222d82e1afd97b1f108b555e Explorer 3 2500MNB http://moneybagcoin.lchain.cc/ txid -->9b7098875a697810f5b422846eaf2c2c73dba781c402eb597e8538df4d8cbc77 Mac OSX Wallet: 20000 MNB Build by @lentyna txid --> 635f708ae8d3acf1400b06d113b758714c8577bfcb4e427d43ad913185ebb289 https://mega.nz/#!i5cBlRBC!Y4tJsh3aYQKYlbNRhV_h6kNJT-g6vciLjbQk7j5eky4 Rasberry Pi Wallet: 20000 MNB Threads on other Forums 500MNB for each - Bitcoin Garden: https://bitcoingarden.org/forum/index.php?topic=24606 by @nosekefik txid --> 3af66b77b57b6778d547fd1bd73c32baa7bf128eecb09020a53c1ce891f02350 Discord Group --> https://discord.gg/XYrpF2P Nosekefik Pool Stratum : pool.nosekefik.com:3533 User : YOUR_ADDRESS Password : c=MNB Website : https://pool.nosekefik.com/ Telegram : https://t.me/nosekefikpool Payout : Every 20min minimum 0.5 coins Fee : 1.0% You can adjust your diff setting ,d=<DIFF> on -p param Mineblocks Low fees fast payments New Pool Moneybagcoin 0.5% Fees http://mineblocks.co.uk/getting_started Configure Your Miners stratum+tcp://stratum.mineblocks.co.uk:3110 -u YOUR WALLET -p x Ports ( 3110 ) ( 3111 Nicehash ) All ports Vardiff Twitter : https://twitter.com/MineBlocksPool Telegram : https://t.me/mineblocksp Happy Mining PoolofD32th http://yiimp.poolofd32th.club Use your wallet address as your username, and c=MNB as your password. No registration required. Don't forget to use MNB as password, or your shares will be lost Don't forget to change -u once testing is complete to mine to your wallet Coin Miners MoneyBagCoin has been added to https://pool.coin-miners.info/ Stratum settings: -o stratum+tcp://stratum-eu.coin-miners.info:3533 -u MoneyBagCoin_WALLET_ADDRESS -p c=MNB Payouts are made automatically every 1 hours for all balances above 0.01, or 0.001 on Sunday. SpeedMining https://speedmining.net Based on Yiimp pool (No Registration Needed) Fee : 0.0% Only (No Fee) Pool host: speedmining.net Pool port: 3533 Pool user: Your_Wallet_Address Pool pass: c=MNB Algorithm: x11 MiningPool.shop http://miningpool.shop Based on Yiimp pool (No Registration Needed) Fee : 0.9% Only (Lowest Fee) Support Live Chat --> https://t.me/MiningPoolShop BSOD.PW http://bsod.pw BSOD. Fast. Safe. Security. 0.5% Fees. Payouts every 2 hours after the first confirmed block. We're using Yiimp, no registration required. It is worthy to mine with us because: 1. Our dev team - one of the best. 2. Our multilingual support - one of the best. 3. More than 1 500 000 coins already paid. If you won't come to BSOD - BSOD will come for you Grin Telegram: http://t.me/bsodpool lpool.name https://lpool.name/pool/MNB -o stratum+tcp://x11.lpool.name:3533 -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p c=MNB Node list: https://lpool.name/explorer/peers?id=1938 Explorer: https://lpool.name/explorer/MNB minpool.net http://minpool.net Pool host: minpool.net Pool port: 3000 Pool user: Your_Wallet_Address Pool pass: c=MNB Algorithm: X11 Fee: 0.9% Telegram --> https://t.me/joinchat/GXYF5BIfwN27Ta2JQYIBbw Mpos-Pools http://mpos-pools.com/mnb Ports: Asics: 3534 Nicehash: 3535 Low diff: 3536 ANOMP POOL http://anomp.320.io No registration needs to be registered Use your wallet address as an account: the format is as follows: Wallet Address.Workers Number POW case demonstration:-a x11 -o stratum+tcp://anomp-mnb.nat123.cc:53379 -u MrvzXt5Rw9NkSExtio1q1YmJYbT1EEBkCa.A01 -p x Mad Pool https://madpool.xyz/ stratum+tcp://madpool.xyz:3533 Username: YOUR MONEYBAG WALLET ADDRESS Password: c=MNB ccminer -a x11 -o stratum+tcp://madpool.xyz:3533 -u <YOUR_MONEYBAG_WALLET_ADDRESS> -p c=MNB DDClub http://pool.ddclub.org/ YiiMP Based no registration is needed! 0% fee for now give it a go or simply connect your miner to : -a x11 -o stratum+tcp://www.ddclub.org:3533 -u [Your Wallet] -p c=MNB Stratum : www.ddclub.org:3533 User : YOUR_ADDRESS Password : c=MNB (by @nosekefik) http://mnb.unyun.cn/ (by @fengyun88 ) http://moneybagcoin.lchain.cc/ [With Masternode List] (by @lchain )
  10. MISSCOIN - MISC First international beauty contest fully implemented on blockchain and organized in compliance with the industry’s most demanding standards. The idea: The innovative blockchain technology will ensure full transparency of the voting process creating a completely unbiased ecosystem for all the parties involved - investors, voters, and participants. Neither crafty admins nor advanced users will be able to spin the votes. The prejudiced jury members will be hog-tied as well. With MISSCOIN’s philosophy, justice will finally prevail. Coin: The coin is an ERC-20 token. Total supply: 1,000,000,000 MISC ICO - GIVES EQUAL OPPORTUNITY To ensure inclusivity, MISC Tokens have no pre-determined price; rather price is set by market demand. This mining imitation without giving potential unfair advantages to large purchasers. The MISC Token distribution takes place over 150 days - 5 mln. tokens each day, which is expected to provide time for the community to familiarize themselves with the project, as well as participate in the distribution. The Platform The platform is built on the basis of a mobile application development for all major types of mobile devices, and on a web interface as well. This will make it possible to use the best experience of the classical model and add modern blockchain and smart contract technologies. Contest's platform will consist of several modules that are depicted in the chart. Interface module will consist of signing up via popular social networks, participant's personal cabinet, token wallet, participant viewing interface, and voting ( there will be various filters available such as sort by location, age and daily rating of participants). We also mean to introduce a chat to allow for interactive communication. Module of distributed data storage on blockchain will consist of a well-defined mechanism for decentralized votes storage and user data by means of IPFS technology (Distributed File System). Analytics and statistics module will be the best proof of the contest's transparency as it will reflect any token movements in the system All the modules will be opensource and will be uploaded to GitHub. Mobile Application. Future Social Network! (Where You can vote for your favorite participant, chat and video chat) Misscoin Team Misscoin official bounty campaign Misscoin white paper Misscoin web site Twitter & HOLDER Facebook Telegram
  11. BITUGENE The Petroleum Blockchain Project: Blockchain is, undoubtedly, a revolutionary idea. Since its journey to limelight in 2009 when the Bitcoin Whitepaper was released, the technology is beginning to cut across various circles of our lives and, consequently, disrupting the traditonal methods of doing business. The Bitugene Project is a blockchain driven application designed with flexibility, scalability and functionality in mind. Bitugene serves to create a platform where crude oil and other petroleum products can be traded securely. It gives potential customers and merchants the means to diversify and, the room for all and sundry to checkmate arbitrary prices. Despite the fact that Oil and Gas is a lucrative and delicate sector, it has not received commensurate exposure as other sectors hence the birth of the Bitugene Project. Unique: One of the distinguishing feature of The Bitugene Project stems from the fact that we are the first platform to implement the tokenization and trading of petroleum assets on a decentralized network (otherwise known as a Blockchain). DEFINED TEAM and ROADMAP: The Bitugene Project is, of course, a sensitive, demanding and remarkable project as is evident from our scope and Whitepaper. In order to bring this to fruition, the project has teamed up with several professionals in the Oil and Gas sector across the world. The platform is laced with robust and scalable applications that can help achieve this. ABSTRACT: The Bitugene Project is a blockchain driven application designed with flexibility, scalability and functionality in mind. Bitugene serves to create a platform where petroleum and other petroleum products can be traded securely. It gives potential customers and merchants the means to diversify and, the room for all and sundry to checkmate arbitrary prices. BACKGROUND AND PROBLEM: While there are many challenges befuddling the oil and gas industry all over the world such as supply chain management, logistics, pricing etc., the Bitugene Project will, however, focus its attention on flexibility and ease of service. Undoubtedly, blockchain is a new force to reckon with in the financial sector within the past five years, several business models have been implemented on the blockchain. One striking feature about blockchain is its decentralized nature, it tries to give people power over their finances by removing an intermediary. Some problems within the petroleum space that the Bitugene Project will address includes but not limited to: • Delayed settlement in paying for petroleum products such as gasoline. This project, with the help of its tokens, will make payment almost instantaneous; • Inefficiencies resulting from players in the supply chain such as the delay or duplication of contractual agreements; • Single point of failure in the supply chain may occur due to a hack, fraud or mistake; • Rigidity available in the current mode of operation; • Expenses associated in times of dispute. SOLUTION: In the light of the aforementioned problems, some of the key solutions have been highlighted below. Recently, the price of a barrel of crude oil has been at its lowest ebb and leveraging on the blockchain technology can help increase the profit of all and sundry in this industry. The solutions to be employed are listed below (not limited to these): • Flexible and instantaneous settlements; • Removal of an intermediary; • Immutability; • Increase in transaction visibility; • Increase in trust between users; • Reduce vulnerability; • Increase efficiency and effectiveness; • Ease of service TECHNICAL OVERVIEW: The Bitugene Project provides a platform where cheap, reliable and secure access to petroleum and petroleum products can be realized. Companies/Merchants and potential customers can carry out business peer to peer on the network thereby enhancing efficiency, productivity and eliminating time wastage, increased overhead costs, ambiguity and complexity. The project will be centered on existing applications (open-source) in order to ensure compatibility with already developed software(s) in the cryptocurrency market. Our platform is blockchain-based, this will help in widening the adoption of blockchain technology in every sector of business and most especially, in the oil and gas sector. This will ensure decentralization and distribution of units in the industry at large. The features of the project are • Peer to peer trading of petroleum assets • Blockchain applications for exchange and conversion of cryptocurrencies • Digitization of petroleum assets • Building a decentralized infrastructure for the oil and gas industry at large The platform will use the TBP tokens for exchange of value. The Bitcoin (only for the Main ICO) and the Ethereum blockchain will be used for the token generation event. APPLICATIONS: Applications that will be built throughout the lifecycle of development on The Bitugene Project are listed below: Token Details The sole purpose of the Bitugene ICO is to raise funds for the design, development and implementation of applications for the Bitugene Project. The Bitcoin (only for the main sale) and Ethereum blockchain will be used for raising of funds for the project. However, the Ethereum blockchain is the primary platform for our ICO. THE TEAM SUMMERY: The Bitugene Project is the first blockchain project to beam its searchlight on petroleum and petroleum products. During the full-scale operation, the platform will help connect oil and gas companies with customers. This will, of course, increase the visibility of all petroleum products on the internet as assets and, flexibility and ease of service will be guaranteed. Price prediction of TBP tokens as it hits the cryptocurrency exchange according to our experts is targeted at slightly over $2.23, reasons being “first of its kind”, the ICO price finished at $1 and the rate at which petroleum products are affecting our day-to-day living. WEBSITE - https://bitugene.io WHITEPAPER - Whitepaper EN TWITTER - http://twitter.com/@bitugene TELEGRAM - http://t.me/bitugene AIRDROP - http://bitugene.io/airdrop.php UPDATE - In talks with popular exchanges such as Poloniex, Bittex, Cryptopia and Yobit in order for TBP to be listed as soon as the mainsale ends. FIRST AIRDROP/BOUNTY IS LIVE [li]Wallet[/li] [li]Marketplace[/li] [li]Bitugene Debit Card[/li] [li]Baclkoffice[/li] [li]Petroleum Aggregator[/li] [li]Bitugene Exchange[/li] Minimum Goal = 1 000 000 USD Hard Cap = 5 000 000 USD Total tokens = 10 000 000
  12. WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | SLACK | TELEGRAM | TWITTER Register with this airdrop form for Sigmanium token! Rule: follower: https://twitter.com/DuongTien990 https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfDbliXxYL52FNwjRVbwTma_ilJ5wlF98aJ7w8u07JaigIyhw/viewform?usp=sf_link
  13. B2X (Bitcoin Segwit 2x) Token Address: 0x9c9891f7795eb127ba4783b671573275ff3a83a9 BOUNTIES | WEBSITE | WHITEPAPER | TELEGRAM | TWITTER | CHANNEL Token Details: Total Supply: 21,000,000 Decimal : 8 Token : ERC20 THE IDEA: Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency right now in the world but it is suffering serious problem as a currency, the transaction speed is ridiculous slow and transaction fee is scarily expensive ! It no longer serve the purpose of being a currency and this is going to haunt it's value in long term, Segwit2x was originally scheduled , but canceled due to Bitcoin Core Dev selfishness ! We are a group of enthusiasts hoping to solve bitcoin's problem by forking it at block 505,000. This token is created to promote community awareness, gather more supporters and fundraise for the project. We had an issue in Etherdelta but now it is solve , the faulty one is rename to B2XOLD , If you happened to buy B2XOLD please pm us in telegram @btc2xdev. We would like to compensate your loss Features: Replay Protection 2MB Block Size and Segwit Implementation We will be using this source code https://github.com/btc1/bitcoin/tree/segwit2x Token Distribution: It will be 1:1 for bitcoin holder after the fork We will premine 0.3% for a community awareness airdrop and development cost 0.1% : Donation for development 0.1% : Airdrop 0.1% : Bounty Exchange: Current Price : $21.6 Etherdelta : https://etherdelta.com/#B2X-ETH Yobit : CoinExchange : Cryptopia : Bittrex : Poloniex : Bitfinex : Airdrop: 0.1% Airdrop equivalent to 21,000 will be distribute in 10 Rounds Each round 210 applicants will be chosen RANDOMLY for 10 B2X Yes it's like a lottery ! You may not join if you don't like the system Airdrop Rule: !! No Multiple Submission !! No complain in telegram group for example : "I don't receive airdrop" , "Price is so low" etc. !!! Anyone who don't follow the rules , dev holds the power to ban the applicant from any further airdrop How To Join Airdrop: 1) Join telegram group 2) Join telegram channel 3) Follow twitter and retweet 5) Join TELEGRAM for Airdrop link Bounty: TO BE UPDATE Donation: 0.1% = 21,000 in total 1ETH for 100 B2X Donor will receive their B2X on Airdrop Round 2 Please contact @btc2xdev on telegram for donation HALL OF DONOR: @karenchen90 : 4 ETH @marklui : 2 ETH @gagarin6801 : 1 ETH @iramces : 0.1 ETH RESERVED RESERVED Roadmap: November: Launch Airdrop Round 1 Listing on Decentralize Exchange (Etherdelta,IDEX,DECENTREX) Launch Bounty Listing on Coinmarketcap December: Listing on Larger Exchange like (Coinexchange,Yobit,Mercatox) Launch Airdrop Round 2 Distribute Token to Donors Whitepaper Released January: Listing on even Larger Exchange like (Hitbtc,Cryptopia) Launch Airdrop Round 3 Mega Marketing Campaign Preparation for Bitcoin Forking on Block 505,000 February: Fork Happened on Block 505,000 Token Swap for ERC20 B2X Holder TO BE UPDATE Airdrop Rounds: Round 1 - Distributed Round 2 - 1st December Round 3 - TBC Round 4 - TBC Round 5 - TBC Round 6 - TBC Round 7 - TBC Round 8 - TBC Round 9 - TBC Round 10 - TBC Problem in Etherdelta:
  14. Link join: http://kemfe.org/ now! Please, Referral Email: "tien1_c3ductritc@angiang.edu.vn" Thanks All member

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