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  1. pls see my problem:
  2. the problem still persists?
  3. why gridcoinstats report only one of my address? why my transfer from poloniex in the wallet is not present in the blockchain? why in the neural network is present an address that not present in gridcoinstats?
  4. NEW SITE I see on Gridcoin's Facebook page this : http://gridcoin.io/ . who is owner? is official?
  5. or this https://shapeshift.io/#/coins
  6. We can ask to add gridcoin to https://anycoindirect.eu/it or https://bittylicious.com/ or https://www.litebit.eu/en or https://www.jubi.com/ ?
  7. I would like to buy directly gridcoin with coin fiat also myself one day
  8. Thanks for the coins. i found the gridcoin by searching on https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/views/all/ and i reading all projects. I think Gridcoin is one of the few coins who have sense and future
  9. Hy guys! Who can help me start minig gridcoins? Help me pls Address for donation : S1BhBTHCwaMBMcCu3eMZ6dacZr6SeVxS6w It's not clear to me. I can research alone with my r9 390 and my seti account with low balance? or should I use grcpool? Greetings from Italy Edit: i send my cpid via PM to dc7d