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  1. Initial Coin Offerings have been expanding the last years. They have moved billions of dollars. Enterprises are switching to this new way of fundraising. Israel has been an important hub for start-ups and other high-tech enterprises. Indeed, Israel has been dubbed several times as the ‘start-up nation’. It seems that now it is going to regulate the market by taxing it. Know more here: https://www.coinstaker.com/israel-ready-tax-initial-coin-offerings-organizers-investors/
  2. The price of Bitcoin keeps fluctuating. Just recently, its value fell drastically to $10,000 in less than 48 hours. The cryptocurrency has these few days fallen dramatically dropping below a $10000 value per one Bitcoin having reached close to the $8000 mark as recently. Know more here: https://www.coinstaker.com/winklevoss-twins-lost-almost-1-billion-dollars-bitcoin-market-pullback/
  3. Recession cannot be avoided in any market where there is an accelerated trade. The macroeconomic recession is the same in level with cryptocurrency recession, but the former shows a sign of high unemployment a high inflation whiles even though the cryptocurrencies market does not show these, it shows something intangible in the market. Know more here: https://www.coinstaker.com/steve-chiavarone-says-bitcoin-first-sign-greed-great-recession/
  4. Not many people are familiar with it, and for those who know it may they have probably forgotten about it. Some may have not even heard of it before. It is the Ethereum Classic (ETC). The younger brother of mainstream Ethereum (ETH). It was birthed back in the year 2016 after a fork. Know more here: https://www.coinstaker.com/lies-ahead-ethereum-classic/
  5. Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), one of the several Bitcoin hard forks, has been involved in a pump and dump scheme in Kucoin exchange. Kucoin is one of the few exchanges that offers BTC/BCD pairs. On January the 13th Bitcoin Diamond spiked to unexpected levels. In just a few minutes, this fork of Bitcoin multiplied 40x on Kucoin. It even arrived at $800 dollars when it was normally traded around $30 dollars. Know more here: https://www.coinstaker.com/bitcoin-diamond-pump-dump/
  6. As we get in the new year, more regulations are starting to appear for the cryptocurrency world. According to Reuters, a director of the Central Bank of Germany said on Monday that attempts to regulate Bitcoin must be on a global scale. National and regional rules would be hard to enforce on a virtual, borderless community. Know more here: https://www.coinstaker.com/central-bank-of-germany-worldwide-regulations-on-bitcoin/
  7. Charlie Lee's Litecoin came about during one of the forks in bitcoin's early days. Since then it has come to establish itself as one of the very grounded cryptocurrencies, presently being the seventh largest of them all. Litecoin is faster than bitcoin considering that new blocks are discovered at a rate of two and a half minute as opposed to bitcoins ten minutes per block. Know more here: https://www.coinstaker.com/litecoin-may-be-up-for-a-soft-fork/
  8. Kodak, last century’s symbolic company, has launched its own cryptocurrency named KodakCoin. The token will be launched by an ICO for registered individuals and will be used in the KodakOne platform. The intention is to create a new platform for photographers and their works. Know more here: https://www.coinstaker.com/kodak-cryptocurrency-kodakcoin/
  9. Ripple has been increasing its price since the lasts months of the last year. Now in 2018, it keeps this ascending pattern that does could keep its positive direction. Several rumours have been circulating about the possibility of Western Union to start using Ripple"s platform. Know more here: https://www.coinstaker.com/ripple-western-union-partnership/
  10. Cryptocurrencies not only introduced a new way of online trading, but also opened the door for even better technologies that would cut across several platforms and for multiple users. Blockchain technology became increasingly popular with the advent of cryptocurrencies. Know more here: https://www.coinstaker.com/brazil-introducing-blockchain-system/
  11. Dennis Gartman, a man who has been involved in the cryptocurrency world for a long time with popularity from his Bitcoin comments, has made a prediction concerning the Bitcoin price. Gartman said to reporters that Bitcoin will trade less than $5000. Know more here: https://www.coinstaker.com/dennis-gartman-predicts-bitcoin-will-trade-5000/
  12. We have seen how Bitcoin has increased its value during the last year. It moved from $950 up to $20,000 dollars. Now it is being traded around $14,000 as the New Year celebration passed. There are different views whether Bitcoin could reach a higher value or whether we are in a bubble. We do not have an answer to this. But there is a paper that predicts that Bitcoin could keep increasing its price and reach $5.8 million dollars. Know more here: https://www.coinstaker.com/5-8-million-dollars-bitcoin/
  13. While China, India and some other countries are burnt on banning Bitcoin, Malaysia, on the other hand, has taken a bold step in refusing to ban bitcoin. Know more here: https://www.coinstaker.com/malaysia-deputy-finance-minister-reveals-no-plan-ban-bitcoin/
  14. The European Central Bank (ECB) is worried about Bitcoin and its possible negative effect to financial stability. Yves Mersch, member of the executive committee of the ECB, is following the cryptocurrency market cautiously. According to him, it can create a big problem for the global financial stability. Know more here: https://www.coinstaker.com/ecb-risk-financial-stabiltity/
  15. In the week leading to Christmas, major cryptocurrencies experienced a massive price correction. which left more questions than answer. If the sudden drop had not happened, it would have been easier to believe another big price projection for Bitcoin-the currency had just hit an all-time high of nearly $20,000 by December. Know more here: https://www.coinstaker.com/bitcoin-will-hit-28000-2018-ronnie-moas/

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