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  1. Check your hashes using the "console" in the "debug window". For example: "getblockhash 1030753" should return the hash -> 147ed11cb584586543f772215727d99f09bcddbeee9ca65c6d486d647e177c7c There has been a massive fork this past while that is still in progress. The Dev community is aware of it though. It seems as if everything is correcting itself as it should it just takes some time. By tomorrow, once we've reached consensus in the chain, there should be an update to one of the unofficial snapshots. Even more good news is that there is an extra fork reduction fix in the works that should make this sort of event even more infrequent.
  2. @Enzo CaricoTri & @Daniel Blanco, did you get your wallets back onto the correct chain? Do you know how to check for forks in future if you notice low difficulty again?
  3. The wallet is not updated yet as it is a non-mandatory update. I can only assume that the pool has to plan and time the updates carefully to minimize the impact on staking.
  4. I don't think this is a priority at the moment. Developers are working hard (thank you, devs!) in other more pressing areas right now. Aesthetics will come as time permits I'm sure. I'm just as excited for the new logo though!
  5. @user3928 No. It's one of the most relevant questions you could ask as far as I understand. @ZenMercenary is the one who says that it'll only be going live on the 29th and, due to this same concern you have, he's abstained in his vote.
  6. @user3928 Rumor has it that climateprediction will not be online until September 29th. If this is true then until then there will be no way to judge how much work they'll be able to offer until after that date.
  7. I sense some small changes to the website and it is definitely an improvement. I don't know if something has been changed about the buttons or if I'm getting used to it but they seem easier to read now. The tick marks in the table appear to have been changed to white and the dashes to purple. The dashes still cause my eyes to struggle to focus... Perhaps a dull red would be better? Although that would probably clash with the site's colour scheme... So maybe an off white (grey) / black to contrast it with the white tick marks; this would keep it professional looking (in a way that I fear dull red might not...) while improving readability.
  8. Your Mag seems a little low...? Congratulations on your staking though! As a pool miner I look forward to the days when I'll be able to join you solo (there's some irony in that statement...) If you'd like to know a little more about the maths behind estimated stake times you may be interested in reading this steemit article by Skcin "Gridcoin V8 difficulty and what it tells you".
  9. Obviously I didn't (some nice passive aggression you've got going there...). Thanks for pointing me in the right direction though. For those interested, PrimeGrid would like to raise a total of €14 000 of which they have collected €1 554 of their first sub goal of €3 500 at the time of posting (Information from PrimeGrid donations page). According to Erkan's steemit post (found here) the GRC community has contributed around €180 of what has been collected so far.
  10. Helpful! Thanks @KiwiParty. To what extent could people potentially have an impact on such a person?
  11. This is encouraging and good news, thanks for sharing @erkan! However that's only just over $210. Surely PrimeGrid will need a lot more than that for their location change and hardware upgrades?
  12. I'm interested in the reasons behind one wanting to delete their CPID?
  13. @Enzo CaricoTri, why did you redact your CPID? Isn't it fine for it to be seen as it is a public ID?
  14. @erkan Thanks for the update on the poll. What are the implications of this move and how was the GRC "burnt"?
  15. @C.M Yet another user saying that the purple is hard to read.