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  1. I'm a week in the gridcoin business and joined grcpool and have the impression that it's being done highly professionally. I have no experience with the other pool. For example you can set the amount for payout, which they already have done. ;) You can als review your hosts that are running boinc with each their statistics like rac and magnitude etc and select the projects you want to work on. Like for example my phone is doing 0.25 mag and still rising hah :D For some reason it's fun to ask relatives if they have old retired android phones lying around to install boinc and link them to the pool. I'm glad it exists, contrary to solo mining you see quick results and rewards, beside the noble science contributions ofcourse :)
  2. Nevermind everything I said here. I looked in on it myself and joined a pool with pc and smartphone to start the coining alongside boinc.
  3. Nevermind my previous message, I did further research on this and joined a pool since it bothered me begging for hand outs. I'll switch back to solo in the future when i'm in a better position because i like my own contribution stats. Thanks anyway!
  4. Hi there, Like I said in another part of the forum here, i'm also an older boincer but new to this, I normally frown upon cryptocurrency because of the waste of energy making it and some undesirables involved using it. But if this is as it's advertised, then why not? If this makes people commited, well all the power to them. I only got 0,7 from faucets but one is dry now. I also understand now you need 1 and a small amount to fire a beacon, so if anyone wants to help out: SA8qc5RerKfU9YGCTySYLcuCQADyCtVM1f Thanks!
  5. Hello there, I've been doing boinc since a long time as a screensaver, 11 years on and off now i guess and in the last years also on smartphone and almost got around 2 years of runtime. My favorite projects are mostly WCG and recently CSG, and some asteroids and seti too, I generally love cancer and clean power/water projects. Then gridcoin came to my attention and I saw that, in my opinion, there is a cryptocurrency actually worth standing behind after all without the extreme negative impact on the climate, resources and sometimes obscure criminal dealings you hear in the news and if there is a way to be more motivated to let it crunch than just some altruism and ideals.. well why not :) However I got some questions after doing some research of my own; -after syncing the wallet for a very long time and let boinc do it's thing as usual, it says invalid cpid, is this because of that beacon you have to send? also i have been scrounging up some decimals worth of gridcoin but one of the faucets seems to be dry now. -Is work being completed on android smartphones being rewarded? -Running the diagnostic it says my clock is off by like 25 million minutes (hah wow), although my pc is being managed automatically by the time servers, als an outbound TCP connection failed; is this a problem? I've seen on the forum that people aren't afraid of asking for a kickstart so if someone is feeling exceptionally generous: SA8qc5RerKfU9YGCTySYLcuCQADyCtVM1f Anyway thanks for the read and extra thanks if someone of you could verify the problems i'm having! edited for some spelling mistakes

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