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  1. Fixed! : https://twitter.com/grcpool/status/895282714852679681
  2. Thanks for your GRC donation! ...But you misspelled my username: The 2 Ts are between the A and the O 😝
  3. Unable to attach Rosetta on grcpool n°2 => Missing authenticator Hi everyone. I don't know if it is an known issue but it seems lately Rosetta@home cannot be attach to host if using grcpool.com-2. The project status indicates a red n°2 but without a popup so no indication of the issue: And when adding Rosetta on one of my hosts thru the gcpool account manager and syncing, I've got the mesage "Account manager reply missing authenticator for http://boinc.bakerlab.org/rosetta/": The project is not listed when doing a "get_simple_gui_info" and no tasks are received Any help is appreciated. Emmanuel.
  4. New to Gridcoin but an BOINC oldtimer... As everyone I need coins ;-) SKSbj3f5ojNTfdRU5CpWzAACHQJuNhwnxV

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