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  1. A new pool is started and is in the very very ugly frontend stage. It is not on a tesnet so payouts are real. It's a "proportional" mining pool, not pplnt or pplns. So what percentage you mine is yours minus 0.9% fee. Sorry, but bandwidth costs money too. And...90 cents per hundred dollars, you won't even feel it. The will be some incentives created to bring the fee down even further but it is not at that point yet. website: http://www.gigapool.ca:8080 yes, 8080, but it's very very temporary. Zcash: --server www.gigapool.ca --port 13032 or stratum+tcp://www.gigapool.ca:13032 Visit The Home Page for more coin offerings. Will adding more: equihash, scrypt, lyra2RE2 (2V2), lyra2z, ethash, ethash2gb
  2. Hi. Just a few days into Gridcoin and in grcpool-2. It's been interesting so far and I see no end to it. Would appreciate a boost to help me towards going solo, send a beacon and start staking. GRC address: SFgwEkBsfnWsp3ZoyF8CRcvr9tGbFex8gT Cheers, Nick

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