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  1. 🚀 ADCOIN CLICK 2.0 IS NOW LIVE! 🚀After weeks of hard work we released our new advertising platform!💪🤟 Join us today! https://www.adcoin.click/
  2. On May 1st AdCoin has released their brand-new advertising platform: AdCoin.Click. After already releasing Wordpress, Woocommerce and Drupal integrations this platform is AdCoin’s first BIG step to reinvent advertising. The AdCoin team managed to build the unique platform within just 2 months and it is already packed with AMAZING USP’s! FOR ADVERTISERS: 5-minute launch Benefit form fast payments with almost ZERO-fee on the advertising platform that welcomes cryptocurrency advertising! A-Tier publishers Promote your ICO or roadmap at hyper targeted websites. We DON’T do spammy traffic that doesn’t convert into direct business. All advertising spaces are manually checked by AdCoin.Click staff. Instant crypto audience Create awareness for your next ‘big thing’. We know how to get crypto enthusiasts to LOVE your project. Precise targeting 80% of your ad spend is a WASTE of money. Spread your budget across the best converting websites and maximize your results so you can CUT the 80%! FOR PUBLISHERS: Show relevant ads Show relevant ads to your visitors and be part of a high-quality publisher network. AdCoin.click focusses on your niche and there are different categories within the cryptocurrency and blockchain space to make sure both the advertiser and publisher reach the full potential of the ad-space. No competitive restrictions The publisher is free to add AdCoin.click ads next to other advertising networks spaces. Choose between a wide variety of sizes to create an extra space for AdCoin.Click ads. Passive & automated income AdCoin.Click offers a great CPM (you can set your own minimum!) and the setup only requires a couple of minutes. AdCoin pay-out Get direct pay outs to your AdCoin wallet without transactional costs. Enjoy the fast transactions and ZERO FEE micro-transaction withdrawals. Convert your AdCoin for other cryptocurrencies or hold your AdCoin to benefit from its upward potential! CUSTOMER FIRST: User friendly platform and personal support We build our platform so that it’s user friendly and easy for every user! Also, every platform user will get a personal account manager that can help you when you have problems or questions. They are almost 24/7 AVAILABLE and with a personal phone number you can call them whenever you want In short, our platform is THE SOLUTION for the advertising market and now it’s possible to advertise your projects or make money with your site through ADCOIN.CLICK. Join us now at: https://www.adcoin.click More information? For more information about AdCoin or AdCoin.click please have a look at our site: www.getadcoin.com or join our telegram group: https://t.me/adcoinacc and ask for an admin!
  3. Today we are thoroughly testing the alpha version of the AdCoin WooCommerce Plugin (for AdCoin payment integration within existing WooCommerce webshops)! We aim to release it in March.
  4. For more updates please follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/getadcoin For in depth discussions please join our Telegram channel: https://t.me/adcoinacc Of course we will try to keep this topic up to date as well.
  5. Our API is now public! So feel free to test and integrate Adcoin. Documentation: https://www.getadcoin.com/api/
  6. With the hardfork successfully implemented we have moved on to the development of AdCoin tools and integrations. While writing this update our developers are working hard on creating some really cool applications and integrations. Advanced Web Wallet We have previously presented our community with the web wallet, but so far we haven’t communicated about it a lot. That is going to change! Not only do we keep improving the web wallet, it is also the backbone of all AdCoin development projects. Paying with AdCoin is as easy as logging in with your account and pressing the confirmation button. No need to copy and paste wallet address or any other technical stuff. This feature is available for everyone who uses our web wallet (https://wallet.getadcoin.com/) and any company that integrates with our API. Our web wallet key features Receive and send AdCoin Order AdCoin through fiat currency Pay with your GetAdCoin account Payment gateway We are realllyyy excited about presenting our own payment gateway and we are almost there. While we had to option to partner with other companies, we felt we should integrate it with the payment and ordering system to make sure the process is as smooth as it can get. While we are working on creating the first demo’s and user cases, we have a sneak peek video of our ‘success’. Payments are almost instantly recognized and confirmed after 6 blocks. More documentation and working demo’s will be presented within a week. https://www.getadcoin.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/payment-success-adcoin.mp4?_=1 API We have a fully functional API which can both be used for wallet purposes (getting addresses, balances, orders etc) or to use the payment gateway. The API key can be requested through the web wallet (in the top-right menu). We are working on finalizing the API documentation and a public php wrapper. The formal presentation of the API will be upcoming Friday (February 23rd). Real application & partnerships Everyone is eager to see AdCoin in action, and we are extremely close to presenting the first cases. We are working around to clock to talk with (potential) partners. Meanwhile we continue to make AdCoin easier to integrate than any other cryptocurrency by developing a wide range of APIs and plugins to easily adopt AdCoin (think CMS and E-commerce integrations). We invite interested parties to contact us through [email protected] Early adopters will receive our full support and we have interesting bounties in place to take create a win-win situation!
  7. Hard Fork planning We have been carefully planning the hard fork for a while now. We will be running simulations by the end of December (one or two weeks) and the official rollout will be around January 31st. There are a lot of questions already, but everything will be explained once the code is officially released. Please don’t worry over your current AdCoin holdings, they will stay with you no matter what. We have also hired additional help to make sure we are properly staffed when the rollout takes place. Order process Perhaps some of you already noticed: the order process is now fully integrated in the web wallet. This means that you can place an order from inside the wallet, but also that all new orders will automatically be matched to wallet address. The new system also provides different account levels. When you want to order AdCoin above a certain limit, additional information is required. With this in place we are able to get more payment options, which we need for international expansion. This is a huge step forward! Perhaps this sounds boring, but the integration enables the following: Advertisers making multiple (documented!) purchases through a (corporate) web wallet API integration for advertisers, advertising agencies and publisher A lot less ‘hassle’ for new AdCoin purchases A relief on the support team Possibility to expand to other countries Growth While the first advertising partnerships are not scheduled until after the hard fork (the time between blocks is crucial), we are growing on other parts of the project. To keep it short and sweet: Expanding the team as per January & February (still looking for Dutch interns as well!) Moving to a bigger office in January 2018 Launching marketing in Germany as soon as possible (any help is appreciated!) Possible new collaboration with an exchange platform (listing & marketing)! Exploring possibilities to translate & expand to Brasil Official AdCoin promo video production starts this week Re-doing the AdCoin website to support multi-language and adding a lot more content! (planned to launch in January) While we refrain from price predictions we are expecting an increase in volume when we actively pursue the German market. This would also help to convince advertising platforms to adopt AdCoin for their publishers!
  8. WE'VE RELEASED THE ADCOIN WHITEPAPER! CHECK IT OUT: https://www.getadcoin.com/assets/Whitepaper_AdCoin.pdf
  9. ADCOIN WEBSITE · FACEBOOK · TWITTER · SLACK · GITHUB · TELEGRAM · MINING POOL · EXPLORER Official announcement Due to strong demand we started an ICO and it seems like the right time to get this great community involved into further distributing our reach! We want as many people involved in our bounty campaign program, so we offer a lot of different ways to be part of it! Currently AdCoin is being sold through our ICO at USD 0.25 / 1 ACC. We are giving away 200,000 AdCoins – which is the equivalent of $ 50,000. We project AdCoin to be on a USD 1 / 1 ACC by the end of the year due to the underlying value of exchanging your AdCoin for views, clicks or leads. Please register on our website so we can track your bounty efforts: REGISTER HERE! You can submit more information (blog posts etc) at any given time, but please use the same account at all times. After this is done you can start participating in one or multiple bounty programs! • Twitter - 20% • Facebook - 10% • Blog – Youtube - Steem.it - 20% • Media - 25% • BONUS - >> 30.000ACC << Get us listed! SIGNUP FOR THE BOUNTY PROGRAM The AdCoins are issued for each category separately. In addition we will hand out a bonus to get us listed on the biggest exchanges. You can earn the bounty stakes until the ICO ends, which is on August 21th. Twitter 20% of the Bounty AdCoins are reserved for this category. Be sure to submit your Twitter username on your bounty page. Twitter page: https://twitter.com/getadcoin Twitter username: @getadcoin Following: Follow our official Twitter channel and earn 15 stakes, and for every tweet you like you earn 2 additional stakes. Retweeting: Retweet news marked with #adcoin or #reinventingadvertising from our official account and don’t delete them until the ICO ends. You are only allowed to retweet posts marked with #adcoin every 4 days. For every 10 followers you have, a retweet will earn you 0.01 stakes. The number of followers is capped at 100.000, meaning that the maximum amount of stakes receivable from a retweet is 100. Mentions: Create your own tweets and mention AdCoin with @getadcoin and use the hashtags #adcoin #reinventingadvertising. You are only allowed to tweet (unique) once a day. For every 10 followers you have, a post will earn you 0.01 stakes. The number of followers is capped at 100.000, meaning that the maximum amount of stakes receivable from a retweet is 100. Facebook 10% of the Bounty AdCoins are reserved for this category. Be sure to submit your Facebook Profile URL on your bounty page. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/getadcoin/ Facebook username: @getadcoin Following: Follow our official AdCoin Facebook page and earn 15 stakes, and for every post from us you like you earn 2 additional stakes. Reposting: Share / repost news marked with #adcoin or #reinventingadvertising from our official account and don’t delete them until the ICO ends. You are only allowed to repost posts marked with #adcoin every 4 days. For every 10 friends you have, a repost will earn you 0.01 stakes. The number of friends is capped at 100.000, meaning that the maximum amount of stakes receivable from a retweet is 100. Tagging: Have something to share about AdCoin? Tag our official account (@getadcoin) in your post and don’t delete the post until the ICO ends. You are only allowed to repost posts marked with #adcoin every 4 days. For every 10 followers you have, a retweet will earn you 0.01 stakes. The number of followers is capped at 100.000, meaning that the maximum amount of stakes receivable from a retweet is 100. Please note you have to send the update publicly if you want to earn the stakes (not friends only, because we cannot monitor this)! Blog, Youtube and Steem.it 20% of the Bounty AdCoins are reserved for this category. Submit the URL of your post on your bounty page Write an article about AdCoin on your blog or on Steem.it and you will receive stakes depending on the size of the article and the number of readers. Every submission will be rated individually, but you can use the following list as a reference: • Size <200 words: 25 Stakes <500 words: 50 stakes >500 words: minimum 50 Stakes • Popularity Less than 500 visitors per month: +10 stakes Less than 5000 visitors per month: +20 Stakes For more than 5000 visitors per month we will decide from case to case You can also create a video of our project and release it on your YouTube channel. For determining the number of stakes earned for videos on YouTube, we will look at the size of your channel. Conditions: • Don’t spam! • The language is not important. • At least one link to our main website (https://www.getadcoin.com/) must be included. • Posts on social media platforms may be rated lower, depending on your follower count. Please submit your link to your article/video through your bounty page. Media 25% of the Bounty AdCoins are reserved for this category. Submit the URL of the media you submitted on your bounty page. If an article about our project is released on the website of a big media outlet due to your efforts, you will earn up to 500 stakes or even more. We will rate every article separately and will decide on the amount of stakes earned depending on the reach of the media outlet. You can participate by submitting a link to the article through our form on your bounty page. If you want an estimation of the stakes received prior to posting the article, you can send us your article and the name of the media outlet via e-mail and we will be happy to discuss the matter with you. Other You can earn an additional 1 stakes per post by changing your avatar and setting your personal text to “AdCoin is Reinventing Advertising” You can find all available signatures at the bottom of this post. Avatar: URL: https://www.getadcoin.com/assets/img/adicon_avatar.png Conditions: • No spamming! (spamming will be punished), to make it simple keep your post on topic and don't make double posts • Only meaningful questions count • Keep the signature till the end of the campaign • No minimum posts per week BONUS – Get us listed! AdCoin is under review for the major exchanges, but the person who can speed up the progress and get us listed on Poloniex or Bittrex will instantly get 30,000 ACC (worth $7.500). Contact us through e-mail or Telegram to apply for this bonus. SIGNUP FOR THE BOUNTY PROGRAM Contact Contact us through Telegram, Slack, Social Media OR E-mail us at [email protected]
  10. Announcement: Within a few months Adcoin will fully support SegWit and Lightning which will make AdCoin ready for the future.
  11. [ANN][ACC] AdCoin - Digital Advertising Currency NEW COIN: AdCoin (ACC) ADCOIN WEBSITE · FACEBOOK · TWITTER · SLACK · GITHUB · TELEGRAM · MINING POOL · EXPLORER What is AdCoin? Advertising in regular currency is cost intensive and publishers are just getting paid a few pennies a click. By introducing AdCoin cryptocurrency both parties can profit and save costs at the same time using AdCoin's potential. Giving real value to the online marketing world AdCoin is primarly founded by people with economic and finance backgrounds. We create value with AdCoin by partnering up with advertising platforms, which will represent a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-mille (CPM) value based on the current AdCoin value. Pre-mine: different from others! We pre-mined 70 percent of the total market cap of 100 million AdCoins. Sixty percent of the pre-mined coins will be distributed to AdCoin advertising partners, which will represent a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-mille (CPM) value based on the current AdCoin value. The other 10% is distributed in 4 equal sized wallets and will be used to further develop and market AdCoin as a currency. All wallets containing pre-mined coins will be posted for full transparency. Crypto Info Algorithm Scrypt Type PoW RPC port 19500 P2P port 19499 Block reward 25 coins Block halving 600000 blocks Total coin supply 100000000 coins Coinbase maturityt 20 blocks Target spacing 5 minutes Target timespan 10 minutes Transaction confirmations 6 blocks Seednodes node1.getadcoin.com & node2.getadcoin.com Wallets Windows wallet: https://www.getadcoin.com/downloads/adcoin-qt-windows.zip Linux wallet: https://www.getadcoin.com/downloads/adcoin-qt-linux.tar.gz Pools We are currently supported by the following pools: AdCoin http://stratum.getadcoin.com/ "-o stratum+tcp://stratum.getadcoin.com:3256 -u <wallet> -p x" 0% pool fee, payout every 30 minutes with no coin minimum for payout after block is confirmed (6 blocks) OnePool https://onepool.online/getting_started "-o stratum+tcp://pool.onepool.online:5555 -u <wallet> -p x" 1% pool fee, payout every 10 minutes with 1 coin minimum for payout after block is confirmed Explorer http://explorer.getadcoin.com:5000/ Exchanges We are currently listed on the following exchange(s): CoinsMarkets https://coinsmarkets.com/trade-BTC-ACC.htm Social Twitter https://twitter.com/getadcoin Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AdCoin-452968325073333/ Roadmap March 10, 2017 Started development. April 1, 2017 First meetings with interested parties (advertisement agencies). July 1, 2017 Completed setting up infrastructure. July 5, 2017 Pre-mined and launch. July 14, 2017 Introducing AdCoin the public and sending applications to trading and exchange platforms. July, 2017 Blockchain Explorer available. August 1, 2017 First collaboration with advertising platform. October, 2017 Launching mobile wallets. > October, 2017 To be determined. Contact Contact us through slack: https://getadcoin.slack.com/ Or email us at [email protected] PRESSRELEASE_2172017.pdf

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