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  1. Here are the three reasons why Bitcoin will make a big comeback in the Quarter 2 of 2018! US Tax Season’s Nearly Over April 15 marks the end of tax season in the United States, and it’s just around the corner. Investors who profited from bitcoin’s massive rally in December are having to come up with the money to pay Uncle Sam now, which could explain a percentage of the selling pressure in the bitcoin price in March. Coincheck Deal in Sight As CCN previously reported, Japan’s Coincheck may be on the block. Not only is it for sale but the potential buyer, online brokerage Monex Group, is the parent company of US-based TradeStation (with massive data and charting capabilities) and is publicly traded. The force of Bitcoin is still strong, and it will prove the nonbelievers wrong. Do you agree? Source: https://www.ccn.com/3-reasons-why-the-bitcoin-price-will-rebound-in-q2/
  2. Applications of exchange sites An exchange is considered as a marketplace. This network offers securities, commodities, and other financial instruments. When it comes to the Ethereum exchange channels, these are the sites you use to get your own Ether coins. Also remember that different exchanges offer different functions. It pays to take a closer look at each exchange before buying Ether.
  3. The coming of Ethereum network has been one of the most significant developments in the cryptocurrency scene. It also launched new developments in the blockchain technology. Ethereum and Ethereum mining produced great opportunities to earn together with its payment convenience.
  4. Yeah, companies might have interesting ways on how they incorporate bitcoin in their business but some of them work according to region. The things you can pay with bitcoin gives you something to be excited about, it may not be today but I am sure that Microsoft on your region is going to accept bitcoin payments soon. https://www.coinchoose.com/coins/satoshi/mining/
  5. That is true, it is both promising and interesting but I am afraid that we still have a lot to learn about it in order to be a success. We can always start now and just improve on what we have. The future of all the cryptocurrencies sure looks bright.
  6. If we think about it, it is safe to say that cryptocurrencies from the beginning all have equal chances of being the “most valuable” one. They may all resemble patterns on how they start, increase price and so on. Bitcoin Cash has a value of $300++ apiece as of today, do you think that there is a possibility that it would be worth more than the original Bitcoin? What do you think? https://www.coinchoose.com/exchanges/
  7. You now have so many options on how you can get bitcoins and other crypto currencies fast but it would be better if sometimes you won’t really have to spend cash for it. Coin Choose would be your guide to the best crypto mining sites to help you collect more crypto currencies in no time.
  8. That is right, the price could fluctuate to as low as $2000 or less but now, it got over the $5000 mark, and this could be the start of something good for bitcoin. On the other hand, I agree that you should only invest on how much you are prepared to lose and you can invest in them again when your first trial is successful.
  9. Yes, that’s correct but I doubt it that many would want to spend time learning it. Investing is one thing but for you to operate it on your own could be a lot of work. It is still up to you, if you have time to learn, then please do so but if you have the money to pay for it in order to get the job done, no one is stopping you.
  10. Investing in bitcoins could come with a lot of advantages and at the same time disadvantages. You first have to have enough of it to engage in activities that could generate more of the same currency. A good tip for everyone, beginner or expert is to only invest how much you are prepared to lose. Its prices could go in different directions but let’s say you have more than enough of what you need, would you venture into businesses or just store them?
  11. Litecoin  Exchange is one of the cryptocurrencies that is doing so well in present times. You would be able to collect them through mining and faucet sites but don’t discard the fact that you can also purchase them in exchange sites. Make sure that you are getting your money’s worth in buying Litecoins by going to Coin Choose.
  12. Yes it is true that bitcoin does not have a speaker to deal with those who want to take it down. You could look at it as a steady investment but external factors are shaking it up. It went through a lot first is the fork, then China’s ban on ICOs and lastly, JPMorgan CEO calling it a fraud. Many had doubts affecting and reducing its price per unit but it’s been stable and now recovering. The message is clear; actions speak louder than words.
  13. It would be nice to have a certification that you could work on block chains but there are not a lot who offer them. I have to agree that technology, including the block chain itself is constantly changing and so the best way for you to know more about it is through practical first-hand experience.
  14. Fidelity Investments is one of the world’s largest investment firms. They are looking into the crypto currencies. It seems like they see on how they could work around with them. It would actually be a gain for them if they wish to incorporate them into their business. Do you think that other investment companies would follow these steps? https://techcrunch.com/2017/09/28/fidelity-ceo-abigail-johnson-says-the-company-is-mining-cryptocurrencies/

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