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  1. The insane future of the blockchain Get ready for the future While most people are going insane about the SegWit2x and the possible fall of Bitcoin, we are going insane about the Insane Platform (INSN). But why you ask? Well although Insane is based on the code to run the Bitcoin network, they made it completely their own. Making the INSN platform truly unique and very interesting! First let me throw some of the technical specs at you: A total supply of 18.4M and a hard cap of 30M. The chain uses adaptive blocksizes making the chain lighter when flooded by usage. The chain is protected by a velocity blockchain security system. The master nodes allow you to earn a 6% APR simplified interest scheme. You can earn a share of darksend (anonymous transactions) sending fees. You will be able to initiate instant transactions through the master node system. The block rewards will be one coin per block, plus a 8% chance of finding an "insane block" that will reward you with two insane coins. Secure messages can be sent across the Insane blockchain Node sharing pool; good master node rates without the need of the full amount of coins needed for the node What makes this tech truly insane is that the INSN platform is a platform that can do a lot! This includes the obvious and current use of financial transfers as well as, messaging, marketplaces, content distribution, biometric services, data checking, logistical tracking and more. However, Insane is not just limited to advancements in features and coding, insane will be entering into the physical world with the future opening of an insane space. A place for the future to happen, a place to meet, build or just relax in an environment designed to promote forward thinking and get those creative juices flowing. If there is one thing that bothers me about new tech it is overexcited, unachievable, unrealistic roadmaps. It makes me happy to see that the Insane roadmap is solid and shows clear signs of a bright future ahead while maintaining realistic goals. Top 3 things I like personally about Insane: Shared master node pool Unique valuable features and future plans A strong, commited, supporting community and development team For those interested please check the webiste for more information: Official site: https://insanecoin.com Join our community on Slack: Slack community: https://insaneslack.herokuapp.com/ For those looking for Insane exchanges: Livecoin, NovaExchange, Cryptopia, CoinExchange, POSWallet Exchange, CryptoDAO!

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