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  1. Yes, I think this would work. I was part of a project planning a similar approach, but that was pre the current ico era. We were looking at simple forward selling of physical gold, done in a more traditional crowdfunding environment. I think the webcam access is great, droneflyovers etc. also to give transparency to the production. With a detailed and transparent enough project plan, the whole thing can run as a DAO, but I don't think it has to. The funds administration could be just organised as a third party service. Are you looking at anchoring the value of the tokens to the underlying physical asset you are mining with a discount, or the revenues of the mining company? The former would also create a nice alternative price discovery mechanism for the underlying asset, as the tokens for the future production would be traded as altcoins against btc, eth etc liquid cryptos. Sounds like a good project. Which country is the production happening?

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