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  1. I got a H81 in my country for about $74, but the prices are rising now
  2. H61 and H81 were depleted in my country, but now I have one and everything is ok
  3. I am building my first mining machine, the GPUs are 3 x 280x. My choice for CPU is Celeron G1820, so I am looking for a LGA 1150 socket motherboard. There is a choice of different motherboards, I can't figure out which one is best suited for my needs. Is GA-B85M-D3V, ASROCK B85M or ASROCK B85M PRO4 OK for my setup or it is better to look for something more expensive? My second question is about PCI risers. Should I use powered risers for 3 GPU setup or normal are ok?
  4. A2wzU9LDcdGojdMrFnZCXDbMwE9cNX7C3F
  5. username: blacksnoopy PC3LreowvaR4zFaWZqoY6aBQ1U7eydmJ4Q
  6. 25GgeNNFTUxjw1957AdKMMAr6PFA8xSSbH
  7. ExdtiQz15T7rzMEiSfUAgL1kJpHFZWAW7h
  8. eG4vr6JqQgUrA5uMf3yZMfBU3m4hz2NS8W
  9. I am still with Litecoin. I don't have much time to spend on new cryptocoins
  10. PGyaCfiUDhPY2MqGa7ZiFUuzpd9g1D2igU
  11. This year virool is showing several times less videos
  12. This is the only Miley song I like http://youtu.be/wOwblaKmyVw

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