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  1. Thank you for sending some BDL my way from the mining pool bug, I have received it.
  2. Sending a BDL transaction so I can trade on an exchange hasn't been confirmed in over 96 hours. I have tried using "Urgent" mode and "Economy" to no avail. In addition, the SG pool has not confirmed a block in over 72 hours. Despite this there has been no feedback from the devs or pool operator. If for example I have 10,000 of this coin, but I can't send it to an exchange, and I don't get further payments because the blocks that were mined on the pool are not being confirmed in over 72 hours, what use is the coin to me? I can't spend it or trade it. Maybe its something with my wallet, or my pc .. But with no dev support I will never know. I can't trust to mine or interact with a coin that I don't know if its functioning properly or not, since mining a coin I can't spend is a waste of mining power. It's unfortunate because I initially really liked the wallet and was looking forward to see BDL grow but it seems I will just have take a back seat and focus elsewhere.
  3. I stopped mining around 6 hours ago since over 60 blocks were mined and pending but not a single one of them was confirmed. I was mining on port 3032, but I'm not using an ASIC just a few GPUs.
  4. Hi, what's going on with this pool: http://sg.bitdeal.co.in ? The number of confirmed blocks hasn't changed in almost 24 hours! There also seems to be a very long delay in transaction confirmations.

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