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  2. :) keep helping each other
  3. Thank you :-)
  4. Waves add: 3PGC3cZ6Vj8xbB63P5K6dEGyMQQRiJYcsKz
  5. So finally I also try-ied thank you in advance. My address Tgf935nEEU7FFqoStUCNcqUieuchzum3R7
  6. Thank you to update us. Normally all the cryptocurrencies have vision to get used by all. why this one has US only.. thank you :)
  7. Hi There, Please close the giveaway in website too if it was over
  8. Great to know that :) my wave address is 3PGC3cZ6Vj8xbB63P5K6dEGyMQQRiJYcsKz Many Thanks in Advance
  9. Thank you in advance.. My wallet is 3PGC3cZ6Vj8xbB63P5K6dEGyMQQRiJYcsKz
  10. i have done all and sent the mail to you........ Thank you
  11. How to make ltc here.. I used your link however not got any