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  1. There might a lot of ways to express disapproval for bitcoins and some people do it with style and convincing points. Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio calls bitcoin a bubble. He is basically saying that could be as high as it can be but it would soon burst into the thin air. He expressed his thoughts few days after JPMorgan CEO calls it a fraud.
  2. Having bitcoins could give you so much money in an instant. They are very expensive crypto currency per piece but did you know that you can get them while having fun. The bitcoin dice with faucet sites could give it all to you at once. Get to know more about them by visiting Best Bitcoin Dice.
  3. People always develop an interest on what they see on the television; either they love it or they don’t. Bitcoin has been invading businesses in a good way by making all of the payments instant. Filmmaking industries are now looking into paying their talents with bitcoin currency and fans could also get them in pay-per-view with bitcoin payments. What do you think? Would the talents be taking salary in bitcoins? More importantly, would you pay for your movies with bitcoins?
  4. Many governments are doing the best they can to legalize bitcoins but a Finnish economist reiterated that bitcoins could not be controlled. It might be a warning that governments might just get the worse deal in the negotiations on making it legal. Did China think about it all in advanced?
  5. JPMorgan CEO Jamie DImon has spoken about how bitcoin is a fraud and an investment that would not end well but we might have judged too soon; maybe he was not referring to the real Bitcoin currency but rather to other crypto currencies that are very shady. Did he just get lost in the terms?
  6. Bitcoin has an unstable nature because its prices can change in an instant without a warning. It has a lot of value and with that; governments are trying to regulate its use. The Swiss municipality of Chiasso is going to allow their residents pay taxes using bitcoins. What do you think about it? Do you think other countries would follow?
  7. Playing bitcoin dice is easy and that is why you should be winning great prizes right away. There are many dice games with easy to learn rules but where should you play them? Best Bitcoin Dice has all the answers that you need to maximize your bitcoin dice gaming experience.
  8. Whenever there are conflicting parties, just like in elections, the party who did not get what they want would always suspect that the other have cheated their way to the top. It would be nice to settle this type of issue with the Block Chain along with its transparency features. It may cost a lot but this a great investment.
  9. Just like what everybody else is encouraging you to do, I say you should go with Bitcoin Cash because of value. It is making a lot of developments since it ever came into existence. If you think of it, this is faster than any other currencies that have just started.
  10. This is a very good insight; any crypto currency could crash at any given point in time. For bitcoins, with its current value, there might be some setbacks in value but it would not crash that easy. The price fluctuations might alarm some the individuals who have them but with the price increase it experienced in the earlier months of this year, it seems that bitcoin is here to stay.
  11. If you think that it is always the bitcoins who get the spot light, think again, now you can play dice games in online casinos with ethereum! This is a good start and just so you know, is a place where there are a lot of dice games actions.
  12. This is very nice of you; you do take in a variety of crypto currencies as payment for your services. Your games are quite fun to especially when players can compete against one another. I cannot even get enough of your built-in exchange. The value is up to date, great job, keep it up!
  13. Getting bitcoins through the binary option comes along with so many risks, the one minute you can have it all and then be gone the next minute. You have so many ways to get bitcoins but if you want them big and quick, here you go! No one is stopping you; you just have to learn when to stop and keep enough so that you can say that you “saved”.
  14. Dice games are fun because just roll your dice and there you are! If you want to make sure that roll results are always random, bitcoin dice game would be nice. There are so many dice game titles you can enjoy from different casinos and you can play as long as you want for great prizes. It all begins by visiting the Best Bitcoin Dice.
  15. Here's what's behind bitcoin's rapid growth The bitcoin is now close to its limit of 21 million and with 16 million of them out there, you can say that people want to get their hands on them more often than usual. Bitcoin has also been split into two; Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash. The one has lower value than the other but what do you think would happen next if the bitcoin currency reached its limit?