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  1. Great idea! I'm gonna give it a try and use my gains to play bitcoin dice. Check this one too!
  2. There might not be a single spokesperson for the currency but bitcoin is doing well on its own. Bitcoin has experienced price shake up last month but now, it is over $4500 per piece. Bitcoin critics can say anything that they want but the numbers would always get back at them.
  3. This is very informative, thank you for sharing. It might be one of those ICOs that sounds too good to be true but they could be a legit project; it could have been that the CEO did not do so well in explaining his side but if something else suspicious about it occurs, please keep everybody informed.
  4. That is true but sometimes what people want is fast money and I’m afraid that people would prefer that over waiting. What many don’t understand is that they should wait. If an ICO sounds too good to begin with, you must investigate, this may take time but this is one way for you to make sure that it is legit.
  5. Bitcoin mining could take a long time before you feel its effects and that is why there are alternative ways for you to get them. One of them is through the bitcoin dice faucet sites. It works like any other faucet sites that has time limit when you are to receive your reward but it also has dice game at the side while waiting. Go to Best Bitcoin Dice and discover this fun way of earning bitcoins!
  6. If you think about it, those who invest in bitcoins are most likely not afraid of anyone in position; it does not matter because bitcoin is decentralized, investors know that they would always be in control. Bitcoin is so secretive that only the users know what they get with it. Russia’s Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said, “There is no sense in banning them, there is a need to regulate them.” Would their regulation be effective? Source: https://gizmodo.com/not-even-putin-can-scare-bitcoin-investors-1819331436
  7. Enjoying the best bitcoin dice game is easy to access on your mobile phone. You can get the casino brand apps for FREE and that is where it begins. If you want to play the game with a lot of bonuses, visiting Best Bitcoin Dice would be the move you would do.
  8. You have a good point, Bitcoin Core is expensive and Bitcoin Cash is still affordable but why wait if you can get the money right now. If you work hard enough, you can always collect Satoshis and turn them into a unit of Bitcoin Core. That might take time but it is very rewarding.
  9. This might sound exciting but it is still too early to decide whether or not this would effective. The idea is sure to first go through many doubts and revisions before it becomes successful. The big companies that they are targeting might even come up with their own instead of working with another. :)
  10. That is a very good way to do it. But genuine ICOs should sound good to attract people and when fraud ICOs sound as good as the legit, it is hard to identify what is good and what is bad. I wonder how many faulty ICOs are still out there.
  11. Bitcoin has faced many problems and issues but it always comes back. It is a decentralized currency that many choose as an alternative currency to get what they want. Business owners have mixed reactions towards bitcoins but for those who refuse to work with them seem to like shot themselves on the foot. Are we going to see an increase in trade activities of those companies that are working with bitcoins any time soon? https://www.forbes.com/sites/naeemaslam/2017/10/03/goldman-sachs-bitcoin-desk-would-attract-mega-funds/#497d0b613fa1
  12. You can play dice games for FREE on online casinos. There would be no payments involved but because it is so, there would be no prizes. Why play for free when you can win great prizes if there are cash involved. Get bonuses and make sure to play only the best bitcoin dice site games by visiting Best Bitcoin Dice.
  13. The most possible of the all the scenarios is that bitcoin miners from China would then move not so far away from the mainland. It could be any of the surrounding countries but they would most likely choose to be where there is a relatively low cost of electricity. China may have banned it for now but do you think that those who want bitcoins in China would give up that easy? Maybe the government would change its mind soon. http://www.investopedia.com/-/what-happens-if-china-bans-bitcoin-mining-3-scenarios/
  14. This is amazing, more and more ways on how to use bitcoins and the block chain technology for good. The language barrier could now be the problem of the past with LangPie; people can now relay their messages to great number of people on their native language. What is the next project for bitcoin and block chain that would make our lives easier than before?
  15. This is a nice way to put it but it could have been better. They should explain the security concerns might come up with bitcoin transactions. The real estates might end receiving “stolen” bitcoins from “anonymous source”. But when it comes to purchase of properties with bitcoins, if it works, why stop now? Read: http://www.newsbtc.com/2017/09/26/bitcoin-mansion-moscow/

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