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  1. I don't care about your ico ,after you stole our coins from your pool i don't mine your shit coin.Give us our coins back 168 blocks you stole from us scammer !
  2. You think that we are idiots there is nothing to inspect you hold our coins it takes 1 min to send us coins.You an scammer and manipulate the whole market with your 216 mil premine https://explorer.bitdeal.co.in/block/6b18b2be11f5e8890cfd2f503d2acb36cf37e6b43d4250654d50491cc9e383e7
  3. I had something like that you must wait from 3 to 5 days for coins to come back to your wallet.
  4. All on your site is ok , dev did this on purpose.He not really want us to mine his coin.At this moment he stole our coins - good PR dev !
  5. And you did nothing ,ouu no you did something stoped paying miners.Release our coins from pool ,we all know that you doing that on purpose.
  6. Dev please do some action we want our coins ,that's not normal to wait so long.
  7. You don't mined enough in private pool. And i have question for you where did you found out about this coin ?
  8. Hi i have unconfirmed tx since 48h 0 confirmations and i send with the highest fee.What to do now ? And set higher diff for your pool http://sg.bitdeal.co.in 2048 is to low ,make it 8k 16k and 32 k.It's hard to connect with that diff.

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