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  1. 500 paid to each, and so ends the giveaway. Thanks to all who participated.
  2. Bounty sent, thanks for the support.
  3. 500 Sent - 11 left.
  4. Sorry you only joined 22 minutes ago. Not on exchanges yet, hopefully soon. Will update on twitter and FB when it hits exchanges.
  5. Where did you find out about this post? If you give the correct answer you get the 500?
  6. You are welcome. 12 left
  7. Yeah but it will cost you another twitter post :-p Salamat sa post ka BCTpoh, sending na 13 left
  8. 500 Sent Yes i know you are in, you are the same person as above lol. You both have near the same name and joined on the same day......nice try though. My name is Billy not Silly. LOL 14 Left
  9. That address is incorrect - Have also changed it to users who joined before today. 500 Sent 15 left
  10. 16 left now.
  11. 500 is on the way, 16 left
  12. Sure, 500 sent. 17 left to go.
  13. It is an .exe you fuckwit. Your on ignore now.

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