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  1. Advise chat rooms :)

    Guys, maybe someone heard about REcoin. Is it worth it to invest in it ? Or maybe just mine it?
  2. What is the risk of buying an ethereum?

    Guys, maybe someone heard about REcoin. Is it worth it to invest in it ? Or maybe just mine it?
  3. i can say you more. Everything in the world could be hacked. So REcoin could be hacked too. But every1 hopes that it wouldn't happen))
  4. You wrote that online chat with REcoin founder would be today. But what time and what site?
  5. Where can i find the official confirmation of it ?
  6. Anyone knows when the conference with Recoin founder will be??? Hope that i could personally ask questions..
  7. i think that it's high, but there are a lot of professional hackers nowadays. For example ethereum was hacked.
  8. i ve read about it too. I found this info somewhere in recoin's fb group. If i find it again i will send you link)
  9. What does it mean profitable?) it's the same if u buy with any other service or just your credit card.
  10. at first it would be developed countries such as UK, US, Switzerland, etc.
  11. Have you already heard about REcoin??

    I don't know which protocol does it use, but in white paper is written that it will be possible to mine recoin;)
  12. Have you already heard about REcoin??

    Agree w/ you. The only thing any crypto needs is stability. For example I want to invest in REcoin because i believe in its stability. I think the biggest part of investors think so.
  13. Have you already heard about REcoin??

    There would be a sweet price at the beginning only 85c per coin, so i think that it is great way to invest some cash.
  14. I think if a lot of people supports REcoin and invests in it, in near future it would enlarge a membership with other countries.
  15. What is the difference between REcoin and other growing up cryptos?

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