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  1. Daily Crypto News & Analysis

    LBRY Credits VS Bitcoin Buying Opportunity Since January, on a corrective wave down LBRY Credits already lost 74% to Bitcoin, while the current low has been found at 2400 satoshis. At that level, LBC/BTC rejected the upper trendline of the descending channel, formed back in December 2017. However, after bouncing off the channel, price failed to break above the downtrend trendline, leaving some uncertainty behind. At this stage, LBRY Credits could continue to consolidate between 2400 and 3250 satoshis, but the break above the local resistance could trigger a wave up, towards 5k satoshis resistance. This is the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement level, which also corresponds to the uptrend trendline breakout point. But, if the resistance will be respected by the market, the price might go lower towards 2k psychological support, and break below that price could push it even lower, back to 1000 satoshis area. Source: http://cryptopost.com/lbry-credits-vs-bitcoin-buying-opportunity/
  2. Daily Crypto News & Analysis

    Aelf Rejecting The Support On the 8th of March, ELF/USD broke below the support at $0.85 and went down to $0.4, where it rejected the 227.2% Fibonacci retracement applied to the corrective wave after the support breakout. The support was rejected cleanly and while RSI has formed a bullish divergence, the price went up breaking the descending channel. Current price action suggests potential trend reversal or at the very least the corrective wave up. The first upside target is seen at $1.27, which is the previous level of support and then resistance. However, break and close below the $0.4 support could invalidate bullish outlook and could extend the consolidation or even send Aelf coin much lower. Source: http://cryptopost.com/aelf-rejecting-the-support/
  3. Daily Crypto News & Analysis

    Synereo AMP vs Bitcoin – Uptrend, the Beginning Synereo has found the bottom at 2500 satoshis and immediately went up towards 50% Fibonacci retracement at $5k satoshis, that has been rejected. Price has corrected down and went back to the downtrend trendline, which this time acted as a support and also has been rejected. After that AMP/BTC broke the downtrend trendline of the last corrective wave down, signally on a potential uptrend. The strong resistance is still at 5k satoshis area, but if broken it is likely to rise towards 88.6% Fibonacci at 6.7k satoshis. On a downside, only break and close below 2500 satoshis could invalidate bullish outlook, thill then price should continue rising and perhaps could go far beyond 7k satoshi resistance area. Source: http://cryptopost.com/synereo-amp-vs-bitcoin-uptrend-the-beginning/
  4. Daily Crypto News & Analysis

    FoldingCoin VS Bitcoin Waiting For Breakout After reaching the 650 satoshis high, FoldingCoin has been trading downwards and after it broke the uptrend trendline, price continued to decline within the descending channel. Fibonacci applied to the corrective wave up after the uptrend trendline breakout shows, that support at 227.2% Fibs has been reached and rejected. At the same time, the middle trendline of the descending channel acted as a support, and price started to move higher. From the 150 satoshis bottom, FLDC/BTC went up to almost 200 satoshis, where it is currently trading. But still price remains below the downtrend trendline, and in order for FoldingCoin to move higher, it must break above it. Break and close above the trendline should confirm the short-term upside momentum and could send price towards either 23.6% or 38.2% Fibonacci retracement levels, that is 270 or 340 satoshis. On a downside, unless the trendline is broken, the price could remain in a consolidation mode and continue trading near 150 satoshis for a little while. However, it is not expected to go lower than 100 satoshis psychological support. Source: http://cryptopost.com/foldingcoin-vs-bitcoin-waiting-for-breakout/
  5. Daily Crypto News & Analysis

    TimeNewBank VS Bitcoin is About to Blow Up? TimeNewBank token had a massive correction down after reaching an all-time high at 2255 satoshis. Price declined by 86% and found the support only at 300 satoshis area. This is the 261.8% Fibonacci retracement level, applied to the corrective wave after the uptrend trendline breakout. The support is being rejected, and during the period of two months price failed to go any lower. While staying above the support level, TNB/BTC could have formed a strong bottom, which might result in a trend reversal. The first target is at 720 satoshis, and second is at 1250 satoshis, both correspond to the Fibonacci retracement levels and previous levels of the support/resistance. On a downside, break and close below 250 satoshis should invalidate short-term bullish outlook and extend the consolidation. No major decline can be expected since TNB current price is already extremely low and trading at 360 satoshis. Source: http://cryptopost.com/timenewbank-vs-bitcoin-is-about-to-blow-up/
  6. Daily Crypto News & Analysis

    NEM is Now Listed on Binance Just a few hours ago NEM coin has been added to Binance and XEM/BNB, XEM/BTC, and XEM/ETH trading pairs are now available for trading. This news certainly can add trading volume for this coin and potentially boost the upside momentum that seems already started. After a strong correction for the 13.5k satoshis high, currently, XEM/BTC is trading at 3750 satoshis, which could seem an attractive and cheap price for investors. Technically, XEM/BTC trend remains upwards as the 227.2% Fibonacci channel trendline has been broken on a daily chart. The two Fibs applied to the corrective waves after the downtrend trendline breakout point to the 21k satoshis as an upside target, which is almost 500% potential gain. While NEM is trading above 2440 satoshis support the uptrend is likely to begin. However, break and close below the support could send price back to 800 satoshis and/or extend the consolidation period prior to the uptrend. Source: http://cryptopost.com/nem-is-now-listed-on-binance/
  7. Daily Crypto News & Analysis

    Edgeless Coin Found The Support Finally, it seems that Edgeless coin has found the support at $0.53. This is 427.2% Fibonacci retracement applied to the corrective wave after the ascending channel breakout. The support was rejected cleanly, followed by the downtrend trendline breakout. This could indicate that EDG/USD is either getting ready or already correcting/reversing to the upside. There are two strong resistance level to watch. First is 50% Fibs at $0.84, and second is 76.4% Fibs at $1. The $1 is psychological round number and it corresponds to the channel breakout point. At the same time, it is possible that Edgeless will consolidate for a little while or even form a double bottom before starting to move higher. But only daily break and close below $0.53 support could invalidate bullish outlook. Source: http://cryptopost.com/edgeless-coin-found-the-support/
  8. Daily Crypto News & Analysis

    NCash VS Bitcoin Strong Uptrend The Nucleus Vision Token has been showing some great performance over the Bitcoin. Price went up from 220 up to 543 satoshis, gaining nearly 150% profit. On a corrective wave down NCASH/BTC went down to 312 satoshis and from today started to gain value once again. Price broke above the descending channel and now found the support at the previous resistance as well as 50% Fibonacci retracement, that is 381 satoshis. The price does look attractive as the probability of the uptrend continuation remains high. The nearest resistance is seen at 161.8% Fibonacci retracement that could boost the price up another 75%. Break above the 686 satoshis level might trigger a much stronger move upwards, while rejection should result in a strong correction or consolidation. Source: http://cryptopost.com/ncash-vs-bitcoin-strong-uprend/
  9. Daily Crypto News & Analysis

    Siacoin Roadmap for 2018 and Long Term Perspective Siacoin is a coin for a decentralized cloud storage and has been around since 2016. It can not be said that it’s a new coin, but one of the veterans in the cryptocurrency market. At the same time the price of Siacoin remains very cheap and currently, SC/BTC is traded at 130 satoshis! Obviously not many “veterans” cost that cheap and perhaps this could be a very interesting investment opportunity in 2018. On the Siacoin roadmap for 2018, it states: “Our goal: Sia becomes production-ready for cold storage, begins to be used by companies, and introduces file sharing.” If everything goes according to the Siacoin plan, this could trigger a strong rally in price, as not only people but potentially large companies will use Siacoin services for the cloud storage. Looking at the chart. Siacoin continues to reject the uptrend trendline and currently found the support at 88.6% Fibonacci retracement level. While the support is holding the next wave up could result in a rally towards the 430 satoshis resistance. But/when/if it will be broken, the upside potential could be enormous. Source: http://cryptopost.com/siacoin-roadmap-for-2018-and-long-term-perspective/
  10. Daily Crypto News & Analysis

    Expanse – Will It Finally Reverse? For the short term, Expanse has been trading upwards while moving within the ascending channel. On the 8th of March, the channel was broken and price started to move lower. Fibonacci applied to the corrective wave up after the channel breakout shows that EXP/USD has reached the 227.2% Fibonacci retracement and what more important, rejected it. Simultaneously the lower trendline of the extended ascending channel has also been rejected, followed by the downtrend trendline of the RSI oscillator. These are just some indications that there is in fact strong support at $1.68 and the fact is, the support was rejected. Therefore unless Expanse will close below the support this could be a reversal point or at the very least a very interesting price to observe from the investment point of view. Obviously, only time will tell whether it will be a potential reversal or just a corrective wave up. Source: http://cryptopost.com/expanse-will-it-finally-reverse/
  11. Daily Crypto News & Analysis

    Cindicator VS Bitcoin Trap Since reaching an all-time high at 3320 satoshis, Cindicator went down and found the support at 88.6% Fibonacci retracement level. So far it has been rejected along with the 8/1 Gann Fan trendline, where no clean break below was witnessed. It seems that now CND/BTC is trapped between the support and resistance, which may lead to a consolidation between 830 and 1170 satoshis. Break above the resistance or below the support should help to determine the further direction of Cindicator. Break below should end price lower towards 500 satoshis, while the break above is likely to result in a wave up, towards 61.8% Fibonacci retracement at 2350 satoshis. Source: http://cryptopost.com/cindicator-vs-bitcoin-trap/
  12. Daily Crypto News & Analysis

    Bitcoin Is Still Strong After the correction from $20k down to $6k, Bitcoin rejected the uptrend trendline as well as 76.4% Fibonacci retracement level. The following wave up was very sharp and strong, resulting in almost 100% growth, where price hit $11775. Price went above the 200 Moving Average suggesting either a continuation of an uptrend or a range trading. Price went down again and rejected the 8/1 Gann Fan trendline cleanly. This once again indicates that BTC/USD is not ready to go lower and could continue growing towards $17-18k area to complete the Head and Shoulders pattern. On the other hand, daily break and close below current low, at $7666 could send price back to $6k to form a double bottom or even lower towards $4k support area. Source: http://cryptopost.com/bitcoin-is-still-strong/
  13. Daily Crypto News & Analysis

    Ardor Hidden Double Bottom Ardor found the support at $0.27 where it formed a double bottom. Although it seems the support has been broken, there was no clear break below on the daily chart. If ARDR/USD will not go lower than $0.24 it is very likely that the price will hit the resistance at $0.53 in the short to medium term. Break and close below the $0.24 low should invalidate bullish outlook, extend the consolidation or send Ardor even lower. Source: http://cryptopost.com/ardor-hidden-double-bottom/
  14. Daily Crypto News & Analysis

    Einsteinium Volume Increases After an extended correction down, Einsteinium tested the low at $0.18. Suddenly the EMC2/USD had a substantial increase in trading volume resulting in the break above the trendline as well as the 200 Moving Average while reaching $0.4. The current wave down stopped precisely at the 61.8% and Einsteinium continues to trade near that support. Heavy increase in volume could be the clue that investors are picking up EMC2 and this tendency could continue if either of two Fib supports will hold. If this will be the case, the price is likely to increase towards one of the previous resistance levels, $0.52 or $0.66. On a downside, break below $0.23 support could extend the consolidation and send price back to $0.18 or perhaps slightly lower. Source: http://cryptopost.com/einsteinium-volume-increases/
  15. Daily Crypto News & Analysis

    Quanstamp – Reversal After 90% Correction? Quantstamp is a fresh buy a unique project holding strong potential. Since it became publicly trading it rose from $0.045 up to $0.87, resulting in almost 2000% growth. Nevertheless, a heavy correction down followed and QSP/USD declined by nearly 90%, where it found the support at 88.6% Fibonacci retracement level. Prior to that, it rejected the uptrend trendline and still failing to break below the price where the trendline was rejected. At this stage, Quantstap is likely to start reversing, or at the very least should produce a corrective wave up. There few minor resistance on the way up and it has to be seen how price will react to them. In any case, considering the total coin supply, the potential, and the current price, Quanstamp has all the chances to grow x10 at the very least. Source: http://cryptopost.com/quanstamp-reversal-after-90-correction/

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