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  1. Hello, guys how are you all??
  2. Thank you for the suggestion, I was looking forward to buying Recoin.!
  3. Many individuals are still getting used to of Bitcoin and the prospect of conceivably purchasing another digital currency somewhat terrifies them. But yeah I believe in ethereum also.
  4. Hello, You may go with Bitcoin cash, it's really performing nice. I am also watching rilcoin these days. it's ICO about to launch.
  5. Bitcoin Cash What's your view for Bitcoin cash?
  6. Things will be fine, Everyone is taking positive about the market we need to wait for some time.
  7. If the coin has advanced feature then I would invest in new cryptocurrencies.
  8. Read This! https://mybroadband.co.za/news/banking/219102-cryptocurrency-market-cap-down-over-13-billion-in-one-day.html

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