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  1. Global adoption, decentralized development, and reliable confirmations are just a few of the major reasons why leading cryptocurrency exchanges are accepting Bitcoin Cash, a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. Here are top crypto exchanges that made the right choice to get BCH on board! To name the crypto exchanges that added BITCOIN CASH: CoinBase, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Kraken, and Hitbtc. How about you? What other crypto exchanges do you think that should add Bitcoin Cash? Source: https://www.coinpoint.net/infographics/bch-exchanges/
  2. Investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin is still a game that can make people rich and truly free, according to some experts. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have made many people very rich, very quickly - people who purchased into these cryptocurrencies early, before they ran their exponential course. But they have made many people very poor very quickly, too--people who purchased these cryptocurrencies near their old-time highs, before they got crushed. Do you think Bitcoin could be jeopardized soon? Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/panosmourdoukoutas/2018/04/04/the-game-isnt-over-yet-for-bitcoin-ethereum-ripple-and-litecoin/#7c2ccd01746d
  3. A slot machine is the most iconic game in casinos. With the rise of online casinos, anyone can now play slots free! There are even Bitcoin casinos which offer Bitcoin slots free. The use of bitcoins in online casinos games gives easier and smoother gaming. Of course, slots with real money is more thrilling than the free ones. But these free Bitcoin slots lets you practice. It hones your skill of considering the odds in order to prevent losing money needlessly.
  4. There are many bettors who play Bitcoin slot machine games these days. In some way, these games stand out in gambling sites that let you play slots with Bitcoin. What is it about a classic slot machine Bitcoin that tickles someone’s interest or brings in a significant amount of crowd? Big named software providers like Microgaming are still making these games.
  5. It is safe to say that not everybody knows about bitcoins and so the better way to spread the word is through television advertisements! It sounds very interesting but we know that when people are watching shows and the commercial is on, it’s time for them to also go to the bathroom, get more popcorn, everything else and what not. No matter how wonderful the ad may be, if people would not pay attention to it, it’s useless. If commercials feature some of your favorite personalities, would you listen to them talk about bitcoins?
  6. You are most certainly correct, the markets in India might be slow but it is growing. People just have to wait, as you said, there are no shortcuts to the process. There are shortcut options but they would always get you in trouble and you don’t want that so better just stay calm and wait, it’s coming. https://www.bestbitcoinslots.com/play/ tr>
  7. It is true that on online casinos, you can pay them with fiat currencies and crypto currencies. Playing crypto currencies such as bitcoin, your identity is safe and you can also collect prizes at the same day. You might have to wait for clearing time with fiat currencies because it has to go through processes but with bitcoins, you are in control. You can always expect fair and random results with bitcoin accepting games through Provably Fair.
  8. Casinos are not always requiring you to spend your money on games; you can also enjoy FREE bitcoin slots games! In this mode, you would not have to deposit any funds; just play the game of your choice so long as you want. Get familiar with all the possible game winning combinations by visiting Best Bitcoin Slots.
  9. Businesses are keeping up with the time by accepting bitcoin payments. Many may find it new or unusual but it happens. Keep in mind that not all of the real estate businesses take it; it would still depend on the seller. Mike Komaransky, a mansion-owner in Miami has decided to put up his property for sale accepting bitcoin and bitcoin cash. It is a smart move for him now that people are getting more interested with what bitcoin has to offer and bitcoin prices are going up. He may actually gain more than what he asked for with bitcoins. Now we know that bitcoins could buy mansions, would you consider buying properties with it? Source: https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/miami-homeowner-accepts-bitcoin-bitcoin-cash-6-5-million-mansion/
  10. Microsoft has given us clear instructions on how to deposit bitcoin on personal Microsoft Account. They also say that with the bitcoins on your account, you would be able to purchase games, movies and apps. If Microsoft is accepting the currency as a form of payment for their services, do you think other companies accept them as well? https://support.microsoft.com/en-au/help/13942/microsoft-account-add-money-with-bitcoin
  11. It most certainly did some damage to the bitcoin price at that time but now, bitcoin is over $5500 per unit. China might have gone away with bitcoins but its comeback in price is something we could not simply ignore. It is now safe to say that China getting rid of bitcoin and all its trade sites in their country is just a phase for bitcoin.
  12. Financial literacy is important but on how you plan on telling people of different ages about it should also be on the level they would understand. It would be nice to tell kids as early as now because they might benefit from it in the future. It sounds quite like a challenge but it is possible.
  13. You can spend a lot of time on your favorite bitcoin slot machine games on mobile devices! There are mobile friendly sites while others would require you to download their mobile phone application. To stay updated on all the latest games and bonuses you can enjoy with bitcoins, make sure to visit Best Bitcoin Slots.
  14. When something is about to happen to bitcoins, the price seems to always go through changes. It could only be going up or going down, the past weeks has been full of surprise for bitcoin and before the year ends, it is most likely that it would be divided further. It goes through the fork because they are planning to improve on what the original lacks but why do you think the price of original bitcoin continues to increase? https://www.coindesk.com/logical-not-bitcoins-coming-fork-boosting-price/
  15. We could not simply ignore bitcoin because people want convenience in their payment methods and bitcoin gives them just that. All of the payments are instant and at the speed of light. People can find all they want to know about bitcoins by going online. Teaching bitcoin to schools could be quite a challenge because they have to be as objective as possible in discussing its pros and cons. The grade school and high school students might have difficulties grasping it. Bitcoin could be a topic of discussion if it is on college level and in the business schools with subjects dealing economics and the like.

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