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  1. The volume of trades with bitcoins at China has dropped because they declared ICOs to be unlawful. It seems like investors responded by taking their interests elsewhere in the world. The bitcoin trades in Hong Kong and in South American have increased. What do you think about it? Would China revise its laws regarding the ICOs? Is it even smart?
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  3. Renting or leasing a place could be very expensive but for those who have crypto currencies could do it without any problems. Some real estates are now accepting bitcoins and the like as a type of payment. The trend is slowly spreading in different parts of the world. That is one more business recognizing the potential of the crypto currencies.
  4. China has recently declared Initial Coin Offerings to be illegal. It may have affected the bitcoin and ethereum prices in the region; their value elsewhere in the world continues to increase, why is that? Is it the start of bitcoin and other crypto currencies’ decline in value in the region, or is it just a phase that would soon pass?
  5. The blockchain in the bitcoin protocol is an open book that lets everybody see where somebody took something. The identities stay hidden and everything is in long numbers that only the user would recognize. Candidates need to have highest votes in order to claim their post and with the block chain technology that provides transparency; the election results would come out clean and as fast as it possibly can.
  6. Businesses do need to embrace changes to keep up with the time. In real estate, it would be great if the developers do take them as payments but for the time being, bitcoin is highly used in online gambling on some online shops. It needs an initiative from developer to accept but do not worry, bitcoin would soon find its way in the real estate.
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  8. Should India Fear Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a currency not under any government control and the currency is not limited to one place or country. It can help many people get what they want in the fastest way possible. The government of India is most likely concerned about what their citizens would do with it and at more extreme ends; they fear that it would replace their national currency. People who are afraid of things they do not know would most likely fear change or improvements. Let’s look at one solid fact; bitcoin did match the value of gold for quite number of times but it did not topple one national currency off its place. In the USA, just this year, they installed more Bitcoin ATMs in major cities. It brings everybody closer to knowing the currency better. Governments can fear anything but they could not stop changes and improvements from happening. It could not take over because bitcoin is again, decentralized not a single person who own it would want it to be under any control except their own.
  9. A Different Use for the Bitcoin Crypto Currency Source: Bitcoin is a currency that operates under a protocol that allows immediate transfer of payments and more importantly, transparency. Many are looking into using the protocol to have a foolproof election. If successful, people can cast their votes for their public officials and president using mobile phones.
  10. India's BTC industry makes case for self regulation Source: India is a country that is doing a good job in adopting bitcoins and the demand for the currency is at its highest. Bitcoin works on its own protocol; many may want to “control” it in many ways but that is far from happening. It would always go changes and in India, it can be as close as everybody could get in regulating the currency. Having the way to manage the bitcoins that is in the region could start the technology that could finally control it all.
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  12. Bitcoin used as a means to pay would always undergo many changes for the better. Things would always improve for the best. The technology where the bitcoin is operating might be a little outdated but it would always find its way back to keep up with the ever growing demands and changes.
  13. I really like the interface. It’s clean and very intuitive. I have to say that the site packs a complete arsenal of games that I can confidently say that will cater to a wide range of betting preferences. Add to that the lucrative bonuses and promotions, you are sure to have a good time. Take it from me. I’ve been gambling online for a while, and I think Bitcoin is one of the best things to enter the industry in a while.
  14. Best Bitcoin Slots is all about enjoying virtual spinning reel games with bitcoins. Of course, for those facing Bitcoin gambling for the first time, it is our duty to inform you how to get started. Therefore, we give you the “How to Play with Bitcoins” page. Here, we give guide you with your Bitcoin slots adventures from start to finish. Learn how to get your own bitcoins, bet with bitcoins, and withdraw bitcoins. Here, we cover everything you need to take off.
  15. Malta Gaming Authority & Crypto Payments Bitcoin and online gambling continues to show promising improvements today. The recent announcement of Malta’s gambling and gaming operators stated that they will soon be allowed to use cryptocurrencies. The MGA promises to allow its licenses to use cryptocurrencies in the near future. They stated that cryptocurrencies are an easy and convenient way to encourage bettors to bet online. Of course, the legalization of Bitcoin will always involve the government and any anti-money laundering directives due to the unique characteristics of Bitcoin that might overlook the legal borders of transactions. Do you think that governing bodies and certain institutions will continue to badger Bitcoin’s growth? Now that we see more industries adopting the technology, should more studies be conducted before we can completely say that Bitcoin is a safe and secure way to transact online? What are your thoughts on this issue? Reference: