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  1. Admin, GCN WALLET = GMWJqUWNysC7r7Mvt59mPeG7VTaoy7fJU2 FILE = Penguin.gif DOGE WALLET = DSWDAbK1xzQB4vjacLybgC5icu1kQZjhmG
  2. file uploaded upload.PNG gcn add GdUfe3JJFnYu9ktrNHWeCXAWw7koxz3NrN doge add D6ciWkYrp4nPhhZzxo3S5T3jG7K9yWe6nB thanks
  3. Hope this coin rises alot. oM6S3ivC7crYZDL1GjEiYhRcnTDMujnwBj Thanks
  4. nice coin mate. thanks for the giveaway. TCO address = TsPPgFh3mtTtzP8L5ZJvuSmoS2jkxEKnXV thankyou in advance
  5. I don't know much but looking at the icon it looks like you are using the old wallet.
  6. Hi My gcn address is Gd8apA1pxvgtwpetmCgnq9jeK7GkhmRxQy and my doge address is D6pw85odvVprjo19UVHGdwbGDPEWUpiwFD thankyou

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