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  1. I don't think that there is such a thing as licensing a bookmaker on an international level. It is not an economy-vital structure like a bank after all.
  2. It is relieving to hear this. There is always so much paperwork when it comes to real estate, that it gets you paranoid over every little letter when it comes to law!
  3. I always wondered whether there is a person that needs exactly the amount of money that I have but don't use. This project will let me know for sure!
  4. Could you explain what the purpose of team fund is? You are diverting a large amount of resources to it!
  5. Will there be a full ownership structure available for investors? I don't really want to invest in something that is owned by unknown people.
  6. Why is it illegal for people from US to invest in this project? Can I still invest using my offshore bank account?
  7. Yeah, but now you can profit not only from your likes, but from entire spectrum of social network activities!
  8. Wow, you are doing a Black Friday sale as well! That is so incredible, now I will be able to get a lot more BON tokens while investing!
  9. Well, from that point of view you are right. Risk-based projects do have a lot of core components in common!
  10. In 2018 there will be a lot of darts championships that are usually overlooked by traditional bookmakers. Do you have a list of darts championships that you are going too support?
  11. How quicker does blockchain make the bets in comparison to traditional bookmakers?
  12. I don't get what the point of your project is, or to put it simply: what makes you different from BitCoin, and what makes you better?
  13. This is true to an extent. It is just like saying that a car and a helicopter are the same because they contain a similar component- engine. As I see it, gambling and betting are very different both in how you perceive it, and which emotions you feel!
  14. I can already see myself relaxing, looking at the sunset, with a mug of cold beer, that was brought to me by your project!
  15. Well, I have seen so many new projects recently, and finally something that is connected to my favorite one- BitCoin! This BitCoinFast seems like a really interesting idea-, however I need to look into it more, before I make up my mind!

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