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  1. The low number of women in cryptocurrency and blockchain is well documented. Jalak Jobanputro crypto companies will create a diversity of commitment. Read detail info here: Investor Jalak Jobanputra Is Betting Big on Crypto
  2. The stock exchange chairman Romeo Lacher says Switzerland should launch a cryptocurrency version of the franc to gain a competitive lead in a digital world. Read detail info here: Swiss Stock Exchange Chairman Romeo Lacher
  3. The Robinhood app also is known as zero fee stock trading app unveils its plans to on Thursday regarding the cryptocurrency trading by phone. Check out here: Robinhood App
  4. Cryptocurrency traders in Australia is pushing EU to have cryptocurrency regulations. The new rules require trade disclosure and identification Click here to read more: Cryptocurrency Regulations
  5. Cryptocurrency scammers using Twitter to make use of naïve investors. At present, scammers have started hijacking verified accounts to look more credible Read More here: Cryptocurrency Scammers
  6. GDAX now supports Segregated Witness (SegWit) transactions according to an official announcement by the company yesterday. GDAX support Segregated Witness Check out here: SegWit is now live on GDAX
  7. Elon Musk revealed on Twitter Thursday that he owns only 0.25 BTC a friend sent him many years ago. Additionally, he doesnt even know where the amount is. Check out detail info here: Elon Musk
  8. New York’s Blockchain week will take place May 11th till 17th in partnership with the New York City Economic Development Corporation including job fairs. Read more here: New York the City for Blockchain Jobs
  9. Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD Bank) has stopped customer from using credit cards to make cryptocurrency purchase and the decision taken by other several banks. Click here to read more: Crypto Purchase Using Credit Cards
  10. The first homebuilders in Northern Ireland firm to take a step towards Bitcoin payment. The firm is known as Ballyclare-based Hagan Homes. Click here to read more: Northern Ireland Accepting Bitcoin Payment
  11. Hackers hijacked an administrative console of Teslas Amazon cloud account. They then installed crypto-mining scripts or software to mine cryptocurrency Read more here: Tesla Amazon Cloud Account Hijacked
  12. Australian University, RMIT has launched Australia’s first university Blockchain course. It is an eight-week short course. Check out detail info here: Blockchain course
  13. The unknown individual brought bitcoin which was worth more than on billions, i.e., 96000 bitcoins during the recent crash Check out here: Price Was Slump
  14. The Australian juice company Boost is giving away four Bitcoins, once a week, for consecutive four weeks, who buy juice and enter a code in the Boost app Read Detail info here and win price: How to Win Bitcoin on Australian Boost
  15. Saudi central bank will use Ripple blockchain. Ripple announced the bank will use the xCurrent network to facilitate cross-border payments. Click here to read more: Ripple’s Xcurrent for Cross-Border Payment

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