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  1. Read more: https://coinpedia.org/news/strategic-progress-crypto-exchange-crypto-coins/ The time is been constantly changing and cryptocurrencies exchanges are seen coming up one by one. Even today, we assume that 2016 was just a year ago and several things with respective to crypto trading have changed. The top ten cryptocurrency platform have lost their stand and various cryptocurrencies have emerged as competitors for one other.
  2. South Korea is no more a crypto-friendly country after the country hit ICO ban back in September last year but the case may now change. According to the local media, South Korea’s National Assembly proposed a plan to lift the ban on ICO, hence to allow domestic Initial Coin Offering again. Check out here: https://coinpedia.org/news/south-korea-is-removing-the-ico-ban/ Isn’t it a great news for South Koreans? Do you think other countries should also employ the similar policy?
  3. The SEC investor conference to be held in Atlanta on June 13th, 2018 at Georgia State University. It is the town hall conference conducted by US Securities and Exchange Commission, where issues regarding illegal activities, mutual funds, fintech and crypto regulations are discussed. Read news here: https://coinpedia.org/news/sec-investor-conference-bitcoin-icos/ Do you think SEC session will be a valuable discussion point to avoid illicit crypto scams?
  4. Buda.com, a Chilean Crypto exchange have launched its service in Argentina. It is endorsing four cryptocurrencies and is providing its services in various countries. Initially, Buda.com focused to offer their services in South American countries. Earlier, It was called as SURBTC and accepted clients from Columbia and Perum. Read news here: https://coinpedia.org/news/chilean-crypto-exchange-argentina/ Wow!!! So don’t you think Buda.com is doing really great thing by exploring its service to the countries of South America.
  5. Weixing Chen and Yang Jun, the two Chinese entrepreneurs are pairing up to launch a blockchain based ride hailing app. However, the plan is to offer different life-style services that include ride hailing and deliveries. Read news here: Weixing Chen Planning to Launch Blockchain Based Ride Hailing App
  6. As a part of ‘Operation Crypto-Sweep’, the Alabama Securities Commission (ASC) has issued five Cease and Desist Orders to protect Alabamians. The operation is led by NASAA focusing on blockchain startups and ICO projects suspecting violations and fraudulent activities on securities laws. Read News here: https://coinpedia.org/news/operation-crypto-sweep-companies/
  7. Bithumb to Reduce Withdrawal Limit for Traders Not Using Real-Name Accounts South Korea’s cryptocurrency exchange, Bithumb announced that it will eventually lower the withdrawal limit for those accounts that have not been converted into real names. However, this approach aims to prevent the risk of financial crimes. Bithumb Official Announced of Adding Two New Coins Bithumb has official adding two new coins to its trading list. It was announced on its Twitter’s official account; the two new coins are 0x(ZRX) and Augur(REP).
  8. Nicholas Merten, the YouTube Celeb, the entrepreneur, a investor in the crypto industry. He owns the YouTube channel ‘data dash’ has around 300,000 followers and he has occupied a position between Crypto experts like Tom Lee and John McAfee. Mertan tweeted that Bitcoin will go to $50000 in 2018. Check out here detail info: https://coinpedia.org/news/prediction-bitcoin-price-crypto-influencer/
  9. BitGo to Build Its First Qualified Custodian for Cryptocurrency Assets. BitGo, a California blockchain service firm has keenly studied the custodial needs of customers. Accordingly, it is building its first regulated and qualified custodian solution specifically for cryptocurrency assets. Chinese Exchange Is Setting up Southeast Asian Crypto Trading Hub. Zb.com a chinese crypto exchange and a trading App accessible to traders on tip of their fingers is launching a new branch. The full-fledged brand of Zb.com will be opening in Thailand with plans to make itself a Southeast Asian Crypto Trading Hub. American Actor Ashton Kutcher Donated $4 Million Ripple to Ellen Degeneres’s Wildlife. Ashton Kutcher, American Actor and tech investor has contributed $4 million in Ripple’s XRP tokens to the Ellen DeGeneres’s wildlife. This donation was made during the Ellen Degeneres Show which was telecasted on May 24. Canadian Law Says Parliament Should Legalize Cryptocurrency as a ‘Money’. Classification of cryptocurrencies always seems to be a challenging and however centre point for regulators. Recently, Chetan Phull, the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) called on parliament to legalize cryptocurrencies as ‘money’. South Africa Based Sygnia Ltd to Launch Cryptocurrency Exchange. Sygnia Ltd, the financial services firm runs by Magda Wierzycka, businesswomen in South Africa planning to launch cryptocurrency exchange. It was announced on Friday 25th, 2018, the launch of exchange will be in 3rd quarter of 2018.
  10. The low number of women in cryptocurrency and blockchain is well documented. Jalak Jobanputro crypto companies will create a diversity of commitment. Read detail info here: Investor Jalak Jobanputra Is Betting Big on Crypto
  11. The stock exchange chairman Romeo Lacher says Switzerland should launch a cryptocurrency version of the franc to gain a competitive lead in a digital world. Read detail info here: Swiss Stock Exchange Chairman Romeo Lacher
  12. The Robinhood app also is known as zero fee stock trading app unveils its plans to on Thursday regarding the cryptocurrency trading by phone. Check out here: Robinhood App
  13. Cryptocurrency traders in Australia is pushing EU to have cryptocurrency regulations. The new rules require trade disclosure and identification Click here to read more: Cryptocurrency Regulations
  14. Cryptocurrency scammers using Twitter to make use of naïve investors. At present, scammers have started hijacking verified accounts to look more credible Read More here: Cryptocurrency Scammers
  15. GDAX now supports Segregated Witness (SegWit) transactions according to an official announcement by the company yesterday. GDAX support Segregated Witness Check out here: SegWit is now live on GDAX

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