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  1. Hi Tranz. I see the Cryptopia wallet is finally back working again! I've been trying to run 2 wallets as close to 24/7 as I can on a couple of computers which never get switched off, but both seem to have a problem with syncing the last few seconds to last couple of days. They are picking up peers, but only seem to go 100% up-to-date for maybe a couple of hours every few days. Of course, this means they almost never stake. Is it a general HBN network problem or am I doing something wrong?
  2. Sounds fair. I'd really like to at least test out mining for a short while before it gets difficult. Maybe start up an old gridseed! I cannot find any working pools, though. Anyone know of one? Is it possible (& not difficult for a technically-challenged noob) to mine directly to the wallet? Sorry for slightly diverting from the thread subject.
  3. Thanks again Tranz, I used your bootstrap and I'm fully synced now. I will keep the wallet open as much as possible.
  4. I used a file from 2015 and that worked ok (I think you posted it). The more recent ones were all either broken links or tried to force me to install a dodgy downloader. I'm happy to leave the wallet open & take its time catching up. Better for the network as well, right!
  5. Thanks Tranz, that worked great!!! Finally syncing! Here's a current list for anyone else, just paste one line at a time & enter: addnode add addnode add addnode add addnode add addnode add addnode add addnode add addnode add addnode add addnode add addnode add addnode add addnode add addnode add addnode add
  6. No peer connections on Wallet I downloaded the wallet for Windows a few days ago and everything seems ok, except it will not sync or connect to any peers. I'm not very good at this, but I run a few other altcoin core wallets, so I know at least some of the basics. I tried downloading the peer lists on this and other forums, but the links are all broken. I also tried downloading the latest blockchain to kickstart the wallet, but the only one I could find which was still a valid link was from 2015. It worked ok, but did not solve my connection problem. I've had the wallet open for several days now and it's still never connected. The symbol in the lower right corner continuously says "0 active connections..." Can anyone help, or at least publish a list of nodes & the command to load them?

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