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  1. We have switched our pools over to MPOS so you can see your shares payouts earnings :) http://findblocks.com/bitdeal/public/index.php?page=dashboard Bitdeal Pool stratum+tcp://findblocks.com: 5002 -u Weblogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword Nicehash Port : 5003
  2. At Wales Coin HQ we strive for perfection, for growth, and success. We are introducing a concurrency Wich is the first Welsh Concurrency of its kind ! We believe that the current cryptomarkets and smart investing today can yield extremely high returns. At Wales coin HQ we have a skilled team that has investment experience and the expertise to understand the basis of concurrency and The block chain. This will be the basis of Walescoin and we will be using the assets raised from our currency to Promote and invest across the cryptomarket. Making an easy one stop coin for investors looking to get into the cryptomarkets. Our goal is to develop Wales Coin to become a major player in the cryptomarkets and progress with our community to financial success. Coin Cap: 2386364 Algorithm Scrypt POW/POS LAST POW BLOCK - 5000 Block Reward - 5 coins Block time: 60 secs POS % - 70 RPCPort: 26254 P2Port: 26253 Coin name - Wales Coin Coin abbreviation WALES Premine: 12% - For Packages / Advertising / Give aways / PRESALE PACKAGES Before coins are purchasable through exchange, we will be selling coin packages. These coin packages will solely be used to fund entering exchanges. More info to follow "please inbox us if you want to purchase any wales coins Before they hit the exchange Packages will be available for purchase. And all funds will go towards other exchange listings packages available 2500 Coins 0.1BTC 1000 coins 0.05BTC 500 Coins 0.02BTC 250 Coins 0.01BTC Funding breakdown Cryptotopia – 5BTC YoBit – "Paid For " Waiting on listing Coinexchange – 1.5BTC Website "under Construction " http://www.walescoin.info/ In Progress – Our developers started to program all software needed for the crypto currency. – The test and kickoff of the Wales block-chain – We started on the board topic. – Contracting both a third-party mining-pool & Explorer service. – We wrote the bounty program. – We published our topic on cryptocurrencytalk.com and Bitcoin Garden – We paid for the first coin Exchange listing. "Yobit " Will list to Coin Exchange Soon Also " – Prepare the launch of our website "<www.walescoin.info >" Bounty program: Please inbox us Bounty mining pool x 2 : 250 coins Bounty block explorer: 250 coins Claimed Translate and post our main topic in correct language topic ( translate from title to last sentence ): 300 coins Post our main topic to: Bitcointalk & other bitcoin related forums ( only 1x possible ) 500 coins Submit Coin to Exchanges - 20 Coins Per Submition " please screenshot for proof "
  3. Please Note im not the dev ive uploaded the coin here for the dev ! Algo Scrypt PoW/PoS Block reward 100 Total coin supply 51219512 Premine percent 18% PoS percentage 50% per year Coinbase maturity 20 blocks Target spacing 70 seconds Target timespan 1 block Transaction confirmations 6 blocks RPC port 22332 P2P port 22331 Pools http://findblocks.com/ Wallets and source code Windows Wallet - https://github.com/Findblocks/ubuntu/blob/master/ubuntu-qt-windows.zip Github Source Code - https://github.com/Findblocks/ubuntu Linux Deamon - https://github.com/Findblocks/ubuntu/blob/master/ubuntu-daemon-linux.tar.gz Yobit - Paid Listing Coinexchange - TBC Novaexchange - TBC Addnodes addnode= addnode= addnode= Ann to be updated Soon
  4. the pool dont lock the account , the admin did but not to worry i will mine anouther coin can you unlock the account so i can withdraw my mined coins please :)
  5. just looked and the source isnt being released also how come my account on your pools are blocked ? can you unlock it please http://prntscr.com/gg0119
  6. our pool is running great guys we hve over 100Ghs of miners mining bitdeal Come join us at www.findblocks.com Payouts are every 10 mins after the blocks has been confirmed nearly 2000 blocks have been paid out

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