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  1. BasilCoin – Be part of the modern future!

    When we talk about upcoming ICOs, there are few that live up to our expectations, but BasilCoin is certainly one doing that. BasilCoin is a decentralized self-regulated financial payment network created for users that want to be independent from third parties like banks or the government. With no middlemen or other institutions for processing transactions. BasilCoin is a kind of opportunity that comes rare with options like Lending, Staking, Mining, and trading available, it is meant to make life easy for all involved! We can invest BasilCoin in their lending platform from our Dashboard, it will allow us profits from the BasilCoin volatility software, and it is designed to buy/sell BasilCoin automatically. We will be able to receive profits daily, so that makes it such an amazing opportunity, and that is not to be missed one! With the ICO sale starting in next 3 days, it will be the opportunity to be part of the modern future where there will be an advanced solution for global money transaction!
  2. There are endless upcoming ICOs out there, but very few worth remembering and worth mentioning. GoldenAge is above all those with having everything that you could wish to see! GoldenAge Coin is a cryptocurrency and blockchain platform designed to provide investment opportunities with cryptocurrency education, where it’s completely possible to find the independence we all wish and desire for. With GoldenAge, it is indeed a golden opportunity for us to invest in them. They allow us to do Lending with having up to 45%, Staking, Trading, Team Builder onus up to $1000, Affiliate program and the best part; it is their ICO Bonus, where we get 10% during purchase and 10% as a referral bonus. They also have ideal customer service, which is 24/7 active to help us through and are also available on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram! The Presale starts on 12th December, so it is an opportunity that is not to be missed, at any cost!
  3. There are many ICOs which are coming up on day to day basis; it’s not even exciting anymore to even talk about them, as 95% of the time, it’s all going to be useless! So, what is that with CORVUS that is exciting and can’t be counted in that 95% of the options? It’s a decentralized open platform based on public blockchain technology encompasses Digital assets and identities. The thing that makes it so powerful and one to watch out for the future is how everything is done crisply, which is to do with the high quality team of experts working out. CORVUS Coin PRE-ICO Starting From 10 Dec 2017 - 14 Dec 2017, and during this phase there will be 30% Extra Bonus for purchase with $0.20 Token price and then the final the Main-ICO phase begins from 17th December to run till 25th January with likely listing to be at Poloniex, Yobits, HitBTC, and many others. So, come forward and be part of this momentum called CORVUS!
  4. South Korean Government to Allow Institutional Investors to Participate in ICOs

    I think we all know how much the popularity of ICOs is growing, as the potential is so high that it makes them irresistible. I love it a lot with Sphere, as it is wonderful upcoming ICO there and got epic setup based on decentralizing social network, it’s just amazing concept and sureshot hit of the future. I love it most with that and plus the bonus of up to 70%, it’s all wonderful and makes you feel at ease with the kind of gains you can make.
  5. Have you ever thought about the impact your social media presence contributes? Of course, like millions across the world, you have never given a thought to it. Do you deserve money in exchange for you being online? Well, you didn’t know that all your online presence over the years, some companies are using it to enrich their pulse. Take advantage of the opportunity provided by the Sphere social platform that gives you what you deserve. Reap the benefit of every message or online activity you carry on.
  6. Slicing your way to your kitchen

    Slicing fish, chopping vegetables or even the carving of a large roast isn’t possible without a quality knife. Cooking shouldn’t be stressful with the Damascus steel knife. With it, you have a durable cutting edge. The organic and wild Damascus pattern combines with three types of carbon steel. The handle is made of a popular wood giving you a perfect grip. The timeless and elegant design gives it a perfect fit for your kitchen. Complete your kitchen with a good knife. Get your at www.knivesmasters.com
  7. Caviar helps you in diversifying your crypto-currencies and crypto-assets with real estate loans that generate income there enabling you to produce a risk sensitive portfolio. In addition, you earn rewards when you take part in a real estate community mentors, developers, peers and service providers. Moreover, you can earn 75% of quarterly profits through smart contract if you are a token holder. As a real estate developer, you can raise funds for your project. Join Caviar today to enjoy these benefits. http://www.caviar.io
  8. 95% of Cryptocurrencies will Not Survive in 2018

    There are many good options too and they are likely to survive as well. I have found out this Repay.me site, it’s soon launching up their ICO REMECoin , which is based on the payment solution for online/offline marketplace for Repay. It is going to be FIRST of its type, so will certainly have seriously high potential in time to come. With just the registration open before the presale, it is time to get in so we can be aware when the presale starts with first 3 days having 30% discount.
  9. Repay.me is the world’s first marketplace with its own coin, the REME-Coin. Whenever you make purchases with REME-Coin online or offline, you are qualified for up to 100% cashback on repay.me and advertisers as well as retailers will have access to innovative, effective advertising formats. Your cashbacks will be paid in Euros and REME-Coin. You earn handsome rewards for every customer you refer to repay.me. Transactions on the repay.me platform are fast and reliable. For further details about REME-Coin, visit https://youtu.be/unI1zJCNj_s
  10. Now add the fun element in your life!

    Now get your hands on the finest Album there is! Hunter Wallace Haller is the kind of Album that contains everything you might want in your list. With the Album containing of 9 Songs that includes superhit songs like Timber, Poo and others, it gives you the kind of range that will make your life and alive. So, now get into the world of music through iTunes and make your life ever so enjoyable! Get your hands on this epic Album before anyone else does!
  11. It is obvious that most people are mining Crypto currencies, as it is the cheapest way and can benefit one heavily! However, it is often hard for beginners with lack of guide and equipment. But now thanks to Powerminingpool, it’s now all too easy to do mining on 7 most profitable Cryptocurrencies with just few clicks! With their epic automatic system, it’s all ever too easy to work and can be applied to even a kinder garden kid.
  12. 95% of Cryptocurrencies will Not Survive in 2018

    I honestly see nothing surprising in this. I mean, it is very much meant not to survive! If there is even 5% good option then that should be awesome. We just need to pick up quality options that can hold their own during any storm. I see Sphere amongst the HOTTEST project out there and got every bit of benefit one can thought about. It works toward decentralizing social network; it’s pretty unique and high on quality option, so certainly not to be missed!
  13. Gone are the days when a large collection of centralized servers is vulnerable to hacking, storing troves of sensitive data to be used as companies see fit. Sphere has come to solve these issues by providing a more honest, transparent, and open blockchain format that enables every user to hold Sphere accountable for data. The Sphere platform is built on the main principles of security and privacy as a right that is undeniable. Therefore, it gives users unprecedented security and protection and allows you to connect with everyone you know without any fear of safety.
  14. ICOs: What To Know As An Investor

    There is a lot to know when investing into any Crypto or ICO. The most important thing is the concept, as that will tell us about the potential. I believe EtherSport is quality option based on decentralized online lottery platform, it is a revolutionary project built for a new experience of combined lotteries and sports betting to players from the whole world. With such brilliant idea, it can be the game changer.
  15. Do you know that sports betting can be really profitable? EtherSport allows you to play and get a prize or win a jackpot. You can even become the lotter, providing your own lotteries and earn more money. EtherSport has the most popular sports from across the globe. That’s why a lottery ticket comes out every 4 hours. You can also make a permanent profit by taking part in the ICO which takes place from 22 November 2017 to 21 December 2017. Join now to participate.

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