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  1. Yes, I backed it up immediately. Thanks for the help. What's your GRC address? I wan't to compensate you for your time. Also, do you think a balance of 811 GRC is enough to solo-crunch? My magnitude fluctuates between 0 and 2, not sure if I will ever stake a block at that rate. Although the value of GRC has almost tripled in the last week, so maybe it is enough?
  2. Ok, I've got my new keypair now, everything's running smoothly. Thanks for the help!
  3. Ok, just received the +.00022 deletion tx. Is there anything I have to do before re-advertising my beacon?
  4. Yes, I received the coins. Thank you, now I know I've got the right address. I just can't receive BOINC rewards since I'm missing my keypair
  5. So I just received +5.00 GRC from Cryptospout Faucet. When I run the command "execute beaconstatus", I get this: [ { "Command" : "beaconstatus" }, { "CPID" : "e27aaf657905bd3fedc47c5570f2ee1d", "Beacon Exists" : "Yes", "Beacon Timestamp" : "06-06-2017 03:32:39", "Public Key" : "04cf5aa89ca69d7fc698c47b078c6f31fc204f5a6bbbcf182638b6f790124dc88d7f77c16637981a4fd740d3c6a71f53a6a180b0d21cf69606dc159b1b9d7f6bbc", "Private Key" : "", "Local Configuration Public Key" : "", "Magnitude (As of last superblock)" : 2.00000000, "Block Signing Test Results" : false, "Errors" : "Private Key Missing. Local configuration file Public Key missing. Local configuration public key does not match beacon public key. This can happen if you copied the wrong public key into your configuration file. Please request that your beacon is deleted, or look into walletbackups for the correct keypair. Failed to sign POR block. This can happen if your keypair is invalid. Check walletbackups for the correct keypair, or request that your beacon is deleted. ", "Help" : "Note: If your beacon is missing its public key, or is not in the chain, you may try: execute advertisebeacon.", "Configuration Status" : "FAIL" My gridcoinresearch.conf looks like this: cpumining=true email=************** addnode=node.gridcoin.us addnode=gridcoin.asia addnode=grcmagnitude.com UpdatingLeaderboard=false PrimaryCPID=e27aaf657905bd3fedc47c5570f2ee1d
  6. I restored the backup, but when I look for my GRC address under send coins > inputs it isn't there.
  7. I still do have the backup wallet.dat, should I go ahead and restore it then try again? I initially tried deleting my beacon with my old wallet.dat (which still didn't contain my keypair). That's why I reinstalled. I can still give it another shot if it might work
  8. Sorry, I didn't explain very well. The 804 balance is in my GRC client, with my CPID attached. I moved the coins when I re-installed the client, but moved them back after installation.
  9. Unable to delete beacon - CPID address not listed in inputs tree Recently I haven't been receiving BOINC mining rewards. I ran a beacon report and found out that my public and private keys are missing from gridcoinresearch.conf. advertisebeacon returns that I am already in the chain. I decided to delete my beacon, as I had only recently started backing up my wallet, and could not recover my keypair. I followed the steps in the PDF, and ended up receiving 0.00011 GRC, indicating an error. I sent my coins to another wallet, performed a clean install of the gridcoin client and set up the new one with my BOINC email, and sent my coins to the newly installed wallet. After syncing, I checked the beacon report for my CPID GRC address, and tried to delete my beacon again. Unfortunately, my new GRC address wasn't listed in the inputs address tree. Am I doing something wrong?

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