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  1. okay, it went fine after updating the wallet
  2. On mist, I got today a bold minimum of 0.15 eth of transaction fees today, it's about 67 $... What is going on ? is that normal ? Before I inserted the recipient address i got a 0.0007 fee displayed, which looks more like it. any thought?
  3. Thanks Jimmy, what i should do, is to spot precisely the part which gets the most of the heat, because the card itself really doesn't seem hot, also, augmenting the memory clock didn't increase that temp... strange, i will investigate, i just hope my card isn't in danger.
  4. Do you know which part of the motherboard gets hot ? I don't think you can place a fan there...
  5. If I am correct, you have 2GB cards, you will need to set a big disk virtual paging on each of your PCs for that to work, at least for Ethereum, which is profitable as we speak. One other thing, I hope your boxes are well cooled, because mining might (potentially) make them very hot inside.
  6. Hi, I recently built a 4 x RX470 GPU rig, and I used a ASUS H81M-Plus motherboard for that purpose.(1150 - celeron G1850) Everything is looking fine, except for one thing : in dual mining Eth/Sia, the socket sensor is reporting a bold 115°C !! when the CPU itself is at 35°C. I immediately thought it was a wrong sensor measurement, but it was confirmed on HW monitor as well. Did you guys experimented something similar ? it's way too hot, at this rate it will eventually roast i think...
  7. I am not judging you, but just imaging if you get caught doing that by your school, the power draw, the rig itself (noise and heat) of your operation may attract eyes on you, don't assume they are not watching their electricity bills... There is plenty of guides online for ETH mining.
  8. Some pools will display stats after at least 24 hours, maybe you should try an other one to be on the safe side, but i am not experienced with LTC, are you asolutly sure you entered the address correctly? start here...
  9. RX 480 cards are fine, if you can still find them, you will need a motherboard with at least 4 PCIe, from my experience; you can use 16x slots without problem, but prefer 1x ones... CPU are not important for ETH, if you plan to only mine with your rig, get a cheap Celeron on 1150 socket, for example.

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