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  1. Trading UNO

    hmm, it get hurted as every cryptostaff this last week:(
  2. Is it a joke? have u seen it blockchain system? Its madness, the most secure one
  3. Trading UNO

    Its already 3 years on the market?
  4. Gridcoin Startup

    Can we event exchange it somewhere?
  5. Who coined the termed "Satoshi"

    If u would google bitcoin's creater u would see an sneaky smiley chinese man, its him:D
  6. ZCASH! Techniques R US

    ahhaahah, sir. I wish u would check its rate in nowadays
  7. Gridcoin Startup

    What? Sir, how old r u? There is no charity
  8. Ethereum

    yes, but 200-300 years? Humanity would rip Earth probably:D
  9. Climate Prediction

    Cant understand, is it somehow connected with the blockchain or what?
  10. Why does gridcoin count go down in the pool mining profile?

    No suggestions sir, asking same question
  11. Ethereum

    yup, but what about replacement real currencies with eth?
  12. Mining Zcash to Bitcoin Wallet?

    Is there is rly payout in btc? lol
  13. Best way to mine

    can u give me some links pls
  14. ZCash Mining GUI

    Not bad sir, continue this topic in future pls!

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