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  1. Why is there a whitelist? Can someone explain to me why there is a whitelist for projects? I've been reading a few posts about past discussions but I have trouble understanding why the whitelist exists in the first place. One main argument seems to be that only projects with available WU should be whitelisted, while projects with too few or temporary no WU should not be whitelisted. I don't understand. If a project does not have WU, why is bad to keep it in the whitelist? There always are a few projects without tasks (for me currently it is VGTU) but how is that a problem? It will just download WUs as soon as they are available - so what's the difference between a project that is whitelisted but doesn't have any WU and a project that is not whitelisted and does have WUs? I'm confused.
  2. Ateroids@Home

    Checking the Formula Boinc 2017 Sprint schedule it explains why I didn't receive any WU from certain projects during certain days. I'm not sure what the general consensus on these community challanges is, but if it leads to teams bunkering for challenges, that really sucks - not only because it is cheating, but also because it is forcing me - as someone who is not interested in such challenges - to swap projects just so my systems are not idle during these days.
  3. Cool, I'll check it out! All of this is really interesting
  4. I'd argue: do it on your own risk. I personally do not know enough yet to make that decision.
  5. How does this even work? Like how do people simply create a new currency in the first place? Can everyone just do this and basically hope for it to gain some popularity in order to grow?
  6. Here is an interesting story I found on reddit today and wanted to share with you guys: How I Stole Your Siacoin (reddit post)
  7. Thanks for all your suggestions! I'll check them out this weekend and probably will return with some more questions
  8. Can someone please explain how to buy crypto currency? Hi there! I'm quite new to all of this and I have some trouble understanding how to buy crypto currency. Maybe someone could help me out with a step by step guide? So far, I've made several accounts on different sites, e.g. poloniex, bittrex, holytransaction, bitshares - and block.io, blockchain, etc. The latter are wallets afaik, the former are exchanges. But none of them really help me out to understand how to buy coins. They all provide different addresses and wallets to move around different currencies from other sites/wallets or to exchange one coin for another, but I fail to see options how to buy coins with € or $ - that's really all I want to do, preferably GRC ofc. If possible I'd like to use paypal or some other easy to set up account for online transactions with decent security measures. So my first step will probably be to create a new account for "real moniez" because I don't want to use my private paypal account with this crypto business (or am I being overly cautious?). Then I probably will have to decide which wallet and which exchange I'm going to use - maybe someone can tell me which are the most trusthworthy? Today I spent about three hours reading through reddit and steemit and people complain about all kinds of things. I'm not even sure if these worries are relevant for me because I won't be trading currency to get rich, I just want to add some GRC to my gridcoin client wallet. But I also still need to know how to buy coins. I couldn't find a single setting or whatever that allowed me to link an actual bank account with one of these exchanges. Do I have to actually mine Bitcoin or whatever in order to be able to purchase other coins in the first place? That can't be right? I'm from EU if that helps. Please help me out here, I'm totally list. I just want to purchase some GRC with Euro or US Dollar -_-
  9. Aren't the first and third faucet the same?
  10. There are all kinds of different posts on steemit (e.g. this one) from people who have issues with Poloniex more often these days. Maybe it's not that great after all?
  11. Hi! I also just started today with BOINC and Gridcoin after reading about it on reddit. I'm a total noob, never done anything remotely like this, so wish me luck :D If anyone could help me out; I'd be super happy to pay back and help out others once I get started: SFJVxYJxoZpwdxbqtWrBAJwszbT2ej6GTZ

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